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    This Kevin Williamson sombitch!

    He gets fired from the Atlantic.

    And I am thinking: What the fuck was he doing at the Atlantic?

    We have real problems in this country?

    We have real problems with international relations?

    We have real problems with our own Commander In Chief?

    Why should I give a damn about some Kevin Williamson, a man I never heard of two days ago?


    Because I think? I understand what he is upset about.

    Please read the Media Matters blog about his past indiscretions?

    He appears to hate all Muslims.

    He appears to hate all women; or at least those who apply for abortions.

    He appears to hate all liberals; although his reasons for this position lack support?

    He appears to hate Black folks; cause they seem to kill police?

    He appears to hate anyone who looks like Snoop Dog? Or anyone who seems to look like Snoop Dog?

    He appears to wish that all women who seek abortions should be hung; in public or shot in public?

    He appears to dislike female teachers? Check this out at MM

    The site just goes on and on. Media Matters is the best.

    Anyway this crazy sombitch ended up writing for the Atlantic?

    I am most probably going to end up in trouble with regard to my conclusion following a reading of this guy.



    This guy really feels that he is right.

    This is different from Alex Jones who is really a maniac.

    Kevin really thinks he is right?

    Kevin appears to hate everyone.

    Kevin is afraid of everyone.

    Kevin does not seem to seek money like Alex.

    Kevin is afraid; evidently Kevin is afraid of the future.

    I am afraid that Muslims entering this country cause an inordinate threat to our nation.

    I am afraid that women might cause an inordinate threat to our nation.

    I am afraid that Black Folks might threaten my neighborhood?

    I am afraid that our Southern Neighbors might threaten my nation/

    I bring this subject up because I am afraid of me.

    There is a concept called Karma.

    Sometimes this concept becomes Kismet.

    I have dark and evil thoughts from time to time.

    I have racist tenancies from time to time.

    I have impure thoughts from time to time.

    I think that Kevin simply exposes our inner demons.

    I think that Kevin exposes our deepest thoughts.

    I think that we need to hear from the Kevins in our midst in order to help us discover a new age.


    It is just that I saw that there is a schism?

    There are folks that think like I do not wish to think and there is not a goddamn thing I can do about it.

    Kevin of course, just labels all liberals as bad people.

    And I would certainly label Kevin as a bad people.

    Read the Media Matters blog and then go ahead and read the Atlantic article that banned him.

    It just hit me that I feel what he feels?

    Get it?

    For the first time I really understand what this 'side' is thinking and feeling?

    I hate these people.

    We should not lynch females who choose to abort their fetuses.

    We should not attack Trump because.....(i do not know exactly why)

    We should hate Hilary because.....(i do not know exactly)

    We should eschew Hispanics because they rape white girls?

    All I feel is that Kevin feels a threat.

    Kevin feels that all is not right.

    Kevin feels that there is a conspiracy to attack Kevin.

    I dunno.

    I just felt this recently.

    I never heard of this guy until two? days ago?

    Kevin does not deserve a slot at the Atlantic for chrissakes.

    But we somehow need to hear his voice, somewhere?

    I despise him.

    I just feel that we need to hear his voice so that we might.....?

    I dunno.

    I just know that I somehow feel what he is feeling?

    And I am embarrassed by that fact.

    What am I feeling?

    I really am lost.

    I do not wish Kevin to be published at The Atlantic.

    And I detest just about everything Kevin relates.

    I AM LOST.








    You're not lost, you're normal.  Yeah, that's scary, I know, but you're just one of the rest of us.  Thoughts run around and conflict with other thoughts, ideas we once understood without question don't seem to make sense anymore and when we question why they don't we feel guilty.  Thing is?  If you don't wonder about things and find your gut being torn by all of them even while you're doing the best you can to be a good person while you're not sure what that is since everybody yells at you when you do something you think is nice but ... well, if you don't find most of that to be true then you're not part of this crazy world.  And I'm happy to tell you, Dick, my friend, that you are one of the craziest among us ... and that makes my world better.  'Cause I'm right here with ya.  ;-)

    Missy, I have been thinking about right wing personalities on radio and on the net.

    Rush is just a prick; Rush is in it for the money; Rush always felt vulnerable because unlike his siblings he never achieved anything academically. hhahaah Hell, I rarely write about him anymore. Rush just does not shock me that much anymore.

    But then there is Alex Jones. He is kind of Rush II.

    I came across this interview with his ex wife:

    http://interview with alex jones wife

    This woman went through hell. Her husband had all this money to pay attorneys and she went through hell.

    Based upon her testimony  as well as his own 'testimonies' on his stupid show I am sure that Alex is out of his goddamn mind! If we do change our gun laws, I would hope that psychos like Alex are never allowed to purchase a gun.

    Alex certainly should not even be allowed to be in the company of children.

    I am just admitting that I have prejudices.

    I attempt to deal with those prejudices.

    That is all I got right now.

    And this Kevin guy; he just disturbs me.  Sirens seem to call me to the baser side of my inclinations?


    We are tribal. We pretend that we aren’t tribal at our own peril. Being tribal was essential for survival over the millennia when food and shelter were scare. Being tribal is suicidal today. Recognizing our tribal nature and overcoming our fears is what brings out our evolving humanity. People like Williamson look like us, but they are not us. Richard Spencer is not us. We cannot normalize them. Take Laura Ingraham, her reflex to people who disagreed with her was to lash out at a teenager. Dana Loesch has the same reflex. We have to be better. Trump has mainstreamed people like Williamson. We know Williamson, yet Liberal news outlets hire him and are surprised as the frog stung by the scorpion when he demonstrates the behavior he demonstrated all along. Similarly, Bret Stephens is hired by the NYT and editors are “surprised” when his first column is climate change denial.

    We are tribal. We try to deny it. We don’t need dissertations from Williamson to know what his response to change will be. We just have to be better. Change is scary. Whites suppress blacks and cling to guns out of fear. Immigrant mothers are separated from their children because in the face of decline border crossings, people are still afraid. Police shoot unarmed blacks because police are tribal. We have to demand that police do better. We are tribal, but we can do better. Recognize the fear associated with our tribalism and keep it in check.

    Newsweek has an article on how the alt-right is suffering from infighting because the majority of white people think the alt-right is is insane

    One alt-right group actually had a fight because of adultery

    It is OK to realize some tribes are Jerry Springer characters.


    Outside of Jerry Springer world, yes, in the elites world, little stuff like this is happening every day:

    Brooklyn Museum Defends Its Hiring of a White Curator of African Art

    Jerry Springer world is going to be left further behind if they don't eventually get with the program that tribes are quickly becoming virtual, not ethnographic, geographical or racial. Class is a whole nother thing, that's where I think Bernie has it right, I think he just has the wrong answers to the problems.

    The tribes will remain racial for the foreseeable future. The curator controversy has at its core the fact that the training of specialists in African art is not diverse. I think that addressing a situation allows the situation to be improved. 

    From your link:

    Steven Nelson, the director of U.C.L.A.’s African Studies Center, agreed, saying on Friday that he was “one of a very small number of African-American specialists in the field.”

    Art history as a whole has done “a very poor job of recruiting a diverse pool,” he said, adding that “African art history in the U.S. is primarily white and female

    The museum director also notes that the position is temporary and that may have limited applicants.

    Dr. Berns also stressed that the Brooklyn Museum job was advertised as a part-time position for a limited period. “It goes without saying that for many, this kind of employment is not practical,” she said.

    People are tribal, when they feel ignored, they complain. This “controversy” may result in more outreach by university programs.

    The reason I feel that tribes will remain focused on race is playing out in the news today. The Parkland students have done a great job in focusing on gun control. They did outreach to minority communities. However, Black Parkland students note that there was outreach to black students in Chicago while black students at the high school were initially ignored.

    ​We are not post-racial. There is no shame in admitting that. Voicing “gripes” gives us the opportunity to evolve.

    I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am just voicing my opinion that we are tribal.

    Just want to say I think it's very cool and brave of you to share your feelings about this.

    Could it be that you sense an authenticity to his angry rants that might be somewhat equivalent to yours in the past? And that the Rush,O'Reilly, Hannity types were all just phony baloney manipulators? Just a rhetorical, not expecting an answer.

    That is all for now.

    Yeah AA, you have more than just a point here!

    We are a product of our parents and grandparents and....

    You already know that I have written about my father's racist taunts. hahashaha

    And some sons and daughters rebel against such stuff.

    But I thought I could just respond to this comment thusly:

    I have no idea how to respond to some lbg....whatever ideas.


    I mean, why should I care that gay people marry? Just go ahead and marry?

    I grew up in a racist community that thought that Black Guys should not kiss white girls?

    Like when Nat King Cole kissed Petula Clark on TV?

    And forget Belafonte?

    I might do a blog on this subject.

    But all old folks grew up with racism and came up with ways to handle that racism.

    And sexism.

    And ethnocentrism.

    I am only a week late AA.


    I just thought about this subject today.

    We all have tendencies, of course.

    Awwww forget it. I just keyed in on this comment.


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