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    I have a hangover as I write this tripe.

    Brokaw is on MSNBC.

    And this sombitch comes on Mornin Joke and talks about how Americans must....?

    Oh both sides are too too too emphatic about their beliefs.

    Let us go almost a hundred years ago.

    Brokaw would tell us that Benito Mussolini had a point too?

    Fuck you Brokaw.

    I am sick of this shit.

    I have had it with this crap.

    Fuck you Brokaw.

    The  President, Spanky Trump is an abomination.

    For you to pretend that there is some virtue in this sombitch is an abomination.

    I swear that this is what this prick Brokaw is saying at 6 AM Cdt.

    That is all I got at this time in the morning.

    Brokaw should be ashamed.

    Otherwise, I should be ashamed.


    Yeah, I shall stand back as you say and see that all Americans....

    Fuck you Tommy.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Brokaw has no decency, no honor, no foresight, no idea what is going on here.

    Go ahead.

    Show me I am wrong in my assessment.









    Stop holding back and tell us how you really feel :)

    Brokaw is of the school of journalism that strives for balance. As we all realize, we are not in normal times. Trump is not normal but he has a significant following. Brokaw is a wealthy man who is untouched by the damage Trump does. He doesn’t report, he gives his opinion. He doesn’t talk to people who are not wealthy. He looks for balance where balance doesn’t exist. Brokaw is the 1%, not a reporter. Most people who appear on the show realize the danger represented by Trump and the GOP. Brokaw is the person sent to cover the opening of a new business to provide filler for local news. When he arrives on scene, their is a major fire in a building across the street. People are obviously injured. Brokaw proceeds to cover the opening of the new store, totally ignoring the real news. That is the value Brokaw brings to the news. The nice thing is that we can vent about his worthlessness and still vote to combat the evil of Trump.

    Next time don’t hold back :)



    Richard, hopefully this will help. It is the story of a man who came to realize that there can be no middle ground when the option is between moral and the immoral.

    From the Time Magazine article


    The middle is a point equidistant from two poles. That’s it. There is nothing inherently virtuous about being neither here nor there. Buried in this is a false equivalency of ideas, what you might call the “good people on both sides” phenomenon. When we revisit our shameful past, ask yourself, Where was the middle? Rather than chattel slavery, perhaps we could agree on a nice program of indentured servitude? Instead of subjecting Japanese-American citizens to indefinite detention during WW II, what if we had agreed to give them actual sentences and perhaps provided a receipt for them to reclaim their things when they were released? What is halfway between moral and immoral?

    When we revisit our shameful past, ask yourself, Where was the middle?

    The search for the middle is rooted in conflict avoidance and denial. For many Americans it is painful to understand that there are citizens of our community who are deeply racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic. Certainly, they reason, this current moment is somehow a complicated misunderstanding. Perhaps there is some way to look at this–a view from the middle–that would allow us to communicate and realize that our national identity is the tie that will bind us comfortably, and with a bow. The headlines that lament a “divided” America suggest that the fact that we can’t all get along is more significant than the issues over which we are sparring


    Do not despair, there are millions who view the world through your lens

    It was fun watching Joe try to hold his facial expression while Brokaw slurred his nonsense.

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