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    I do not wish to hold myself out as an intellectual.

    The best I can say is that over the last six decades I have read stuff.

    'Sickness Unto Death' is a phrase that has stuck with me over those decades.

    This phrase became a title of a book from Soren Kierkegaard,

    He took this phrase from a Biblical reference concerning Lazarus, a man whom Jesus rose from the dead.

    According to Wiki Soren was referring to a type of depression, a mental depression.

    I live in my own little world like most of us.  How the hell do statements made by a man who rules the world have anything to do with me?

    Anyhow, Americans sent in this clown to oversee our national interests.

    So here are the recent opinions from Spanky that really upset me to no end leading me into a mental state of sickness unto death.

    Puerto Rico has suffered for decades from our neglect as a nation.

    But over the last couple of years, nature has hurt Puerto Ricans to no end.

    At least Reagan or Bush or other leaders who never gave a damn about the poor and the victims of deluge would at least attempt to placate those victims.

    Well these GOPers would at least feign to care about Americans in trouble.

    At least there would be sentiments expressed for these Americans facing lack of food, lack of shelter, lack of energy sources.

    And Spanky?

    Our POTUS would not just cut off aid to the dispossessed but take the aid already given to Puerto Ricans back.

    Californians are suffering the greatest wild fires in their history and Spanky would withhold Federal Funding because he blames Californians for their plight.

    And I would like to believe that even the White Nationalists who support this prick do believe that California is made up of Americans even if they believe that Puerto Ricans are not real Americans.

    Here is a recent response from Governor Brown:

    But 'there you go again' in the words of our great emancipator Ronald Reagan.

    So at the same time of these developments we see our Great Leader represent us in Europe in order to join with Europeans in a remembrance of the tens of millions who died as a result of of the Great War. WWI

    I watched Mornin Joe this morning and it was intimated that Spanky skipped one cemetery meeting in Europe because it was raining and he did not wish to screw up his hair.

    He missed other important rites also. For no reason at all.

    (It should be somewhere in this mess.)

    Of course the clown's tweets attacking France just prior to the meeting with the French leader, should just be expected because our leader is an idiot an idiot devoid of tact or diplomacy or even common courtesy.

    How long will it take for our next Leader to 'fix' this?

    How long will it take for Puerto Rico to recover from the results of the madness of Spanky?

    How long will it take for California to receive the aid it needs to combat the results of global climate change?

    How long will it take for a new Administration to ameliorate the result of  broken treaties (or at least the results of our threats concerning those treaties) with our European Allies?



    At least reporters and even Female Black Reporters have the opportunity to yell back at Spanky.

    Is that really a stupid question Mr. President or are you just stupid?

    Acosta will survive and so will CNN.

    I am ashamed of my country today. I am ashamed of those who voted for someone who only demeans the poor and the dispossessed and the victims of natural disasters.

    That is all I got right now.




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    Two heads, four chins.

    That's all I got.

    gross art warning, so linking instead of embedding:

    Saltz is FIRED for leaking that from top secret Trump love letter to Kim, that Pompeo carried to NK..! 

    Explains why VOTE COUNTING (FRAUD ILLEGAL!) MUST STOP when the Republican is ahead.._!!!! @RealDonaldTrump

    Message for Sarah Sanders: he's doing the potty talk again:

    The important thing is that decorum needs to be restored in the White House.

    — Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner) November 18, 2018

    Maybe "Be Best" Melania can help by like, withdrawing hand holding or something like that, until his social behavior shows improvement? Whatever. Why should we, or  Terrible-Twos Trump, for that matter, help you with your messaging?

    Myself, I feel like if I go watch an episode of Our Cartoon President on Showtime on Demand, I will at least get a more grownup version of Trump than reality provides....

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