oh. my. god. proof how bad things really are.


    The Scaramouche:

    Unemployment claims, MN, OH, PA:

    Megan McArdle:


    It's so bad Fox News is reversing itself:

    Good point; no need for social distancing for 18 mos. if everyone was tested. Even better if it was eventually cheap enough to test whether symptomatic or not:

    If we get a testing-and-tracking regime in place we can mostly or completely abandon social distancing. Social distancing and shutdowns and lockdowns are temporary measures to get a suppression (testing-and-tracking) regime in place.

    — We need 70k tests a day (@Noahpinion) March 18, 2020


    Again: a future of cheap universal testing and treatment for positives, it's a meme:

    We might never have a novel Coronavirus vaccine (we don't for other Coronaviruses like the one that causes colds).

    But it seems inevitable that testing will eventually mature into something cheap or even OTC (like pregnancy testing), and we'll get very aggressive about it. https://t.co/xeeEC0j39i

    — Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) March 18, 2020

    Combine that with effective treatment, and perhaps we're not all in quarantine for 18 months.

    An Australian group claims a HIV antiviral and chloroquine (two avenues supported by early Chinese research) are effective in treatment.https://t.co/dMrTbRikLU

    — Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) March 18, 2020

    Important thread from Trevor Bedford. Long term mitigation depends on surveillance at massive scale and case-based strategies. If we can couple to an antiviral for advanced disease and antibody prophylaxis for highest risk we can manage life with #COVID19 until we have a vaccine. https://t.co/xVOR7YttGh

    — Scott Gottlieb, MD (@ScottGottliebMD) March 19, 2020

    We must develop tools for this fight: 1. Point of care diagnostics for rapid identification 2. Antibody that could be prophylaxis for healthcare workers, those at greatest risk 3. Massive sentinel surveillance program 4. Direct acting antiviral drug for treating advanced disease

    — Scott Gottlieb, MD (@ScottGottliebMD) March 19, 2020


    but it can be handled, we can do this:

    Could Kentucky and Tennessee be turned into one state with one senator? Tenntucky?

    Randia. With state motto: Live Free AND Die

    from another thread of tweets about the lack of facemasks in the U.S.


    Trial by fire for our modern times: an inappropriately tinted facemask, a culturally appropriated facemask, or likely Coronavirus infection - which do you choose?

    perfect enemy of good writ large wink

    The next nightmare: drug shortage on the horizon:

    From the health care reporter for The Hill:

    Cavaet to all Americans: do not trust anything the man in the front of the curtain says as the actual reality of any situation or fact:  FDA disputes Trump's statement on the use of Chloroquine to combat COVID-19 Coronavirus  1 hour ago

    Oh no please no,someone argue different, that legally we NYC denizens are not prisoners of De Blasio:

    Gov. Cuomo please please don't abandon us with him! PLEASE!

    speaking of god, just caught this retweeted by Ken White, aka "popehat"

    Fun fact for non-lawyers: a significant number of commercial contracts suspend obligations that cannot be met due to an “act of God.” This is a real thing. I am not making it up. And we’re going to be fighting in courts for the next decade over whether a virus is an act of God.

    — Ryan Clinton (@ryanclinton) March 19, 2020

    Edit to add what Ken White just added:


    1) God does not exist - Nietszche killed him
    2) But if he did, even he would need a bailout about now.

    this is a very interesting comment in that his self-description is accurate, I checked his feed, definitely conservative:

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