The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    1.  A person extremely proficient at scattering hay, removing manure and caring for equines.


    2. A horse Whisperer.

    Horse whisperer.jpg

    3. A psychopath.

    Head shot of Trump smiling in front of an American flag. He is wearing a dark blue suit jacket, white shirt, light blue necktie, and American flag lapel pin.





    Did he ever focus on the farmers who  we’re supposed to be the reason for the event? He has to promise them $16 billion to pay for his tariff screwup.

    Great punning in "stable genius", thanks for not keeping it to yourself. smiley And also too: just good to see your name as to still alive and kicking.

    It's with some embarrassment that I'll admit that I spent a year or so bragging that I was a genius. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old. I matured and out grew it.

    Glad you are back.  I missed your stories about the grandkids and your humor.  I hope you are well and have a nice weekend planned.  Happy Birthday.

    Condom for a horse
    fits the Trojan kind, of course.
    Putin's cunning plan.

    He gallops across the steppes
    to inspect his new corral.


    Obama's speechwriter. He wasn't just addressing this topic but it applies:

    Apparently the stable genius doesn't need to consult with anyone about his political shots:


    Early polling suggests Biden has the lead among Black voters, but Warren and Harris seem to be making gains. Harris will attack Biden on the 1994 crime bill but has the baggage of her time as a prosecutor who put black men in jail. Cornel West attacks Biden for supporting the crime bill, but he supports Bernie Sanders who signed the crime bill. Sanders does not seem to be gaining ground with black voters. Van Jones is elated that both Trump and Biden are fighting for prison reform. Jones calls the moment historic. Of course Jones is the same guy who thought Trump looked Presidential simply by giving a speech. We will have to wait to see what happens when votes are cast in the primaries to really see where things stand. Trump, Biden, Harris, and Sanders don’t have clean hands on the issue of criminal justice reform. Trump is hoping that the crime bill controversy will keep black voters from casting a vote in the general election.

    Cornel West

    Van Jones




    You betcha, the ultimate in horse hockey:

    from Ryan Lizza's review for WaPo of “Siege,” Michael Wolff’s sequel to “Fire and Fury”:

     Bannon’s frequently shrewd observations make it clear why Wolff finds him irresistible. The author is mostly interested in Trump’s psychology. He is adept at documenting the president’s lunacy, and Bannon is frequently an able fellow shrink. For example, he credibly theorizes that Trump’s inevitable disgust with anyone who works for him is a natural outgrowth of his alleged self-hatred. “Hating himself, he of course comes to hate anyone who seems to love him,” Bannon tells Wolff. “If you seem to respect him, he thinks he’s put something over on you — therefore you’re a fool.”

    AA, of all the things I have read recently, Bannon's comments concerning his previous boss really grab me.

    According to Wolff, Bannon hates this sombitch?


    Oh yes this particular description grabbed me too, so it is so good to know you had the same reaction.

    As far as Bannon hating him, from reading more at that link and elsewhere previously, that doesn't seem like the right word to me. It's more like he thinks Trump is a useful idiot. And one that had to be humored for his idiocies because he was so talented at the right demagoguery.

    Well, not even talented, I don't get that either, more like Trump fell into the right position via "Art of the Deal" shtick and then "The Apprentice" to be the right demagogue for what Bannon thinks should happen.  And I think Bannon always basically thought that. So do ideologues like John Bolton and Stephen Miller and Pete Navarro.

    And then there's the more pop manipulator people like Larry Kudlow and Scaramucci who admire what Trump can do and who are not such passionate ideologues, they don't seem to think of him as an idiot as much, just volatile. I do think Bannon thinks of him as useful idiot.

    Ok, all that said, OH GEEZ we are back to simple "but he's also just a damn horse's ass" things > check out what TMac just posted on the news thread under the headline "KingCheeto is the smallest of all men"

    White House wanted USS John S. McCain obscured during Trump’s Japan visit @ WaPo. Even Dickday in his heyday couldn't make this stuff up and be believed! laugh

    But also, when he is in meltdown mode, there is the tendency to delusionary paranoia and crazy conspiracizing:

    No, it's just another std way Trump attacks the messgenger, such as "Mueller wanted the AG (or FBI?) slot & I didn't give it to him, so now he's jealous & attacking me". A number of cases where he uses this tactic.

    Personally I am freaked out by this because my reaction is that he looks like a normal person all of a sudden. What the hell is going on?!

    On his way back from golf, Trump stops at McLean Bible Church to "pay respects" to victims of the Virginia Beach shooting. In respectful golf clothes, with respectful hat hair and again with the way too long respectful pants. Respect.

    — Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) June 3, 2019

    Trump walking around with Michael Scott season 1 hair.

    — Keaton Patti (@KeatonPatti) June 3, 2019

    edit to add, I see Joe is confused too:


    The Brits seem to recognize genius in subtle ways - it wasn't just the Queen's choice of hats & broaches...

    lookit how he's still trying to impress little George Stephanopoulos with his stable geniosity:


    Suffice it to say, many are taking this more seriously. I.E.

    Er, FEC talking:

    Great point by Max on topic:

    All @ Politico: Trump goes on Fox to clean up his foreign interference comments

    Trump insisted during a meandering 50-minute Fox interview that “of course” he would alert the FBI in such a case.

    Trump rushes into damage control after saying he’d accept foreign help in 2020

    Republicans lash Trump for being open to foreign oppo

    Uh oh, when even she can't figure out what he is saying:

    Sometimes the horse whispers too softy.


    Well, Moat gets the comment of the week award, given to all of him from all of me.


    I dip my head in equine fashion to demonstrate my appreciation.

    You have to think like Trump. Sure they were eventually found innocent but Trump is thinking about all the times he went to court knowing he was guilty and he got away with it. So  really, what does being found innocent mean to Trump?

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