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    For The Church And Wrestling, It's Nonchalantly Gay

    One of the really amazing things about Pope Francis rebuking homophobia was how nonchalant he was about it. There was no huge press conference or media campaign with long explanations about why being gay was now okay - in fact, the Pope seemed to secede his authority on the issue altogether - "Who am I to judge?"

    We have a possibly equally strange rebuke of homophobia in the form of professional wrestler Darren Young. After being asked by a reporter if "a gay wrestler could be successful in the WWE," Young simply laughed and said "Absolutely. Look at me. I'm a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay. And I'm happy. I'm very happy." Here's the video from The Young Turks:



    Now I disagree with the Young Turks folks a little bit - he wasn't totally nonchalant. The way he said it, he certainly seemed at least pretty nervous - but not nervous enough to keep him from coming out of the closet in an off the cuff interview.

    As you can see in the video, the WWE, despite being an obviously macho organization that has stereotyped gays in the past, said they completely support him and hope to help support acceptance programs in the future. So there you go! Not bad at all, right? With cases of 'roid rage, wrestlers like Mick Foley admitting to having brain damage, etc., professional wrestling - which is a form of entertainment much smarter and entertaining than it gets credit for - has much more serious problems than who gender certain individuals prefer to sleep with.

    The fact that Young is not just in the WWE but black also is significant. The African American community is at least stereotypically hostile to gays though I am really not sure how true that stereotype is (just like all stereotypes).

    Young in action with a fabulous hairdo:

    We're quickly coming to the point where this is not an issue at all - where all consensual sexual relationships between adults remain exactly that and not a place for judgment. We have much more serious issues in this world.

    BTW if you're interested, Young is participating in this program called "Be A STAR," which is a diversity program put on by the folks at WWE in Los Angeles. That might mean meeting the guy! Most WWE superstars get their shot at big time movie acting so this might be a chance to not only meet a future action movie star but one who is progressive and open when it comes to gay rights.

    A little more - I watched the full interview. TMZ posted it. Young actually got a little rough in the interview. "Does it matter? Does it change how you think about me?" To which the TMZ folks just said, "No, not at all." This is breaking new territory in new ways - we are pushing towards a world where this doesn't matter but unfortunately we're not quite there yet. 


    A little more - Darren Young on The Today Show:


    I think a big part of the gay marriage resistance is that it will not only legitimize gay partnerships but gay sex, as well.  There is still that faction wanting punishment for such things, so the pope saying, "Who am I to judge" is huge.

    The acceptance of gay marriage makes it easier for gays to come out of the closet and that can only be a good thing.  It leaves the gay bashers with nothing but hollow, false biblical threats that don't now and never did hold water.  Soon their voices will be whispers in the wind.  They'll hate that.  Even better.

    Given the serious problems this world has, it is absurd that the "legitimization of gay sex" is a top priority problem for anyone at all. The only time sex of any kind other than our own should be a public policy concern is if it is molestation or rape. I think most of this country agrees with that sentiment too. We've seen in Obama's presidency that old school prejudices don't go away but they certainly won't be the majority - large organizations like the WWE or the Catholic Church will know that their survival depends on acceptance.

    Good on, Darren Young.  And now Cena tells us his brother is openly gay, too.

    I haven't watched professional wrestling in a while but Young and Cena seem like pretty top notch guys.

    Not really a fan, so don't know the main players. But you've got to love Cena's lovely lady's supportive reaction to his responses - that is to the point where it starts to encroach upon date time. Some things never change.


    I might write about this some time during the week but from what I've read, the back stage environment has been more accepting than other sports locker rooms or mainstream society.  Fans, also, despite all sorts of lurid and evil gay stereotypes used as characters, have tended to be more accepting.  The show is camp, after all, and the people know it.

    Professional wrestling is built on stereotypes and those stereotypes go in all sorts of directions. Stone Cold Steve Austin could be a potentially offensive depiction of a redneck, if the sorts of people who usually get called rednecks were to find him offensive. Ric Flair is a stereotype of awesome and a pretty accurate depiction, if you ask me.

    BTW Mike, is it just me or do Young and Cena look alot alike? Just saying - facial expressions and features. Only diff is one is black.

    Everybody is taking their cue from Cena these days.  He's as close as they've come to creating a new breakout star (though, I can't stand his character or his in ring performance)...

    I'm not much of a fan of it either but when Cena was really serious about the rapper persona, which he doesn't seem to be in to as much anymore, he actually did a rap video with Murs, a Midwest rapper. It turned out really well: 



    Yeah, Cena the rapper is long gone.  Now he's a Hulk Hogan superman type with funny ears.  Kind of reminds me of a roided up Marky Mark.

    Well - here's the thing - John Cena wasn't a bad rapper. He was actually pretty good. Above song is a perfect example. He certainly flows better than Jay-Z. And Kanye. And there's a sort of Will Smith "don't let it sweat you" positive vibe in all of it.

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