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    wow I had no clue, is kinda brutal knowledge:


    Obama has finally wandered into the talking points biz, reminding all it's the economy stupid. Implying that Dems need to start loudly taking the credit for "jobs jobs jobs."


    Ok, lady - it's been over 24 hours - what'd you learn today?

    Read this whole thread started by the technology reporter for The Guardian US, enjoying the way it confirmed my decision to pay the repair bill to keep using my 2003 Ford Focus with the doors that require a key to open them and the roll up windows:

    today in sharing economy struggles: our app powered car rental lost cell service on the side of a mountain in rural California and now I live here I guess pic.twitter.com/XoqqMpEwdN

    — Kari Paul (@kari_paul) February 17, 2020

    Reminded me of how I saw Josh Marshall write somewhere after the Iowa caucuses that he recently had to replace his refrigerator and was sooo glad he decided against the "smart" refrigerators and went for old style.

    I learned we are not "smart" yet.

    And thus raves began, later moving to Mallorca and Ibiza.

    Trivia: there were no green glow sticks at the first raveathon.

    That's a simplistic way of looking at a complex situation. By that standard there will be no democratic nominee for president since it's very possible no nominee will get 1991 delegates on the first ballot. But there will be a nominee. Then the question becomes which one of the candidates without 1991 delegates becomes the candidate and why and how was he or she picked.

    Chas., who apparently is the favorite semi-retired cranky elder of many younger political hack journos, was apparently being sarcastic. He wrote a short article now:

    OK, since the members of the elite national political media seem obsessed with the possibility of a brokered Democratic National Convention next summer in Milwaukee, let’s establish a couple of basic, simple parameters. https://t.co/IxAZRDCfNL

    — Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) February 21, 2020

    1944 was the year takeout pizza was introduced to the U.S.:

    In 1944, @nytfood (rather charmingly) explained to readers what a takeout pizza was. pic.twitter.com/QWuZs8ttMp

    — Christopher Bonanos (@heybonanos) February 28, 2020

    Not voting and congressional gridlock: patriotic all American traditions:


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