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    "In today's world five times more money is being spent on drugs for male virility and on silicone implants for women than is being invested in research for a cure to Alzheimer's disease. This means that in a few years the world is going to be full of old women with big tits and old men with stiff cocks who won't be able to remember what they are used for."
    Drauzio Varella M.D., Brazilian Oncologist



    Today you have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR blogs running simultaneously. 

    Why is that?

    Some of your blogs are thoughtful and informative; some are at least provocative, though not always in a good way. But some, like this one, and "A Treat for Old Farts" and the separate blog post of the Donald Duck video  -- when you had already linked that video in a previous blog -- seem (to me) to be exercises in .... what?

    Are you marking every corner of the From the Readers yard, marking every tree, to establish turf dominance? Or, are you mistakenly trying to woo back readers who were put off and pissed off by your "jew fatigue" thread? Or do you really think that what you have to say, whatever it is, at any hour of any given day, should be greeted with gratitude for your willingness to share it with the little people?

    Here's a thought: how about limiting yourself to one blog a day? Or better yet, four a week? Thereby giving up some room for other people to voice their opinions through From The Readers .....

    Correction: You have not four, but FIVE BLOGS currently running. Give it a rest, eh?

    The main thing is to get on the main page and get indexed. That is all that counts. Getting indexed is the main reason for cross posting here.

    So, what I think you're saying, David, is that YOU and your priority of blanketing the blogosphere is "all that counts." Correct? Which would imply that you have little interest in what anyone else has to say, really; that "getting indexed" is far more important than dialogue with anyone, anywhere -- is that right?

    A day or so ago when he was rather...insistent...about changing the Dag logo and all, I  snarked that they should grab his one Lightning S logo, and get it over with, and name the place 'SeatonBlog' 

    Who knew how right I was, huh?

    There is already a "Seaton Blog" and you are welcome to visit it at http://seaton-newslinks.blogspot.com

    Have a nice day.Innocent

    We know, David; it was part of what prompted the snark.  Seems to be some evidence that no small numbers of dagbloggers think you don't need this as a second one. 

    'Have a nice day.' 


    You know, the quote I've put up is bloody marvelous and I haven't received even one single comment here on that. I know the quote is good, so logically the problem must be with the readers.

    However, posts here are often indexed by Google News. If  indexed by Google News, they reach a vastly wider audience then those who hang out here. Among the millions of users of Google News there surely could be readers prepared to enjoy a quote such as this one.

    As you may know, Google News only indexes blogs with multiple contributors, so that one's single poster home blog never reaches those who use Google News to find stories. DagBlog, however, is indexed by Google News. This is a seriously attractive feature that DagBlog possesses,and a very compelling reason for a serious blogger intent on producing high quality work to appreciate this space.

    And believe me, I am a very serious blogger, one who works very long and very hard turning out the highest quality material I can. Naturally I want it to be read by the largest number of people possible. That is why I am here... What's your excuse?

    One wonders, David, if you really think you have been responsive to the objection raised to your multiple postings in one day on a site that is not yours, exclusively

    Rather than being responsive to what has been said -- possibly even demonstrating some willingness to play better with others by volunteering to be more circumspect in your frequency of posting, thereby showing your respect for the QUOTES and OPINIONS of others, you seem to be hell-bent on explaining, again, only your own needs/wants/preferences TO THE EXCLUSION of those of others.

    Are you an only child who was home-schooled? That might make sense of your tunnel vision.


    You may not be aware that the only posts here that "count" are the ones in the middle section. The ones over on the left side are there for anyone who wants to read them... or not read them.  They are not indexed by Google News. This is a little like the difference between the reader's list and the "recommended posts" at TPM.

    If I had several posts up in the middle section, you could say that I was "monopolizing" the space, as it is, I'm just trying out different things to see what the moderator(s) of the space like(s) or will publish.

    Getting to the middle space is the entire object of the exercise for a serious blogger here. Haven't you figured that out yet. Do you think this is like Facebook or a chat room? This is a work space. This is a job.

    This answer, David, is nonsense. 

    You can test what blog topics of yours make it to the middle of the page one at a time, over a period of days; nothing compels you (but your own self-interested sense of urgency) to post as many blogs per day, or as many days in a row as you are.



    Maybe the "problem [...] with the readers" is Seaton-fatigue.

    ROTFLMAO!  You're da man, DF; shorter can be better, if you allow for a magnificent set-up by wws!

    Nobody forces you to read me. Your are free not to and I would be perfectly happy if you didn't.


    I was not aware that the "From The Readers" section, as set up the Daggers, was intended as a feature to promote you and your sense of "job" as compared to a place for a potpourri selection of thoughts offered by the community of readers.

    You might check that intention with them, eh?

    It's there to promote you too, if you are serious about your work. I think this space is very well constructed and has the potential of being a really serious venue and I can imagine a lot of very good people posting or crossposting here and not just a huggly muggly smörgesbord or potpourri of thoughts. And believe me if you are at all interested in writing well... it is a job.

    How much of a job was it to cut and paste someone's else quote, which I think one might posit is just adding to the potpourri of thoughts.  You didn't even provide your take on the quote, other than the title of your post. 

    I actually thought people would enjoy it. It is a wonderful quote.

    It originally was in Portuguese and a Venezuelan friend sent me the Spanish translation, which I in turn took the trouble to translate into English and share here with you.  This doctor is very well known in Brazil, but I haven't seen this quote anywhere in English yet.

    It is really weird that nobody seem to have read this fantastic quote. All I get is all these characters nipping at my ankles and nobody remarking what a fantastically humorous, important and wise thing Dr. Varella has said.

    David: My work here is done. I can just sit back now and watch you continue to make my point for me. 

    Yep, I guess your work is done.. whatever it is, and your point is made, whatever that is... and you still haven't read the bloody quote of Dr. Varella's. Oh well, as our Lord said, "Cast not thy pearls before swine lest they turn and rend thee".

    Silly man.

    Of course I read the quote, as I read your other FOUR blogs yesterday,  before I attempted to engage you in thinking about your habit of blog hogging.

    I chose this particular blog offering of yours to challenge you only because: a) it was the one I read last; and, b) it seemed the most egregious of those on offer -- because, as Destor pointed out, it was just a quote (in whatever language iteration); you offered nothing of substance to make it worthy of discussion, imo. 

    But you are a man obsessed about what you are obsessed about, and you are injured that no one has responded to the quote itself. So I will:

    I didn't find the quote all that astounding as a revelation, so that I did not think it all that interesting. But do allow me to congratulate you for translating it from one language to another, particularly now that you've further directed us to look at YOU, by bragging about your ability to do that.

    Translating: that is a special skill that so few people can boast of .... or so you apparently believe. Maybe you might want to consult Obey or Desidero, among others, on that subject.

    Sorry, Another Trope -- it was you, not Destor, who made the salient point about the quote.

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