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    NATO & US

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    It all began in a 500 killowatt station in San Bernardino.....

    Well, it all began following the most murderous war in the history of the world, actually.

    And there was this guy named Marshall.

    And US, that is we, decided to rebuild Europe!

    And due to our increasingly strained relationship with the Rusky Commies, NATO appeared.

    It was US & Europe & NATO.

    Here is Sonny & Cher; but forward to 2 minutes or you will not know what the hell I am writing about. hahahah




    Life goes on!

    A new and ignorant personage takes control of AMERICA.

    And the Euros are worried:



    It seems that US (that is we) have fallen in love with another.

    Oh those damnable Commies we used to say.

    But now there is Putin.

    And Putin speaks in front of crosses and such.

    And Putin loves the Christians.

    So the Euros say:

    Tell me no secrets

    Tell me some lies

    Give me some alibis

    I didn't mean to be so bad

    Didn't know just what I had


    But wait


    Germany reaches a new agreement with the Ruskies?

    So the orange haired clown screams UNFAIR


    Sometimes life is just too damn confusing?







    Hi Dick... wayback machine

    My postings from the TPM Hive over 4 years ago (sub,reqd,) ...

    Putin Has a Bad Case of Gas - Foreign Policy and Affairs


    Posted as a stand alone . . .

    Putin Has a Bad Case of Gas

    Using the excuse of "...reserving the right to protect the 'Russian-speaking population' of Ukraine..." is only a poor cover for Putin's actions.

    It's been proven over and over and over -- follow the money!

    To follow the money in the Ukraine one must follow the gas and oil transit lines.

    enlarge the view

    Russia's footprint in Crimea is three-fold: Control their Naval base, protect the shipping lanes to and through the Bosphorus Strait, and have a southern launch point for troops to move north if need be to protect the pipelines and keep them in Russian control.

    U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin - NYT March 5, 2013

    ...The crisis has accelerated a State Department initiative to export
    American natural gas to Europe as a lever against Russia, which
    supplies 60 percent of Ukraine’s natural gas and has a history of
    cutting off the supply during conflicts. This week, Gazprom, Russia’s
    state-run natural gas company, said it would no longer provide gas at
    a discount rate to Ukraine, a move reminiscent of more serious Russian
    cutoffs of natural gas to Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe in 2006,
    2008 and 2009...



    Simply updating . . .

    14 hours ago - VOA News March 07, 2014

    White House Downplays Role of Natural Gas in Ukraine Crisis

    The White House on Friday appeared to downplay the possibility of
    changing U.S. policy on exporting natural gas to address the situation
    in Ukraine.

    12 hours ago - Telegraph UK - 07 Mar 2014

    Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off gas supplies

    Russian leader says does not want 'new cold war' but threatens to
    disrupt European gas supplies

    Thrust... and parry . . .



    9 months later


    Simply another update...

    Now... Putin has much more than just a bad case of gas.

    Mother Jones - ‎Dec 15, 2014‎

    The Russian Ruble Is Now Entering Free Fall



    And . . .

    Bloomberg News - December 17, 2014

    Putin’s Secret Gamble on Reserves Backfires Into Currency Crisis

    As President Putin exulted at the Winter Olympics in Sochi 10 months ago, aides assured him Russia was rich enough to withstand the financial repercussions from a possible incursion into Ukraine, according to two officials involved in the talks.

    That conclusion now looks like a grave miscalculation. Russia has driven interest rates to punishing levels and spent at least $87 billion, or 17 percent, of its foreign-exchange reserves trying to prevent a collapse in the ruble from spiraling into a panic. So far, nothing has worked.


    Ducky, hello!

    Nobody was reading this thing. hahahha

    It is going to take some time to review your fine detailed essays, but...

    I did call 'them' Euros. hahahahhahahh

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Now you have given me something to do today.

    Nothin was happening here so I added a comment with Sam Seder's take on NATO and such...

    Then I came upon this history of yours.

    I will be back.

    One thing that comes to mind involves the Spaniards in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

    Spain would deplete all the gold and silver they had stolen from the New World.

    They would steal it all and then spend it?

    Then I would remind myself of the more current history of Venezuela. If I recall correctly this country was just high on oil and then misplayed its hand?

    Russians of course do not represent one country.

    The oligarchy just takes advantage of the situation and then launders their monies in banks like Deutchebank and then.... 

    And then there is Trump who is funded by this oligarchy and...

    What do I know?

    Check out Sam Seder's take on US and NATO.

    I was probably being to cryptic, but I like being cryptic since I aint Roman Catholic anymore, what?


    Trump said that he convinced NATO countries to pay up.

    French President Macron called Trump a liar.


    Keep America safe!! American ships in American water, off American soil, where Americans can see it..!!!!

    Richard, how about a nuclear aircraft carrier battle group (16 warships) in Lake Superior ( or Lake Winnibigoshish?)  to protect you northerners from "disgraceful, terrible" Canadians? A great deal..?

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