Sadiq Khan, Muslim Mayor of London

    Sadiq Khan, winning Labor Party candidate for Mayor of London, and Parliament member.

    In the Parliamentary (no Presidential vote) system, in his run for the office of mayor, he received the most votes (1.3 million) of any candidate in history in the UK.

    He will work for affordable housing and transportation costs.

    He has been condemned as for apostasy by Imams in Britain for voting in support of gay marriage as a member of Parliament.

    He has been condemned by Islamists,who believe voting is banned in Islam, for participating in British democracy, and encouraging Muslims to vote.

    In contradiction to the Labor Party leader, he supported the US drone strike that killed UK citizen 'Jihadi John' saying it made Britain safer.

    Mayor elect Khan, November 2015:

    “We’ve protected people’s right to live their cultural life at the expense of creating a common life. Too many British Muslims grow up without really knowing anyone from a different background, without understanding or empathizing with the lives and beliefs of others.

    “And too many British people have never befriended a Muslim, never worked together, never eaten together, never played sports together. As a result, too many people have formed a single identity – too often based around their religion or ethnicity.”



    Thanks, NCD. Terrific article on Khan's election strategy.

    Ditto what Oxy said!

    We in Minnesota already sent 'one of them' to Congress.

    And, we are happy with what we did!

    Thanks to you and Oxy. Took the family to London in 2014.

    A difficult city to manage.

    The streets are narrow, everyone commutes in and out, the trains full, and the sidewalks packed.

    The architecture, museums and palaces amazing. The population, diverse, many from eastern Europe. A young Muslim cab driver (Uber-black Mercedes) insisted we go to his favorite restaurant our last nite before flying out as we were looking for Indian/Asian food. It was a long trip. He waited for us after dinner and didn't want to get paid for the trip back, as he ate there too and said it was his pleasure to drive us.

    My memory aint  that great anymore.

    Thank God Almighty I chimed in. hahaha

    Jesus, I am supposed to ask you your religious preference before I serve you a waffle?

    What about your vote?

    What about your ,,,,,,

    I dunno this got to me. 

    the end

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