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    We won the Presidency.

    I will get real drunk soon and praise Obama from the highest peak. Believe me!

    I mean now, no one can claim that this was a fluke of nature!

    MY HERO HAS BEEN RE-ELECTED and Abraham Lincoln (our Abraham in our sacred document) would weep with joy over this stupendous achievement!

    This man sat in the Illinois Senate for ALMOST 8 damn years. He had to be elected and re-elected several times.

    Barry lost his candidacy for the US House of Representative.

    It is not like this man had never lost before.

    But 2004 came and the world changed for Barack Hussein Obama and the country changed and the world changed forever!

    See, I cannot stop.

    Oh but Barry ran for the US Senate against folks who were indicted for felonies beyond belief and ended up running against the single most incompetent candidate—with the exception of Herb Cain of all time. And Kerry needed a Black face to give the speech of the decade. hahaha!

    Name one speech that surpasses the speech at the Democratic Convention or anywhere in 2004; before or since. At least during the last few decades.

    Oh, but Barry 'somehow ends up' as the dem candidate when no one loved repubs'.

    This can go on an on.

    But I will tell you this!

    Barry's greatest enemy in 2008 became his Secretary of State; Hillary's husband, one of the greatest presidents of our time campaigned like crazy for him this year.

    How in the hell does some professor, some intellectual, some elite snob, some person who has no ability to connect to other human beings end up connecting to his enemies and making them his primary campaigners?

    The songs of praise for Barack Hussein Obama will be sung a century from now. If Homer or Virgil were still alive, they would sing songs of praise for this gentleman who came out of nowhere and who fought for everything he ever gained in this mortal sphere.

    Nothing left to be proved no matter what Brokow has to slur...

    Brokow has turned into a repub prick, screw him and forget him!

    I shall go into Barry's victories over the last 4 years at another date.

    For now I wish to discuss the repubs along with fascist pundits and radio pricks who are crying in their beers over a real election loss.

    For now I wish to point out the would-be predictors who would never predict anything of value and never will!

    For now I ask that we look at the voices of doom, the voices of hubris, the voices of doubt that have drowned out all other voices on our Mass Media!


    Dick Morris is a pig. Dick Morris has absolutely no cultural or political value whatsoever and he lacks any value as a human being on this planet.

    This man predicted a Mitt Romney land-fall.

    Mitt would win 350 electors.

    Mitt would win the popular vote by 7%.

    Mitt would shame anyone who would have the gall to call themselves a Democrat.

    Oh I have seen the numbers.

    Again, Dick Morris is a pig and is without any humanity let alone prescient gifts.


    I went to bed last night thinking, 'we're outnumbered,'" he said. "I went to bed last night thinking we'd lost the country. I don't know how else you look at this. The first wave of exit polls came in at five o'clock. I looked at it, and I said ... 'this is utter BS, and if it isn't, then we've lost the country.


    I cannot help it.

    The madder Rush gets, the more I become ecstatic. Hahahahaha

    I wish to spend some time on this one.

    I have been quoting the rush for over four years and he has no socially redeeming value whatsoever.

    Rush is pure pornography.

    This man preaches hate and male supremacy and racial supremacy and the supremacy of the moneyed class.

    The damage that this one man has done to the American Psyche is without parallel.

    The repubs have looked to him as being the titular head of their party, of their message and of their intent.

    Pictures of nekked women have nothing on this arsehole as far as pornographic content!

    Go ahead as long as you have taken the proper seltzers first, but take a look at this piece from Mediamatters which has been the one and only successful attacker of this viral plague over the last ten years.


    Do not be fooled.

    THEIR America is not my America and has never been my America and tens of millions of good Americans agree with me.


    If Morris is a Pig, Donal Trump is a Rhinoceros stuck in his own excrement on the Nile.

    Now of course there is one difference between the Trump and an Rhinoceros.

    A Rhinoceros is worshiped as a sacred animal in ancient EGYPT.

    Trump is a two ton pig with no socially redeeming value.

    This millionaire (who claims to be a billionaire but does not even approach Mitt's economic value) calls for open rebellion in this nation.

    Trump should be put on some Enemies List and followed closely by the FBI and other government agencies.


    I know Trump was and is a joke. Lawrence O'Donnell knew it was a joke that this idiot was really running as POTUS!


    Bill is at least more realistic than his fascist friends.


    Yeah the billionaire white man has less power today.

    What a dick. (And believe me, I already know I am a Dick!)

    Oh Bill sounds so reasonable at times; and Bill will inform us of what real perils our country faces; and Bill will even wish to invite us into his shower at times....

    But Bill makes his hundreds of millions of bucks making shite up!

    Oh that is all I got for Bill!

    As I attempted to tell Genghis today:

    We won.

    Let us celebrate and attack the pricks later.


    Salon really topped this with comments/tweets from fascists all over the world

    If you just take a minute you will see why Marshall Tucker ended up being Mitt's band.


    Can't oh can't you see what this electorate is doing to me!




    You know, I almost feel sorry for Bill O'Reilly. He's a toothless old dinosaur, Mr. Day, unaware that the world is round and that globally, white guys were never the majority anyway.

    We might be going into a period of national thought adjustment; Sandy hit, Latinos turned out to vote, women said "Here's how we can really shut that whole thing down" and turned out to vote. A few more progressive legislators were added to congress so Bernie and Al got some buddies to hang with. Gay people can get married in a couple places now. Out west you can smoke pot recreationally.

    All of that is so anti-establishment. The old hippies are happy but the old, starched stiff white guys are having a sad.

    Sometimes epiphanies are elusive.

    It's gonna be hard on 'em, Mr. Day, so I cannot in good conscious gloat at their misery.

    Thankfully, you can. wink ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

    Thanks Flower. hahahahahaha

    This is kind of like the old days when only you would show up.


    Hey, sorry I'm late.  I had to find my love beads ... Nice to roll around in the winner's trough for a while, isn't it?  

    We almost got the trifecta, but two out of three tea-partiers (Walsh and West) being voted out is still pretty sweet.  cool

    The sore losers have already started whining and pointing fingers.... and I am loving the sideshow.


    Oh Smith, a lot of bad people were denied election and re-election yesterday.

    Thank the Good Lord.

    I swear, I am about to become a born again Christian. hahahahahah

    We have perilous times ahead of us, we have serious issues that must be resolved, we have querulous paths to choose.



    Let us celebrate:



    Ha Ha Ha...That was us in South Florida.  I can vision the young people who stood in line for 7 hours telling their grandkids how they re elected Obama and was part of putting that great man into office.  Yes these folks are going to remember that long wait and punish the person who ordered it. This was a moment in history.

    Oh I had to tell ya Momoe.

    I interrupt my song to tell you this.

    Like I said at your blog, you peeps are the heroes.

    You stood in line when the plutocracy said:

    Keep them on the outside!

    I hated it when I spent a year in Florida; but I love Floridians and I love those folks in other states like Ohio who said:

    Fine! I will stand in line for 7 hours but I AM GOING TO VOTE.

    I stated elsewhere that they screwed up my registration by recording a wrong address; I showed them a valid DL and filled out a form. I mean it took me ten minutes to vote.

    My son and daughter in Minneapolis (suburbs) did not wait at all to vote.

    Minnesota has one day in which to vote and there few lines.


    But I laud you folks who took real time to exercise your right to vote where state law and state officials never wished that you voted at all.


    Michelle Bachman has been labeled as irrelevant even though she still barely hung onto her seat.  Cameras are not going to be following her around any more.  The media now has a whole new set of attractive women in Congress to focus on. The only national attention she will get is Fox and even then no one cares because she is so nutty.  



    Michele my belle has been re-elected by 500 votes or so.

    God plays tricks on us sometimes. hahahahahahha

    But you voted momoe; you stood in line and took the time and refused to decline.


    We still may win Florida.

    But we do not need some Supreme Court decision on this one.


    And Florida's great Senator triumphs by 20 points?

    God I am so proud of Floridians!


    You forgot Ann-thrax Coulter, Dickin.  She is demoralized. But then moral and Ann don't go together in the first place.


    That is all I got!


    For it is the doom of man that we forget!

    I haven't forgotten.  

    There ya go Momoe! ha

    Oh but we could have, should have....

    This Man, this Obama, is protecting us the best he can!

    We won that day in 2012.

    And we shall continue to fight the good fight!

    We still have the mess to clean up from 2010.  It is going to be a hot dry summer in some places and very stormy in others.  People are going to start to talk about and fight about what is important.  Shrinking water supply, produce, and meat which has become expensive will move to the top of the list with increasing pay.  It is going to be an interesting mid term to watch the GOP loose ground.  

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