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    Rapture finally arrives !

    Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Let's go to press. FLASH !!... Magnitude 3.6 earth quake hits San Francisco !! No damage done.

    It is alleged that the earthquake 8 miles north of Berkeley. The rumers that it may have been caused by a bus load of Christians crashing head long into Claremont Hotel while on their way to the rapture have been denied.


    A friend who lives there just let me know! What a crack up! But, she's still there...I don't know if that means she really isn't "saved"  or what!

    So if you are reading this blog post then I guess you weren't, uh, saved.  Welcome to Hell. Funny thing it doesn't seem to be any worse for me than yesterday.  Maybe I'm just too jaded. 

    Maybe we got Heinlein's Job: a Comedy of Justice sort of hell.

    Oh, crap; a carful of Jehovah's Witnesses are getting outta their car in my drive!  I can see their Watchtowers held high.  Eeek!  Is mine the only house they visit with so much backup?  Three...four...I see five of them! 

    If I 've told them once, I've told them a thousand times I do not want to be re-united with my relatives in the afterlife!  That would be hell!  Gads; didn't they get Raptured?  Mebbe they're here for advice er somethin'...If I start chanting Nam-Myo-ho-Renge-Kyo really loudly will they get back into their car and leave?  Or are they here to give me one last chance. pull my arms outta their sockets and drag me me skyward on their Ascent?  Help, Larry!

    Please Mister Custer; I dont' wanna go!

    Just to be safe I wanted to make sure I awoke to a new morning before commenting on this. ha

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