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    No Subject


    Is this is a Zen koan?

    Most likely a typo. Cville was no doubt initiating a discussion on the Noh plays of Japan.

    I would like to add my no comment to the no subject - is this the right place?

    (I suspect she was riffing on Dick's "Why Blog at All?", showing us how not to. Content is getting hollowed out around here)

    Your attempt to deconstruct what has not been assembled only demonstrates your agenda to have an agenda.

    My seconds will see your seconds, and if not available will proceed directly to your thirds.

    Michael - stop me before I ToS again.

    The content disappeared, but I kind of like these comments without it.  Anyway, it was supposed to read:

    I would like to humbly suggest that ridiculous, stupid videos, without any attempt or effort at explaining, evaluating or justifying them, should be a TOS violation based on pure laziness..  It does nothing to further conversation or enlightenment.  


    Hahaha!  Well, this is the exception that proves the tool!

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