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    Stephen Miller: The Anti-DACA/Immigration Sniveling Twit Architect

    What a mess this guys is...

    Remember this sniveling twits retort to Jim Acosta?

    I first posted this over at the Hive at Talking Points Memo (sub.reqd) back on August 3, 2017.


    Stephen Miller Calls Out CNN's Jim Acosta for Having a 'Shockingly' Ignorant 'Cosmopolitan' Attitude

    It's of little surprise that Stephen Miller has a problem with "cosmopolitans." and accusing Jim Acosta of "thinking this bill is racist...."

    Projection is Miller's forte.

    After all, Miller's feet were firmly rooted in the nondescript suburban landscape of the overtly LIBERAL enclave of Santa Monica, California where he attended high school.

    Maybe it was those teenage halcyon days of having to rub elbows with Latino and Asian immigrants who did not speak English well that fried Miller's minuscule brain.

    Check out Miller's opinion piece here at Surf Santa Monica's The Lookout from March 2002.

    Speak Out! - Political Correctness out of Control6

    My name is Stephen Miller. I am a sixteen year-old junior at Santa Monica High School, and I was recently a guest on the Larry Elder Show to discuss the rampant political correctness that has consumed Santa Monica High School and the entire Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District.

    When I entered Santa Monica High School in ninth grade, I noticed a number of students lacked basic English skills. There are usually very few, if any, Hispanic students in my honors classes, despite the large number of Hispanic students that attend our school.

    Even so, pursuant to district policy, all announcements are written in both Spanish and English. By providing a crutch now, we are preventing Spanish speakers from standing on their own. As politically correct as this may be, it demeans the immigrant population as incompetent, and makes a mockery of the American ideal of personal accomplishment.

    And while we are on the subject of personal accomplishment, should any student accomplish the opportunity to have sex, our school is happy to help.

    The diatribe continues on and on-->

    He hasn't changed one iota... Miller is still a sniveling twit...


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