Slavery Program has glitches.

    At the Value Voters Summit today, Mr. Ben Carson curiously juxtaposed the practice of Slavery with "Obamacare", saying: "Obamacare is the worst thing since Slavery". Because Slavery preceded the Emancipation Proclamation (I grant myself license to, as Mr. Carson was wont to do, riff a bit on what can actually be called a thing)---it would mean that Obamacare is worse than the Emancipation Proclamation---perhaps a question for further debate at the Values Summit---and at the same time one could say that Obamacare is worse than Woman's Suffrage, Prohibition, & Roe v. Wade. or any thing that's happened since about the year 1600.

    I think it's preposterous to compare Obamacare to Slavery but I certainly don't want to add to the poisoned atmosphere surrounding the ill effects of the government shutdown, so I want to give Mr. Carson the benefit of the doubt. A friend of mine works in the Slavery Program office and despite the fact that she isn't being paid during the shutdown, she has in fact been keeping statistics on both programs. While not as scientific an approach as Mr. Carson's, I can perhaps show that these programs are so vastly different it is disingenuous to compare them. But to be fair, the programs are similar in the sense that they are both undergoing serious signup glitches. 

    The Obamacare program is definitely having the most signup traffic as folks generally are  more attuned to receiving new health care benefits than giving themselves over to slavery where it seems clear that their loss of citizenship and freedom and their forced unpaid labor will outweigh the disadvantages of a few new health care benefits. 

    The Obamacare signup glitches are horrible! (Anecdotally, the states which have endorsed Obamacare are having less problems than the states which refused to participate.) But the glitches on the Slavery signup program are worse than for Obamacare which is maybe why Mr. Carson implied that Slavery was a wee bit worse than asking people to take responsibility for their health care 

    One of the worst glitches in the Slavery signup process is in interpreting the various plans, subsidies, and co-pay's, etc. It seems that the Silver plan is more expensive than other options but would permit local travel once per month within a 10 mile radius to shop for essentials like lard and pigs feet.

    Another confusing option is  whether or not to forego the slave subsidies, in which case one could earn back his citizenship and freedom in 35 years---but at the same time he would forfeit his right to the vast array of other entitlements available to non-slaves.

    When Carson presented his Slavery analogy a tingle went through the crowd at the Value Voters Summit. Listening to it I couldn't tell if the crowd was reacting to the pure intellectual supremacy of the analogy or just the fact that they had their own black person at the podium to lay into Obamacare and it's author.

    I am led to think that Values Voters are people of faith and I must admit that I am sometimes confused by their statements of faith, for example, in a benevolent Christian God, following which they emote expressions of animosity to the kinds of things that Jesus would have done for the sick and needy when he walked this earth. By the way it was not mentioned at the Summit that approval for Obamacare has jumped about 20% in the last two weeks. I suspect Jesus might approve of that.

    In addition to Mr. Carson, who is a successful neurosurgeon with advanced skills in separating conjoined twins, other notables at the Values Summit were Ryan, Cruz and a Rep from Texas who managed to interject that John McCain---who recently decried the strategy of shutting down the government in a fruitless ploy to defund Obamacare---was an Al Qaeda sympathizer. I question why Values Voters would be quick to nod approval of the sin of calumny--- makes you wonder what they do in small groups away from the public they attack a person's , or a President's, integrity and commitment to his country just because they have a policy disagreement with him? Probably not.

    Mr. Carson made a telling statement:"Obamacare was never about health care, it was about control." I agree with Carson---Obamacare is about control. When "Obamacare" was  by another name a Republican plan at the Heritage foundation, it was a good plan, but not so when Obama endorsed it. Yes, it's about control. And values voters are losing control of their incessant fight to kill health care reform. Apparently when values voters lose control they resort to calumny and illogical contrivances like comparing Obamacare to Slavery.





    Did the Value Voters find a Jewish doctor who will say Obamacare is worse than the Holocaust? ......Not yet?


    The GOP Crackup: because who could have predicted that an alliance between greedy, amoral industrialists, a terrified mob of enraged, bigoted idiots, a massive, right-wing propaganda machine and unscrupulous, scapegoating demagogues would end badly?

    I'm thinking that 400 point gain in the Dow the last couple of days will be long gone by Thursday.

    Good one, NCD.

    As for the DOW, I'm thinking it will tank again just before Boehner allows a Senate Bill to come to the floor of the house for an up or down vote. 

    I'm curious to know if you or anyone else thinks Boehner is actually playing spank the Tea Party. I'm guessing he would like to get rid of them.

    Bottom line for the Republicans is the dollar trumps all principles.

    Sending the nation into default is not going to fill their pockets with cash. Quite the reverse in fact.

    Despite the phony patriotic proclamations, ridiculous accusations, incessant flag waving and damage they have wrought, I suspect they will pass something by the end of the week.

    I don't think you have grasped the real crux of the matter NCD.

    The repubs are attempting to save us from ourselves.

    Evilution may not be something referred to in our schools but for Christ's sake man; survival of the fittest and the holiest and the richest will save us all, in the end.

    Rethugs greatest hope is for you to die the day after a hedge fund guy like Romney loots your pension fund, fires you, and sends your job to China. That way you never get Social Security, unemployment, food stamps or Medicare and they get to pocket the Trust Fund.

    Bush said that the greatest regret of his Presidency was not privatizing Social Security. Imagine the stock market bubble we could produce with a program like that.

    Dr Ben Carson is performing before audiences that love to play the victim. Conservatives hate government, so they try to destroy government. When An African-American gives Conservatives the "right" to consider themselves slaves, the Conservatives become giddy.

    Earlier this year the African-American candidate for Lt Gov, E.W. Jackson, said that government programs. Herman Cain compared Social Security's impact to the Black community to slavery. Alan Keyes compared Liberalism to Slavery. Keyes also compared Gay marriage to the right to own slaves. Black republcans will readily use the race card at the drop of a hat.

    Black Republicans give cover when White Conservative consider themselves Slaves because of government. George Will compares Obamacare to the Fugitive Slave Act. Sarah Palin said President Obama wanted to make White people slaves. Conservatives have compared abortion, Affirmative Action, Welfare, gun control and immigration reform to Slavery.

    Multiple Conservatives have actually praised Slavery as a saving grace for African-Americans. Black pastor Jesse Lee Patterson deserves special credit for thanking God and White people for Slavery (Read the link).

    There is a long tradition of Black Republicans accusing Black Democrats of being on the Democratic Plantation. Black Republicans love Slavery references. Of course, if ones asks how often Black Republicans address the racist eruptions in the GOP, you are met with silence. Herman Cain faced Conservative backlash when he criticized Rick Perry for having a family lease on a hunting camp called "Niggerhead". When Rush Limbaugh criticized Cain for "attacking" Rick Perry, Cain backed down.

    Black Conservatives may talk of Slavery and plantations, but they are the ones who stay chained to the GOP despite having their issues ignored. Black Conservative activist Robert Woodson will vigorously criticize Liberal Black leaders on GOP podiums while lamenting that Black issues are being ignored by the GOP off-stage.

    Dr Ben Carson only serves to remind us of the sad state of the Conservative movement and the GOP. Thanks for posting this.


    rmrd, thanks for commenting.

    Note on Ben Carson. In further remarks, Mr. Carson said that although he is retired and is not actively seeking the Presidency, he would listen to calls to do so. He may be suffering from a PIP complex (previously important person). As President Obama's term comes to an end, Mr. Carson may be disillusioned about the Republican's motives for grand standing him.

    Dr Carson rants against Obamacare but his own health saving accounts plan is single payer. There is massive government control including "death panels" in Dr Carson's proposal. When Conservatives get past the glitter, they will reject Carson.

    Thanks, great reference.

    Slavery and human trafficking seem to be gaining ground, actually.

    Thanks, Donal.

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