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    Random Thoughts On The World Part 1

    Taken from Facebook statuses.

    1. Miles Davis put more soul and effort in to Sketches of Spain than Kind of Blue. I didn't listen to the former until well after I heard the latter. It's the real deal as far as composition.

    2. Western society has progressed from printed information to putting all of our information in a cloud. If that cloud ever shuts down, we might not leave much more behind than ancient civilizations did - and the physical inside of a computer will seem as comprehensible as hieroglyphics.

    3. People say the 1970s were a psychedelic time but I genuinely think they were tripping out a lot harder in the 1950s:

    4. The Ancient Egyptian pyramids match the dimensions of the earth. Centuries later, millenia later even, most people weren't even aware of dimensions of anything or that we live on a planet. Take that and put it in your analysis of humankind as a progressive species.

    5. This is what much of America looks like. The plot of a post-apocalyptic movie is happening when you leave major cities. 

    6. Ilhan Omar, Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is what diversity really looks like. Our political discourse was really based around white privilege and that term seems to be used more now that it is weakened than when it was omnipresent. With diversity comes a range of thought that won't fit neatly in to "left" or "right," as those are terms that came from the French Revolution and not everyone's frame of mind is Eurocentric. Late 18th century French revolutionary politics don't necessarily apply to what's going on with everyone in the world.

    7. Israeli magazines are full of blistering self-reflection and criticism of Israel and Judaism itself. Benjamin Netanyahu's son himself got in trouble for posting cartoons online deemed "anti-semitic." Americans seem to bug out more about anti-Semitism than them.

    8. Reports show that Donald Trump has a good relationship with Mexican leader Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador. Given his history, from Trump University to buying and reselling charity goods and home, I would recommend anyone really concerned about these strange times to wonder if things aren't really what they seem at face value.

    9. There is not much of a Republican Party under Donald Trump. Besides him, all the dynamics are in the Democratic Party. All of the rising stars are there, even ones who appeal to the right.

    10. High speed rail was a strange endeavor. The carcass of it now sits in Fresno, California after Gavin Newsom pulled the plug. Was simply modernizing Amtrak impossible?

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