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    The President Trump silver lining!! I've found it!


    OK, this silver lining is really of importance only to those who fear that they might outlive the ability of their brain vesicles to sweep out beta amyloid protein when they sleep.


    Those of you, then, so fortunate as to be certain that neither you nor a loved one will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, stop here.


    On the other hand, and I put it to you that this is a matter of the most elementary reasoning, should a person have a family history of Alzheimer's Disease, like say Donald Trump does, then they are likely to have at least as much anxiety as the average person vis-a-vis this prospective nightmare.


    That said, herewith the silver lining


    Whatever his quarrels with the National Institutes of Health, Trump is going to bury Alzheimer's Disease in Federal dollars, until it is smothered by all that money.


    Not to put too fine a point...(uh-oh, that could mean Pres. Pence)...

    It's amusing that they frame this as a question...



    Does Donald Trump have dementia?

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