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    Officer Gliniewicz and The Conservative Media's Omission

    Omission is one of the most powerful tools the media has at its disposal. The media can't control what we think, but they can control what some of us think about. The deafening silence in light of the facts about corrupt Officer Gliniewicz on conservative talk radio and Fox news is telling. I've spent more hours than I care to admit watching Fox, and listening to talk radio. I forced myself to watch The Five, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity. Sheppard Smith was the only person who addressed the way the networks on air personalities tacitly linked the "murder" of Officer Gliniewicz to the Black Lives Matter Movement. It doesn't make me want to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize, but after watching several hours of their programing over a two day period: I felt somewhat vindicated that a day after the story broke someone made my time worthwhile.

    I have to admit I was impressed by the systematic the way they negated this story; the Fox "news" team covered the Russian plane story wall to wall, while the opinion team absolutely hammered Quentin Tarantino. CNN wasn't any better, they covered the Russian plane story with the same vigor that they covered the Malaysian flight from last year with. Chris Hayes gets an A+ for covering the story on Wednesday. This concerted omission is an important lesson for anyone new to media propaganda. The lack of media coverage for the 10\10\15 Justice or Else march combined with the cowardly and dishonest way this story has been covered is something those of us who identify with and support Black Lives Matter have always known and dealt with. I vividly remember the media coverage of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, and the Fox Lake manhunt. The airwaves were filled with images of destruction and conservative experts chronicling the problems of the black community, yet when nearly a million people of color peacefully assemble in our nation's capital or a hero cop is proven to be a "thug" we get crickets.

    I'm not so naive that I believe news organizations don't have bottom lines and profit motives to consider, nor do I equate or hold conservative pundits to the same standard I hold hard journalists to, but the lines between the two have been blurry for quite a while. The moment news outlets are more concerned with crafting narratives than uncovering truths they cease to be useful. There's nothing wrong with infotainment, but too many in our society confuse it with journalism. If a task force had uncovered a link that implicated high ranking leaders at ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ of Officer ‪#‎Gliniewicz‬'s killing trust me: there wouldn't be a concerted effort to avoid covering this story. In fact I would be watching the news now in an effort to hear the newest round of Ad Hominem attacks against those of us concerned with social injustices.


    I'll accept any criticism that comes from this post, but I won't apologize for pointing out what's right in front of me.

    If it don't apply let it fly!


    Do not ever question what is right in front of you for chrissakes! hahahahay You do not have to apologize. Let us see the reactions here.

    ​We must READ

    We have a responsibility to read.

    Resistance and Peracles question all the time!

    Ihave to add this.

    O'Reiily whom I dispise. kept plying this video where Black Lives Matter were parading and chanting:


    That is not right anymore than right wing bastards pointing guns at the FEDS

    Let the discussion begin!


    Thanks for reading. I live in rural Virginia surrounded by this insanity.

    There ya go!

    I am up here in the great white north.

    WE HAVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS. hhahahahahahaha

    It is all goooooooooooood hahhahaha

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    Police demand respect. If you point out police abuse, you are accused of hating police. The NYPD turned there backs on the Mayor of NYC because he pointed out that he issued a warning about police to his son. Baltimore police refuse to do their jobs because police officers were charged after a handcuffed man died in the back of a van. The Baltimore police feel that it is an injustice that the involved officers were charged.

    We saw Eric Garner choked to death and the officer went free despite not following department policy that said choke holds should not be applied. The officer who shot the man in the back in North Charleston may not be convicted if his lawyer can convince the jury that the officer (who lied about what happened) thought the fleeing man was armed and represented a threat. In fact, the Baltimore officers may go free because juries are reluctant to convict police officers.

    Thanks for the post.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your comment and support. PEACE!

    The Fraternal Order of Police told Quentin Tarantino, a film director who said the police should stop killing unarmed people, that they have a surprise in store between now and the premiere  of Tarantino's new movie.


    The FOP has time to threaten an American citizen for expressing his First Amendment rights?



    Danny Cardwell, 2015:

    The moment news outlets are more concerned with crafting narratives than uncovering truths they cease to be useful.

    Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year 1722:

    We had no such thing as printed newspapers in those days to spread rumours and reports of things, and to improve them by the invention of men.

    Nothing changed.

    Best to read news reports of actual facts, actual events from the site, quotes of what people say-and what they do, and verify thru different sources. Which should not include verbal BS from Megan Kelly,  any blowhard pundit,  or millionaire corporate 'news' celebrity on TeeVee.

    US mainstream and non-mainstream media being among the most filtered, biased, slanted or outright fabricated in the English speaking world.

    Thanks for supplementing my point. I agree wholeheartedly that we have major issues with our media. It's sad; when I hear a story, I'm always looking for the angle.

    You're right on the money. Black people are in the process of being setup, so BLM (Black Lives Matter) needs to restructure their organization to require authorization to speak for the organization, keep tight control over any activities that take place in their name, and remain vigilant in weeding out any individual(s) who engage in any kind of stupid activity in their name, because the conservative establishment is slowing beginning to put the subliminal message in America's mind that BLM is not a social justice organization, but a terrorist organization, and they'll have absolutely no hesitation in infiltrating the group with plants and Judas goats to help them make that point. 


    Black conservative sheriff of  Milwaukee, David Clarke, says, "Black Lives Matter ‘will join forces’ with Islamic State."  (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/oct/28/david-clarke-black-milwaukee-sheriff-black-lives-m/). Now they've been accused of murder - and conservatives are far from done. That same Black conservative sheriff has already gone on to say, "Blacks Sell Drugs' Because They Are 'Lazy' And 'Morally Bankrupt." (http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/sheriff-david-clarke-blacks-sell-d...").  

    Now we have a White sheriff in Florida, David Morgan, saying, 
    “We have unfortunately, in America, embraced a thug culture.  One that aggrandizes, again, foul language, shooting cops, abusing women and if you think those things do not have an effect on our children you need to get a grip!”



    They are gradually conflating the Black community with terrorism and anti-Americanism. So Black people need to wake up!  I've had a Black person right here on this very site try to ridicule the position I'm putting forward here. He laughed and said, People aren't going to pay any attention to that discredited Black sheriff. But he's dead wrong, and history has repeatedly demonstrated that fact. The Republican Party has made repeating lies until they gain traction a way of life - Fox News has made that concept its entire business plan. In addition, the entire advertising industry is based on premiss that if a lie is repeated enough people will begin to believe it  But not only that, as a simple rule of thumb, you should never make the foolish mistake of assuming what the enemy WON'T do.  When you're dealing with an adversary, you should ALWAYS assume the very worst. 


    The reason I laugh, is that you are waiting for things to happen. Things have been ongoing. That is why Reverend Sharpton was raising the alarm about stop and Frisk for years. The school to prison pipeline has been in operation for years. People are working to change the practice. There are police officers in schools serving as "resource" officers. My disagreement with you is that you think The Sheriffs are something new. (Changed nothing to something)

    Mass incarceration has happened. Use of ticketing has been used to target black communities already. Black communities are used as ATMs for cities already. State my position correctly. The attack is underway.

    The Voting Rights Act has already been gutted. My argument is that you are waiting for the roundup. The roundup is underway . Heck the state of Michigan had a Special Master in charge of Detroit because it is a majority black city. The police department in Baltimore refuses to enforce the law if officers are going to be held accountable for a spine being severed while a handcuffed man was in their custody.

    Now that the ticketing for ATM purposes has been found out, the cities will regroup and find other ways to steal money from the community. Look for license fees to go up. Look for fees to be charged for normal government services.

    Eric, the battle is not coming, the battle is here. The number of deaths of black citizens by police today exceeds the deaths of black people when lynching was at its peak


    Don't get my message twisted. I think your fears of bad stuff is a little too late. There will be no mass roundup. They have done mass incarceration, targeting of blacks for ticketing, and more homicides than during the time of lynchings

    ​I'm the pessimist..


    Thanks for your insights Eric. I appreciate the time you spent articulating your points. I pray for these kids. What the kids at the University of Missouri did has the potential to ignite bourgeois black folks to engage the larger conversation of social justice.

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