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    I was taken aback (think of the effrontery, ha!) by this new White House Spokesman?

    Of course this guy is another Goldman/Sachs piece of crap. hahahha

    Oh and with nice greasy hair (I guess Charley Sheen sets the mode for this class of idiots?)

    Anyway, Sam Seder does a good job here of assessing our new Secretary of Propaganda.



    But I recently caught this hilarious reparte at MSNBC with of all people, Ron Perlman.

    I could not stop laughing.

    There is one of my favorite actors of all time sitting with Joy  and an internationally acclaimed linguist doing his impression of Trump.

    John McWhorter is the linguist.

    But Perlman does not do Trump like Sam Seder or a hundred other pundits and comics.

    Perlman is simply mimicking the speech patterns and the language used by our POTUS and world leader.

    Perlman shows up at about 2 minutes into the riff.




    Anyway, this is one of the funniest takes on our loony leader, I have ever seen.

    Now McWhorter is rather somber when he appears on cable.

    I recently saw his appearance on CSPAN touting his new book.

    Talking Back....



    McWhorter's take on Trump as some retro from some tribe of the stone age is hilarious.

    Anyway, Perlman has McWhorter in stitches (besides Joy of course!)



    Anyway this ten minute scene really underlines what I wrote a little while ago about Presidential Orators.

    ​But I have no doubt that Scaramouche shall make new ripples in the sea of modern media.


    Hahahaha . . . Dick... Right on!

    Turds usually do make "ripples" when they hit the water in the porcelain throne...



    Just the guy I wanted to talk to, ha. Mathews is going on a rant right now comparing Mooch to Trump.

    Anyway...have you seen any of these 'Sassy Trump' videos?

    This Peter Serafinowicz takes real videos and only changes Trump's voice. Nothing else.

    Wiki calls it 'camp'. The voice sounds like Paul Lind and Charles Nelson Riley.

    Tons of videos since Peter began this exercise over a year ago.

    I wonder if this would piss off Gays?

    But I always thought Trump to be effeminate in his demeanor; his body language...etc.

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