Problem Solved! Bulletproof Backpacks Sales Soar!

    American exceptionalism, the wisdom of an entrepreneurial  free market, and job creation wrapped into one. The marketplace, not the government or the law, is always ready and able with a solution for any problem, for a price, so that a given American can 'save' themselves while others.....well for others, who aren't packin' and whose kids don't have $300 armored backpacks.....things may not turn out too good.

    While assault gun sales spike upward post-Newtown, so have sales of bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof laptop cases and other options to body armor your child or yourself. Guns and body armor, all you and your child need to be safe in America, a nation that spends more money on 'national security' than any country in the world. We can have our guns, and with body armor, your child can confidently crouch behind their Amendment 2 RynoHide backpack as it absorbs the fusillades of high velocity projectiles, knowing they will be safe and survive, while their classmates.......take their chances....(I linked to Google cache of the site as they seem to be unable to handle hits on their site).

    It is a sort of the survivalist mentality brought to your local elementary school. Mother Jones:

    .....The Centurion Shield RynoHide backpack-insert goes for $199—$100 less than the armored Disney Princesses backpack. So why would you pay the extra Benjamin? As Williams explains it, "With kids, you never know when they're gonna take something out of their backpack and not put it back in."  Amendment II isn't the only company that has realized that, with the epidemic of school violence, there's money to be made in marketing kid-friendly body armor. At least a half-dozen companies hawk variations of the armored backpack, many of which explicitly play to fears of another Columbine. "My Child's Pack," from the Massachusetts company Bullet Blocker, goes for $224.99 (it's currently on sale for the holidays)....

    Every day 85 Americans are killed by guns, 53 from suicides, and 774 were killed between 2006-2010 in mass shootings (four or more victims killed in one incident). Mass shootings occur once every 2 weeks on average according to FBI statistics reported by USA Today.


    Cheaper option:

    As a kid, I had to walk through a rough neighborhood to get to school. I used to daydream that someone would try to shoot me, and the bullet would get lodged in the huge stack of books on my back.

    I was hit by a car riding my bike. No helmet, of course. I remember flying through the air and bouncing on my head, but I believe I was saved from serious injury because most of the impact was absorbed by the giant German-English dictionary in my backpack. If it had been a Bible, I would probably be a more religious person than I am today.

    I think Mythbusters did something similar to this involving paper armor.

    The gorilla walk can also help in rough neighborhoods. The bad guys wonder if you're a crippled hunchback showing the results of too many street fights, or a mean ass former football star who could still kick their ass.

    On the armoring of kids, you have to doubt the sanity of Americans who think giving a kid a bullet proof backpack is really going to pay off.

    Don't these people even remember that you take your backpack off in the classroom?

    I can see it working in a Super Hero movie, which the buyers of these backpacks probably figure is the way things will come down. If they are prepared  For survival.

    Meaning AK-47 at home, armored backpack at school.

    Since this is the lighter thread (with the heaviest backpacks)... Woody Allen, in his stand up used to tell the story of how one day he found an old bullet on the street.  He picked it up, put it in his jacket pocket and forgot about it.  Then, one day, a crazed Gideon hurled a bible out of a high story hotel window.  "Would have gone right through my heart and killed me," Allen said.  "But the bullet stopped it."

    Well as Dagblog notes in its headlines: More people are dying from guns than cars!

    Dershowitz was on MSNBC (and FOX recently) and he speaks about what you have to go through in order to enter the WH. Place-dropping as it were! ha

    Well maybe our elementary schools must go through the same security as the WH!

    What a joke.

    I have reviewed the protocols for entering the Newton elementary school and hell...

    We had no ID's, there were no scanners at the door, there were no folks except smiling women (for the most parts) welcoming you into the school!

    We are really seeing the birth of the police state and I have no idea how to stop it.

    In some HUFFPO stub, I learned that some parents sent their 11 year old to school with a gun in order to protect himself. The first thing he did at school was to threaten his school mates with the damned weapon!


    The delusional nitwit TeaTards don't trust Obama to talk to school kids, don't trust 'liberal' teachers not to brainwash their kid, think gay teachers will turn their kids into hippie perverts, don't believe scientists, or science not in the Bible, but they think it's AOK to require teachers to carry loaded weapons into every class in America.

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