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    Pathos Writing Usurps Old Standards

    I applied to a bunch of publications recently. I shared one of them here - the article about Joe Biden's trucking initiative. I found out, rudely enough, that all of my work, for multiple people was rejected. I was flummoxed - I had had people get mad at the subject matter that I wrote but never the actual writing style. 

    The world changed more ways in the past 10 years than we may recognize. It used to be about "reporting the facts," and even opinion and perspective based writing was a stretch too far. However, all of that has changed dramatically over the previous decade.That old writing style was ethos. The current writing style is pathos. People aren't just writing from an angle - they are writing to emote.

    This might explain the question asked here on Dagblog often. Why are policy achievements of the Biden administration not being reported? Well, how does one insert pathos in to the topic of reforming the trucking industry?

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