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    Prez to Pashtuns:"OK, we'll leave you medieval tribal nut cases alone. But we're taking your women with us, you murderous pigs. Blanket asylum for Pashtun women. How ya like us now?"

    When the subject of our impending Afghan exit is discussed, it is common to lament the wretched condition to which the women of that country will be abandoned. On the Pakistani side of the Durand line, the same or worse oppression obtains.

    Most recently among the serial outrages that these tribal relics perpetrate upon their daughters, the heartbreaking assassination attempt that has left a teenage girl fighting for life. Her crime: She loved school, and made no secret of it. We cannot remake this bastion of tribal insanity; better empires than ours have tried and failed.

    That said, and given that we may without exaggeration be justly said to have raised female hopes during our excellent Afghan adventure, ought we not make a remedial gesture even as we accept the limits of our ability to project power?

    Like Quasimodo, staggering across the threshold of Notre Dame with Esmerelda in his arms crying out "SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY! ", , I dream of an heroic flash from Obama. "Any Pashtun female, of whatever age, and her entire accompanying family, need only cross into any consulate, embassy, outpost or building where flies our flag, and all will have asylum and transport to America".

    C'mon Prez! Make us once again free, make us once again brave! Make us proud.

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