Still a mind boggling incidence of rapid culture change

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    Yeah, we largely lost the 2004 elections over these brainiacs' timely culture wars (and a bit of voting machine rigging in Ohio), but at least it led to something rather than a futile suicidal gesture (such as the poutstorm in 2000, or the kneecapping in 2016 - which did manage a slight return of transgender bathrooms in North Carolina - truly the most pressing thing we needed to debate in the south, rather than say mass disenfranchising of voters or electing a mule as President).

    Still of course wondering when women's time will come as well, but for now I guess we're trying to erect a quick firewall to keep them from being gutted even further - I'm still worried that despite Kavanaugh having perjured, traded stolen documents, leaked grand jury evidence, and sat on a dais with a shit-eating grin giving nothing-burger answers and pleading his personal 5th in the name of "hypotheticals", that that'll be enough for a corrupt GOP to push this complicit collusive asshole onto the highest court of the land. As we're working with Russian values now, might as well quote Lenin: "The end justifies the means". Waiting for Mao's slightly messier omelette to break in.

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    As we're working with Russian values now, might as well quote Lenin: "The end justifies the means".

    And don't overlook Nikki...


    Ah, but Nikki was wrong (though to be fair, he was much more the reformer than he's often given credit for - a bit of Russian bluster to cover changes underneath - pound a table with a shoe for effect, but in the end negotiate the treaties with slightly better conditions). Compared to Brezhnev, with Krushchev the kids were alright.

    well go big picture, think of all the things that have happened that you couldn't imagine. Like Trump becoming president as well as gay marriage becoming acceptable. Radical change. And then think that: supreme court judges can be impeached, supreme court structure can be changed, political parties can change, etc.

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