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    A Newt Burns White Hot

    The White Hot rise of Newt Gingrich in the polls was unexpected for sure. Who'd thunk it, the biggest demagogue to inhabit a congressional seat since Sen. Joe (no relation to me) McCarthy, but  Newt the master manipulator has burned out quickly and without a major mistake! Who'd a thunk that? Not me for sure, having witnessed his man flame outs in the past.  What hurts Newt the most, is himself!

    Newt Gingrich, that vile, contemptible, loathsome, odious man, a cynical hypocrite who never met a principle he couldn't abandon or an ethical precept he couldn't trample upon is a man with a big ugly history. What kind of man signs a no adultery pledge, after committing adultery at least twice! Only an egotistical narcissist, and that guy is Newt Gingrich.    How loathsome is it to have enlisted your own daughter to refute her mother's tale of divorce, to make him appear to be a nice guy, a good guy. But what kind of man enlists his own daughter to do that anyway?   Newt loves the preemptive personal attack, he has mastered the art of the personal attack in fact, he seems so exciting.  As Joe Scarborough put it " (Newt) has mastered the dark art of dehumanizing political opponents." Newt certainly has very few political friends, perhaps that is the result of him burning every bridge that got in his way.

    There isn't a soul our there who doesn't see what kind of man Newt Gingrich has become. His life story is well established even though it seems for the moment people have forgotten his many transgressions. If by some chance he were to win the nomination, that would be a disaster for the Republican party, and they know it too. When people remember everything there is to remember about Newt, it should finish any chance he had to become the nominee, if he somehow holds on and wins this thing, OMG, we will know for certain TBaggies are in tight control of the party.

    A partial list of Newts many Epic Fails:

    • While he was Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich suggested solving some of the country's welfare problems by taking dependent children from their parents and putting them in orphanages, certainly this was an old idea and one that went away with poor houses. But Newt he is always thinking ahead, and like people said, he has ideas lots and lots of ideas. Thing about Newt, he rarely comes up with a good idea.
    • His newest idea about children of the poor, well that we fire their parents from their jobs and give them to the kids! Kids from poor families should be working in the schools, cleaning the toilets, and the kids from middle class and rich families should never raise a finger as this is why we have 'the poors" to do our dirty work.
    • Fined as Speaker of the House. The House voted overwhelmingly  to reprimand House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). They also ordered him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty, the first time in the House's 208-year history it has disciplined a speaker for ethical wrongdoing.
    • Even Steve Chapman a writer for Reason Magazine says Newt Gingrich will stop at nothing to demonize political opponents.
    • His newest EPIC FAIL came just a day ago when he said, "just vote for Obama then gay man!"
    • The Freddie - Fannie Historian Debacle

    If I were to attempt list the many EPIC FAILS of Newt, this blog would be too long to read.

    At this point I am amazed his 15 minutes isn't over. How long 'til the next not-Mitt candidate takes his place?

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    Oh I read this at Paradigm and commented. ha

    People say we lack forgiveness.


    Americans forgive anything. hahahahahaha

    You just need enough money to purchase the forgiveness. hahahahahahahahaha

    Don't hold back, TMac! wink

    One facet to this election cycle (and others to come?) is the hardcore base on both sides increasingly see this contest as one of an epic battle royale.  It doesn't take long (or even from the get-go) before one or other begins discussing the nature of this battle as one between good or evil.  The survival of the middle class, our "way of life," and the country itself is at stake. 

    In such a mindset, one doesn't care too much or not at all about one's champion or leader's more softer qualities as a human being  when it comes time to lead the troops.  The soldiers who followed Patton didn't worry their minds about whether he was nice to his assistants or cheated on his wife (was he married?).  This is at the heart of Mitt's problem, why people make such an issue of his particular style of flip-flopping. The base of the conservative movement feel they cannot trust him - either he won't give the command to charge or if he does, half way through he will surrender or capitulate to the enemy.  The same criticism Obama receives from the Left.

    They don't entirely trust Newt either.  But they trust him more.  He may flip-flop, but it is more often than not a strategic flip-flop style whose purpose is to achieve, in the end, conservative objectives.  Or so it seems to them.  Whether he used his daughter is almost irrelevant if he able to defeat the forces of socialism and liberal decadence. It just this kind of thinking on their part that makes Newt's statement to that gay man in Iowa a wise strategic move in terms of achieving the objective of winning the nomination (not so much in winning the general election).

    All very successful commanders are prima donnas and must be so treated.  ~ George S. Patton


    That picture, who I at first thought was Dave Weigel with glasses, then it hit me, that's Newt.. yuck, is gonna haunt me for life.

    The picture was something I also came across recently.  Haunting in some undefined way is one way to describe it. But also in some undefined way fascinating.  The mind tries to reconcile the image with facts about the man and it is frustrated.  What lurks beneath surface?  What unknown traumatic experience(s) set him down the path to his current place in the world? Or was Newt always the Newt we love and adore?  Who is it really staring back at us through those glasses?

    I can't believe you threw your grandpa Joe under the bus like that! devil

    I can't stop laughing with that one! Hahahaha.

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