Mark judge aint no huckleberry finn


    When the dust settles on the Kavanaugh saga the important actor may well not have been the bad boy belligerent drunk male "lead", Kav, the unprincipled Lindsey Graham, the mild mannered Jeff Flake or even Dr. Blasley Ford---the accuser. The significant player could well be Mark Judge, the all American boy side kick. Judge is wrestling with his conscience as we speak, perhaps at this moment talking to FBI agents. Will he tell the truth about Kavanaugh's behavior and what will that truth be? Or will Judge lie to protect the leader of the pack? Will he agree to a polygraph test?  By the end of this week we will see emblazoned in our media. "Judge denies Ford Assault". "Judge was at a party but can't remember". or "Judge refutes Kavanaugh's claims." 

    The role of male side-kick in American culture, according to my best recollection, is well exemplified by Huck Finn. Huck Finn has a conscience, Tom most likely doesn't. Tom's behavior toward Jim, knowing all along that Jim has been freed, is despicable.

    The role of "side-kick" includes being an enabler---especially to a dominant male like Kavanaugh---who obviously has a large following of male friends who enjoy his "bro" style. I have a male friend, a reformed drunk, who is a room-splitter. He can walk into a room of guys and within the hour half the men want to slug him and the other half thinks he is funny. I must admit I was on the fence sometimes, but he was the funniest drunk I ever saw, and I am the son of an alcoholic so I don't say that lightly. My friend finally joined AA after he blacked out while driving and nearly killed someone. I had let him drive home after a night out---more accurately, he was pissed at me, pulled me from the driver's seat so I couldn't drive him and then roared off towards home, which he never reached.

    Mark Judge has written books, including the drink fueled one about "Bart O'Kavanaugh" but I doubt he will ever be considered a great writer But he may yet be considered a great person. I don't see how he or any male in our society can dispute the drunken and disorderly behavior and dynamics that are typical between a bad boy leader and a side kick who eggs him on---despite elements of a  better nature.  And our "bro" culture obviously doesn't doubt Kavanaugh's drunken behavior---they endorse it.

    Kavanaugh's sarcastic remarks about his beer drinking were an obvious heads-up to that special brand of male-bro-jerk-ism cult which underlies a large swath of Trump's support. Ergo, they love ole Brett.

    My affection for American Lit has as much to do with collecting rare editions as reading them and I leave it for others to do the analysis that I had the gall to introduce in this blog. As far as Mark Twain is concerned, I had an experience in which I nearly blacked out---from disappointment. It was an auction in L.A. several decades ago of over a hundred books from Twain's own library which had been discovered in a barrel in a garage. I successfully bid on a book which had a funny inscription in the margin in Twain's own handwriting. But after the last book was sold, the auctioneer said---in essence, "...previously we had a bid for the whole lot and it exceeds the total for this auction, so you can all go home."

    I think that the saga of Kavanaugh and Judge is going to end somewhat like the Mark Twain auction---we're all going to go home disappointed. But in the case of the auction, the entire lot of books went to the Twain museum in Connecticut---which was the right outcome. I don't expect a good outcome on Kavanaugh. There's no question in my own mind about Kavanaugh's dark side, which Mark Judge could chronicle in non-fiction terms--- if he would only do the right thing.

    In the case of my drunk driving friend, I like to think that if the worst had happened I would have told the truth. If Judge doesn't tell the truth, he will continue to rot from the inside-out.......and we will have a Supreme Court Justice who doesn't know truth from fiction---Brett Kavanaugh----who really doesn't mind lying to our faces as long as there are those who will drink beer with him and play that game of Devil's Triangle---which is a "quarters" drinking game, according to him, and I don't think Huck would have stomached a flat out lie like that one. 



    When I thought about my drunk friend and if he had killed someone and I had been interviewed, I could relate somewhat to Mark Judge. I'd like to think I would have told the whole truth. But, honestly, who can say what they would do until they are actually confronted.  

    On some sort of ethical scale were one ranks one's values almost every one of my values has a higher priority than loyalty to a friend. For example upon discovering a friend is a misogynist or racist I'll discard the friend quickly and easily rather than tolerate the misogyny or racism. But then, I'm so comfortable being alone.

    Intriguing thoughts and exceptionally well-written too, the topic obviously inspires you.

    One thing that jumped to my mind when I saw I don't think Mark Judge will ever be considered a great writer, but he may yet be considered a great person is my personal examples of knowing how someone in recovery can be the best of human, truly better people than many others who haven't had to deal with the monkey/demon on the back. Like phenomenally so, including less than zero of the preachiness of goody two shoes types. So there's that. But the relapse periods, oh boy. So I guess I am saying: don't get yer hopes up. But you know that.

    Hey Arta. Thanks. I'm nearly embarrassed to put up literary themes in such an erudite audience. But I think I'm going to need diversion and processing of some sort if Kavanaugh is confirmed. 

    Rubin has put up a post suggesting that the entire Republican party is like Scarlet O'Hara----which I think is a much bigger literary stretch than mine. 


    Gone With the Wind works for me.
    AA posted this feed of Flake in his moment on another thread. What they failed to photoshop was Flake as Scarlet asking Ashley for another drink of water.

    He really is an Ashley type, isn't he? Not Scarlett, but Ashley. Nice fit.

    As a character, yes. Oxy's point about the enabling makes it hard to find a match. Scarlet and Ashley take turns being the "weak" one.

    The Handmaiden. Oh, God, that's good. 

    Maggie sharing intuition:

    Then there's the CNN "Justice Reporter"


    — Josh Campbell (@joshscampbell) October 1, 2018

    Everything's still just like a Baroque painting. Or Gone with The Wind. Sorry, but I guess Twain is not enough high drama. Tennessee Williams maybe?

    I get a Twain-like image from this, rather more like Steinbeck maybe. I'm seeing this big tent revival show with Aimee Sample McPherson, something Thos. Hart Benton would paint with all kinds of undulating bodies, maybe a snake handler. Or maybe just Father Coughlin on the radio.... If forced to use one word: DELUSIONAL:

    John Rose, running for Diane Black's cong seat in TN, offers a prayer ahead of the Trump appearance. "We ask that you bless the Kavanaugh family," he says, to cheers.

    — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) October 1, 2018

    You're getting close with Benton, but he's still Midwest. We're into southern writing territory now, Wise Blood by Flannery O'Conner (not the movie) or Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers. Or the Misfit unironically calling judgment on the old lady:

    “She would've been a good woman," said The Misfit, "if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.”

    Thinking of the bible salesman, Manley Pointer, in "Good Country People" who took advantage of the farmer's daughter. And to think a god fearing man who was trying to make a living would be accused of such an act.

    She ran some wild revivals. Uncovered a book signed by McPherson, "Story of my life', only a couple of signed copies around. The grandmother of a friend of mine was pictured with McPherson in front of her Pasadena "church" . Great scandal when she disappeared for a week, possibly with a "man".

    Kavanaugh could have raped one of his hot judicial clerks at the hearing on live TeeVee and Republicans would blame it on a conspiracy funded by the Clintons, and say the fault is with the Demonrats who demanded the hearing, and the Republicans would confirm him anyway. Pundits would argue about how the roots of this was in the 60s, and say both sides are at fault.

    Judge could have photos from the 82 thing and same result. Judge ain't no Huck, he ain't gonna tell the truth and go to entitled azzhole hell, Huck:

    I’d got to decide, forever, betwixt two things, and I knowed it.  I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself:

    “All right, then, I’ll go to hell”—

    NCD, the perfect Huck quote. Thanks.

    Ludington is to appear on CNN tonight. There's a police report of the New Haven bar fight.

    the NYTimes has the New Haven report here, including images of the pages. It doesn't sound like there's much there as regards Kavanaugh. He was accused of throwing ice by another fight participant. It's truly the kind of college thing you would excuse about being in a young man's history. It was his friend Chris Dudley who was accused of throwing a glass causing an injury and Dudley denied it to the police.  The report did not say whether anyone was arrested, and there is no indication that charges were filed.

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