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    Reparations Should Be Done Right

    We should have slavery reparations, not just as reparations for slavery itself but also for the legacy of lynching, mass incarceration, and housing and workplace discrimination, which at its height, went to a level that crossed in to urban planning and design (Dan Crenshaw's congressional district geographically cuts out the predominantly African American area of Houston, Texas). Making sure that it is clear that it is reparations for the whole treatment of African Americans, and not an institution that predates and will outlast American preeminence, would also be at least an attempt to sidestep from one scary outcome of repeating the past.

    The slave trade is back in Africa as a result, at least in part, of Western policy and there is a long history of "anti-slavery initiatives" being used to retard the economic progress of Africa, a continent that had plenty of civilization going on before European colonization. King Leopold covered his true intentions with what became the "Belgian Congo" with "anti-slavery initiatives." (This was depicted really well recently in the film The Legend of Tarzan, which stars Samuel L. Jackson.) 

    China is now present in Africa and has taken a hands off approach to affairs there, effectively pledging that they are unconcerned with how African countries govern themselves as long as a profit is made. A disingenuous anti-slavery campaign, which unfortunately, there is historical precedent for, could result in confrontation with China, who much of Africa has voluntarily chosen to extend trade with. It is not our place to force other countries to do things as we wish. Trump has already launched a trade war with China so the precedent is there as well.

    If reparations are done, it should be an American thing and we should leave Africa be, along with Iran, Venezuela and other parts of the world we don't understand and that we should just accept have different societies that they are more prepared to run themselves than we are. 

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