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    Logging on

    I realize this is probably not the place for this, but couldn't find another. 

    I used to be able to click on this site and my last log-in showed up. Now, every time I click on DagBlog I have to re-log on, and even if I am logged on(as I am now), if I click on a headline, such as Ramona's (which I just did) I am no longer logged in.   

    Is this fixable?  I don't comment as often as I used to, so it is not a huge problem, but it seems to be a glitch that should not be. 


    Any others with this problem?




    I usually only have to log in after a week or so, but Monday I had to login first thing, then sometime later clicked on a headline (with my name in it) and had to log in again.

    Hi C, Haven't talked with you in a while. I have the answer to your perplexification on this topic. When you are ready to log in, just before you hit the return button, print a copy of the sheet of paper that you are on. Then, paste it up by your computer and it helps you to remember your name. I keep my passwords reel simple. They are just a bunch of symbols in a row. I can't tell you what mine is because of security and all, but it is kinda like this: +++++++++  That way I remember.

    God bless America!


    Decider,  What a great, thoughtful, and deeply caring suggestion!  I used up all my paste when my kids were in elementary school so I thought I would just use some Scotch Tape.  Would that work as well, or would it invalidate the whole thing?  


    I am waiting with baited breath for your response.

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