The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Steve King always liked to 'think' out of the box, so to speak.

    Thinking outside of the box was supposed to be a 'good thing'. ha

    I mean Congressman King wondered:

    Why should White be a bad word?

    Why should White Nationalism be a bad word?

    Why should White Supremacy be a bad phrase?

    From an 'out of the boxer' why should we not question certain 'ideas'?

    There are, of course Black Power folks.

    There are women who espouse 'power for women'.

    There are Latinos who would like just to be counted for chrissakes! haahhaha

    I was just amazed that 'all of sudden' repubs decided that King had gone toooooooo far?


    So check the blogs on this issue including my links, and maybe we should be less amazed 

    that repubs, all of a sudden decide that King has gone too far.

    I mean 425 to 1 is one hell of a decision from our most populist body in our Congress.

    That means that 9 members were sick or disabled or blind and deaf?

    The NYT have sort of mapped out this mess on a time line.

    This racist has been continually re-elected in his fascist district since 2002?


    We as a nation need more babies of Western European origin? So fuck the Eastern Europeans?

    We as a nation need more immigrants from places that are not shittholes?



    Oh I am sorry, this video reports the racism espoused by another shit racist prick!

    Prior to getting to my real rant here, I would point out that the real reason that the repubs decided to destroy Congressman Steve relates to other 'issues'.

    Steve just won his last election by a narrow margin.

    Steve is no longer a 'kingpin' with regard to future repub Presidential candidates.

    Steve has pissed off a number of Iowans.

    Steve has pissed off a number of Iowan Press kingpins.


    Has Steve really said anything different from our Esteemed Leader? NO

    But Spanky still has some semblance of power because a large portion of our electorates are idiots, morons, illiterates, racists, white supremacists, white nationalists and basic pricks.




    I sometimes, believe there is no purpose, but.....


    Steven King decided to meet with an anti-Holocaust group.


    To be able to hear 'both sides'?


    Again, I began seeing propaganda movies demonstrating that Germans killed Jewish folks without remorse.


    Did Steve miss these movies whilst he went through Iowan schools over his early years?



    Really, how more right wing can you get to deny Patton?

    I know that anyone here could find a hundred such videos.

    Seriously, I have looked at both sides now?



    There are not two sides here. There are not both sides here.

    It certainly might be contended that the Soviets were as rotten as the NAZI's.

    The Soviets certainly summarily executed Jews during the 30's and the 40's.


    I might add other sites later on.

    Steve King is anathema to any semblance of Democracy in America today.

    (If I missed some other blog concerning this subject, I apologize)


    I really do not see any difference between Spanky Trump and Steven King with regard to their basic belief system except for the fact that I do no believe that Trump has ever believed in anything.

    the end







    Thanks. This was great.

    The Women’s March is being destroyed because Tamika Mallory loves her some Louis Farrakhan. She was on the view earlier this week and maintained her pride in being connected to Farrakhan. Farrakhan does good works in the community. Of course Farrakhan says things like “I’m not an anti-Semite, I’m anti-termite. It is easy to condemn such a stat about Jewish people, but Mallory could only say that she doesn’t agree with everything that Farrakhan says. No condemnation. Mallory refuses to step down from her leadership position and is dragging the March down with her.

    Mallory on “The View”

    Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are abandoning the march

    In a tribute to both sides do it, Ross Douthat has a column today about Republicans doing the right thing regarding King. He notes that Democrats appear to be doing the correct thing regarding the march, but worries that in the future Democrats could be just as bad as the Republicans.

    Instead of contemplating whether Democrats might go off the rails, one would have thought Douthat would ask when Republicans are going to deal with the racist in the White House.

    Oh well.

    Edit to add:

    9 N.Y. rabbis endorse the march after meeting with Mallory and others.



    WOW rmrd....

    This comment should be a post all by itself.

    I must review this comment more than two times.

    This is complicated..


    However political this move has been in Congress...

    Thank you McCarthy. ha

    Sometimes I must ignore motives.

    Don't get mad at me.

    There is much information in this comment.

    Thank you for joining in.

    We have fallen so far that we normalize the abnormal. Republicans are actually being praised for taking committee assignments away from Steve King. We have become so pathetic that addressing the rancid rhetoric of a racist has become a sign of honor rather than something that should have been done as a routine measure years ago. We are glad that things are more normal that we pet Republicans on the head for not being abnormal. Keep in mind that on the day the Republicans took away Steve King’s committee assignments away, two Republican Congressmen met with a Holocaust denier to discuss genetics. I kid you not. Both Congressmen state that they did not know about the man’s history. It is 2019, who holds business meetings with total strangers without some checking into those coming to the meeting? The only conclusions are that the Congressmen are racists or incompetent. The GOP attracts the Holocaust deniers for a reason.

    I don’t think Republicans should be complemented for doing normal things like criticizing a racist. Donald Trump is a racist who had Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka working in the White House. Steve Miller still lurks around the White House. Trump’s former Chief of Staff lied about a black Congresswoman and never paid a price. When Trump supported a bill that involved justice reform impacting federal prisoners, you would have thought that he had undergone a miraculous integrationist transformation. Hallelujah! Trump remains as racist, but he did appease Jared. From a historical standpoint, we have been here before. Barry Goldwater “allowed” blacks to eat at the lunch counters in his department stores, but still courted the votes of white supremacists in his run for the Presidency. Martin Luther King Jr. said people of good conscience could not vote for Goldwater. Do we doubt that his feelings would have been the same about Trump. We cannot forget that Trump is a racist. His supporters don’t care that Trump is a racist. The are the modern version of. MLK’s people without good conscience.

    Keeping the fact that Republicans play footsie with racists in mind is important. The media is reluctant to speak the truth. NBC News initially told its reporters that they could not use the word ”racist” to describe Steve King’s words. After this became public, NBC allowed its reporters to accurately describe what Steve King said. (Note: NBC paid $30M for Megyn Kelly, who has a history of making some racist-adjacent statements, to go away). 

    NBC “racist” guidelines

    NBC Megan Kelly

    CBS News announced its lineup of reporters covering the 2020 election. No black reporters are included. Seems really tone deaf. Fortunately, I don’t watch CBS News.

    Having people with some knowledge of the black community might be helpful. Several black candidates will probably run for the Presidency. A WaPo reporter covering Kamala Harris’ book presentation at Politics & Prose in D.C. has already been dragged by black twitter for complaint about black women screeching when Harris showed up. Whether you are familiar with black sororities or not, you should find the story amusing.

    At any rate, the bigot-in-chief is still in the White House and the issue of race and the GOP will not go away.

    As an aside, if you really want to see how unhinged Steve Miller is on the immigration issue, just watch his interview with Wolff Blitzer from December. Miller had to be told to “calm down”.










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