Memorial Day May 24: US covid deaths reach 97,417

    97,417 U.S. deaths from coronavirus 2020  via The New York Times Updated May 24, 2020, 2:07 P.M. E.T.

    compare chart from April 28, deaths:

    • War of 1812 (1812-1815)  2,260
    • War in Afghanistan (since 2001): 2,445
    • Spanish-American War (1898-1902): 2,446
    • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks (2001): 2,977
    • War in Iraq (2003-2010): 4,431
    • Revolutionary War (1775-1783): 4,435
    • Mexican-American War (1846-1848): 13,283
    • Korean War (1950-53) : 36,574
    • World War I (1917-1918): 53,402
    • Vietnam War (1964-1975): 58,220
    • Coronavirus pandemic as of May 24 (2020): 97,417
    • World War II (1942-1945): 291,557
    • Civil War (1861-1865) 498,332

    And still the top killer so far, added from,

    estimated U.S. deaths from Spanish Flu Pandemic (1918-1919):   

    • 675,000 (with as many as 50 million dead worldwide!)


     98,145 - chance to hit 100k deaths by Monday's Memorial Day - yay! USA! Draining that swamp a few hundred corpses at a time! And churches will be open!

    (someone asked why we don't need masks because God will protect, but we do need AR-15's because God won't protect. Someone needs to check his by-laws, sounds pretty spotty.)

    oops I see I didn't put the correct link in for my May 22 figure from the NYTimes but put in the Nat. Geo. link by mistake. Oh well,I don't know how to go back in the time machine to get that link, sooo

    here's today's and I am gong to edit the original post with this 

    DEATHS 96,610 Includes confirmed and probable cases where available 

    By The New York Times, Updated May 23, 2020, 2:03 P.M. E.T.

    this is a good one to send to conservative family/friends/acquaintances:

    'Incalculable loss': New York Times covers front page with 1,000 Covid-19 death notices


     98,815   98,831   99,031  99,047 Sunday mid-day.

    99,057  99,123   99,225...

    Whose stats do you use? just curious. not interested in getting deep in weeds about how they the different recorders do their counts, just interested in knowing which one was higher than NYTimes at this point in time.

    Numbers *dropped* this a.m. Reconciliation or cover-up?

    99,230  99,408 99,466 99,537. 99,646

    I trust the NYT process to be more accurate and I doubt they would do a coverup, especially as they go out of their way to add miscategorized deaths when they can verify them somehow.

    All along your totals have been higher than theirs.

    Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count By The New York Times Updated May 25, 2020, 2:01 P.M. E.T. DEATHS 97,943 Yesterday @ 2:07 pm they had 97,417.

    99,754 - I'm just more paranoid
    (used by the NYTimes, they note)

    99,782. 99,802

    yes I've read more deeply into mostly all in the link and the NYTimes is one that has been covering it. BUT this thread we are focusing on the deaths, and frankly, there's much less reason to cover up death numbers now, and we were dealing with deaths here as far as "Memorial Day".

    At least as far as "opening" is concerned, it is much more advantageous now to fudge the positive case numbers. That's what most of the fudging is about now. The lack of possible carriers running around means: able to open up. So many are lying about that, positive case numbers, not doing testing, lying about testing and tracing etc. If they care about doing it right, they are testing, counting and tracing. If they don't, either because they are willing to sacrifice those illnesses and deaths for an economy, or because they don't believe the science of how it spreads, they are hiding it as much as possible.

    I don't know that "near 100,000" counted dead and "actual 100,000 or many more" counted dead makes that much of a difference in the context of this thread. 

    Yes of course like Dr. Fauci I believe that there are many more dead from it. Even in their homes in NYC, died of cardiac arrest is what the death certificates say. But would a higher number make that much difference in the context of this thread? I don't think so. It's big enough to "trump" most of our wars.

    Few except conspiracists are arguing it's less than that. The point made: massive death in a few months, far more than most military conflicts.

    It's a number twice all of Vietnam U.S. deaths in just a couple months.

    I was actually thinking about someone like Lulu when I started this thread. Still basically stewing about Vietnam and the evil hegemon American military, trying to prove that we need to stop meddling that this is the cause of most pain in the world and needs focusing on. Context here puts that in a little perspective, how important is it when we have this amount of death going on right now and many are shrugging?

    Plus you go past Vietnam and all those guys and gals are volunteers, no different than choosing to be a cop.Nobody's volunteering to get coronavirus.

    In practice 99,800 or 100,007 makes little difference. For PR and vanity perhaps Trump or minions would want to avoid actually hitting 100,000 on Memorial Day. And it seemed to me that new deaths were steadily over 1000 per day, and then suddenly the last 36 hours or so it slowed to 500 or so. It wouldn't take much more than to have the numbers from the worst states delayed - a truly trivial conspiracy to carry out if it is one. But no, does not confirm there was one. (e.g. a holiday could have slowed reporting)

    As for Vets, I stuck my neck out in a non-anonymous thread recently where someone liberal was complaining about Memorial Day and our militaristic ways, and I pointed out that WWII was our worst losses over a majestic effort and hardly done for our own benefit but to save a lot of people, plus S. Korea was policing a line until Chinese Communists tried to break the treaty and drive the south into the sea, and even for Vietnam it was background of Ho's peasant atrocities and China's twin Great Leap Forward & Cultural Revolution that killed 40-50 million along with the early 60s Communist incursion into Indonesia that backfired hugely, all providing background for our very unpalatable decisions of how to respond to the Domino Theory version of the very real Communist threat that persists in SE Asia even today.

    The soldiers done good. Thank you.

    Whosever numbers these are, the death toll on Sunday was skipping up 100 or so every 2-3 hours. Now it's 13 1/2   over 14 hours, past a normal 8am update since my last stamp and it's moved by 5 deaths. So suspicious me still thinks someone in the Administration is complaint, "you're embarrassing The Donald - stop these numbers from going up." I know that's hard to believe...

    2 more hours & it's moved 42 deaths in 16 hours.
    Sunday from noon til about 5pm it was:

    98,815 [about noon]  98,831   99,031  99,047 [about 3pm] Sunday mid-day.

    99,057  99,123   99,225... [6pm]

    Sure, the reporting shows heavy skew over day of week, but in the middle of all this opening up/relaxing rules,
    and pictures everywhere of people walking around without masks, the death rate's going to drop yugely
    even as the daily infection rate stays flat?

    99,805  +505
    99,300  +617
    98,683  +1036
    97,647  +1293
    96,354  +1418
    94,936  +1402

    Ok, here came another 36 (99,883) since the top of the hour to make 78 in 16 1/2 hours, but I still think they're going to fudge the numbers & reporting to make their opening pretend to be ok.
    How much pressure is there on other GIS/data scientists to soften their numbers, like the Florida data scientist?

    I was actually thinking about someone like Lulu when I started this thread. Still basically stewing about Vietnam and the evil hegemon American military, trying to prove that we need to stop meddling that this is the cause of most pain in the world and needs focusing on. Context here puts that in a little perspective, how important is it when we have this amount of death going on right now and many are shrugging?

    Ironically funny that you choose to name me as an individual representative of an entire "type" or of a group. The link below is to a long video [47 minutes] featuring Danny  Sjursen, a recently retired Army Major who led soldiers in actual combat and taught history at West Point. I like the format because watching a person speak can often convey more than only listening or only reading a transcript, and I like the fact that, especially in this age of twitter wisdom and twitter rage, the length makes possible a great deal more information and nuance than a bumper sticker. I very affirmatively ascribe to Sjursen's views as expressed here, which he does so much better than I could do myself.  I do not expect that you will watch and comment about his thesis but some some lurkers might choose to do so.  











    Will watch after Prison Planet, Dennis Prager and PTL Club. Does it start with 'P'?

    P.S.  Sjursen had a regular column at Truth Dig after a number at TomDispatch and a few other sites. Truth Dig is dead but its archives are intact. He thinks historical fact says something about who we are as a people and is an indication to how we may act in the future as a country in times that have changed to the extent that we may not prevail if we follow the path of our historical past. Seems like a fair hypothesis to me, one worth considering.  

    The only problem I have with that is you don't seem to use historical facts in the same way when talking about China or Russia or even Venezuela

    I read the Mother Jones article.

    I guess the idea of a day of remembrance plays a part in supporting a narrative. But, there are those who mostly care about the remembering part. I think of it as a recommendation to not piss upon graves.

    With honest respect for your opinions and an appreciation of how you present them [when I can understand them] I think you should watch the video. Beyond that, my honest opinion is: Fuck a bunch of yellow ribbons. 

    I will watch those videos.


    Something going on here, what it is ain't exactly clear, all I know if that it's four powerful meme-making and political-meme-analyzing people tweeting to each other:

    attn. @stuartpstevens @rschriefer

    — Alex Burns (@alexburnsNYT) May 24, 2020

    BTW, 2 1/2 months is less than 3 months (Trump last played Mar 8. How he must have suffered in any case. Look at him tilt in the wind and his hand flap.)

    From NYTimes: they survived the worst battles of WWII, then died of coronavirus:

    Glass half full argument:

    Nate Silver with some nuance today on the confusing numbers situation:


    Trump's "priors" are never "disconfirmed".  Nobody else matters. "We will transition into greatness" DJT 5/11.

    If Trump wins a second term, the number crunchers and such may go the way of the IG's.

    I think: apples and oranges.

    Those who are using numbers politically is one thing.

    But the world also has to solve a pandemic for which they need accurate analysis of transmission. Think something "simple" like the whole airline industry dependent on same, world travel, courts getting tied up for years over lawsuits over deaths because customers or employees not adequately protected, same number of people as before feeling safe to go to restaurants, bars, know, minor stuff like that.

    Joe is going with the 100K dead mark being passed today:

    more on possible inaccuracy of death numbers:

    Be careful - no sources on these numbers (Josh was asking as well, no direct responses).

    A couple people respond in this thread, (seems a combo of previous year pneumonia compared to 2nd for 2020, may be someone on that thread had an Excel sheet, then CDC has an excess deaths report.


    The CDC is tracking this. It's called "excess deaths":


    Split into "how we doin?" Categories

    Nothing to get outraged about? A little too Third-Reich-ish for me:

    More than 25,000 nursing home residents and 400 staff have died during pandemic, federal report shows

    By Debbie Cenziper , Peter Whoriskey and Joel Jacobs @, June 1 at 8:44 PM

    About 1 in 5 facilities reported a death, but about 20% have not yet reported case counts

    More than 25,000 residents died and 60,000 were infected as the coronavirus swept through U.S. nursing homes in recent months, particularly affecting facilities with a history of low marks for staffing and patient care, the federal government reported Monday.

    The virus also infected 34,000 staff and took the lives of more than 400, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that oversees the nation’s nursing homes.

    The numbers represent the first official national accounting of fatalities in the 15,000 nursing homes that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding. The tally, however, is incomplete. Only about 80 percent of the nation’s nursing homes reported data to the federal government, and they were required only to include cases since early May.

    CMS officials nevertheless said they were confident the figures offer a reliable snapshot of the pandemic in the nation’s hard-hit nursing homes.

    “This represents a good picture of where we’ve been,” CMS Administrator Seema Verma said in a call with reporters Monday afternoon.

    A Washington Post accounting of cases and deaths in nursing homes shows a higher toll and that tally rounds up data from less than half of the states. Based on reports from 21 states since the beginning of the pandemic, The Post found that more than 28,000 residents have died.

    Of the homes that reported data to CMS, 1 in 5 recorded at least one death from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and 1 in 4 had at least one positive case. In the District of Columbia and three states — New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts — more than 1 in 10 nursing home residents died, according to the data collected so far by CMS


    the nursing home related death count is up to 40,600 by USA Today count:

    110,715 deaths, 10k in 10 days as we approach 2 Mill infections (1,936,998, at least13k a day)

    But Now we're distracted with protests & police/Guard actions And riots.

    Always something with mr megalomania

    I am very on edge that protests will revive infection rate and then big urban centers will truly die for a year or more until vaccine. Yes they will slowly rebuild and become active again. But in the interim they will be populated only by the poor who can't afford to go anywhere else, with few services.

    It's really not that hard on the east coast, at least, for corps of all kinds to move to suburban office parks. I.E. Mt. Sinai medical move all its main functions to NJ. This was always a threat, it is the reason for corporate "welfare", bribing businesses to come and stay in urban centers.

    As for going where the workers are: on the east coast, it is not hard at all to reverse the commute.

    27k new cases, 1100 deaths today (So far)

    Not looking good

    It's a kind of martyrdom, planning to committ suicide by coronovirus after nonviolent trolling for police crackdown action?

    This is 100% not photoshopped. Lafayette Square park in center. 16th St at the intersection. The tear gassing St John’s church at the intersection. 250,000+ people expected on Saturday. Oh boy.

    — Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) June 5, 2020

    Oh wait, after thinking on this more > if you get sick after the demonstration, you're thinking that they won't take you into custody because you're infectious? 

    And then there's contact tracing--we will hear protest against the police state nature of that.

    Cops should be can't do a "stand back and let them do what they are gonna do" because of the historic nature of the surroundings. The church already damaged...


    When I click on your video links I get a gray screen with message that video cannot be payed. I can double click on the gray and get a link address, copy and paste and enter in new tab and watch. 

    that would have to do with your browsing setup and Twitter and also perhaps your internet speed. Oceankat had similar problems about not seeing fully functional tweets but said it went away when he switched to Firefox browser.

    Now that I know a bit more about the tech side of Twitter (for unrelated reasons-was using an old format because I preferred it and June 1 they made it obsolete and I had to root around figuring out how I could make it more user friendly for my taste)--

    I see there is also this--I see when you sign up for an account you are supposed to follow certain set-up instructions for what browser you will be using. So clearly, they have different code for different browsers.

    So that would explain if you are accessing it without signing in and/or without the site being specifically coordinated to you and your device, then you' might have problems seeing certain things.

    p.s. I never see anyone who uses Twitter regularly complain they can't see videos or pictures. But I am on cellular internet-that's the only kind I have--and I notice when they throttle my speed, when it's going slow, some very few times I get those greyed-out pictures and videos like you describe on Twitter. And all I got to do when that happens is reload the page, so everything gets fully loaded. Likewise to your complaint, if I don't want to wait for that to happen, I just click on the picture or video to see it. So the connection is not struggling to load the whole feed, but just that picture or video. But this rarely happens to me, only certain times when other things are loading slow too.

    Click on The top of the Twitter square And it opens a Twitter window, And there you can play the video. (It's the same as copying the URL)

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