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    Nader... Obama... and the Primaries...


    Howdy Wall Mart Shoppers...

    Or ... maybe I should say Wall Street Shoppers.

    How's your investment portfolios, or Trustifarians Funds, or 401Ks doing?

    No need to answer that. This post is simply an update about the brouhaha that I started at Ralph ... Where art thou? and It's NOT about Nader ... It's about energizing the Progressive base... back in September over Ralph Nader's plan to primary President Obama...

    And Yes ... We all know how Ralph likes to keep his face in the news and what his actions in 2000 did or did not do and what he once was and what he no longer is..

    I know it's no fun, but spare us all the opinions and vitriol... Please!

    With that said ... Read on for the latest according to Weigel...


    • Six weeks ago, word got out about a progressive project that could have Ralph Nader playing a familiar role: Electoral scold. He was the best-known member of a coalition to recruit five progressive candidates to run, as Democrats, against Barack Obama. At 4:30 p.m. today, the coalition was going to face its first deadline: qualifying to enter the New Hampshire primary.
    • Nader's group won't make the deadline.



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    Or if you don't wish to bother... listen to some music...






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    Florida's is October 31st. They will have to get it in on Monday or miss the primary.

    Never been a Nader fan ... never much understood the attraction. OTOH, I *totally* never understood the Democratic psycho-obsession over him choosing to run either ... a complete enigma from my POV, I guess.

    Cool song.

    He is getting old, this never would have happened a decade or two ago.

    Of course the stroke certainly slowed him down and I am sure there was some brain damage.

    Why would not one of his Raiders have advised him better on this deadline?

    Well, from all I have read about Nader, he just would not listen to anybody.

    Carter actually put some Raiders in his Administration.

    And I saw some doc about how Nader would be on the phone with all of them telling them what a horseshite job they were doing. hahahahah

    I could go on and on about Nader.

    He has written several books and referred to his childhood.

    His dad would take him to city council meetings, to utility companies, to the place where cattle would be exterminated, to the watering hole for the city...it just went on and on.

    Nader took citizenship to its ultimate level.

    We needed someone like Nader, for sure.

    But the guy is and always was nuts.

    That does not mean that I do not believe we need a new Nader.

    Taibbi just aint enough!

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