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    Tucker Carlson is an honorable man. Or so some say.

    Here is TYT discussing Taco Carlson's issue with 'Mexican Food?'



    This discussion is a little old, but two or three days does not seem old to this old guy.


    Taco Carlson claims to come from some California border town and he is sure that Mexican culinary tastes arise from America?

    I like Bratwurst.

    I like procuring it in its 'natural state'. That is I like to find the uncooked Bratwurst and boil it and keep it safe in the fridge and then I will take out one link at a time and put it in the oven for 20 minutes or so and...

    Oh who cares?

    But is this American food or is it Germanic in origin?


    I am reminded of Zorro.

    If you recall, Zorro was the hero of some mythical nation located in the Southwest who rebelled against injustice perpetrated by Hispanic bastards. hahahahah

    So, in reality we must face the fact that the original pricks who  attacked and destroyed the natives on both Continents described as America were the Spanish conquerors. ha

    'We' certainly did 'our' part, so to speak with regard to genocide, so to speak.

    'We' kind of followed up on our Spanish predecessors and surpassed them. hahaha

    We really finished the 'job' with regard to the original  aim of the Conquistadors.

    I mean that 'we' managed to wipe out most of the 'natives', so to speak. 

    Sometimes I like to dine on cuisine  denoted as Tex-Mex.

    Sometimes I like to dine on cuisine denoted as 'Chinese'.

    Rarely do I ever take the opportunity to dine on Scottish crap known as Haggis?

    I really do like French Fries.

    But this has nothing to do with my 'point' here?

    (Sometimes I have a point, and sometimes I do not have a point, as it were)

    If you choose to view this silly video I have stolen from TYT, please mute it when Taco Carlson speaks.

    One might surmise more from a muted Carlson than a regular Carlson.

    Taco likes to feign to be in bewilderment.

    Taco likes to feign laughter.

    Taco likes to pretend he is human.

    Every goddamn night, Taco appears to pretend he has never heard this take from some guest.

    Some guest who might be described as 'liberal'?

    I mean he, all of a sudden takes on this screwed up facial look.  Like he is in wonder or he is in awe or he cannot understand how stupid his guest is.

    But muted, Taco looks like an idiot.  Which he is of course. hahahahah

    So I come back to some complaint from my friend AA.

    Watch Mussolini muted. That is, view this brief video with the sound off.



    Now watch Spanky with sound off:



    What these assholes say is not of importance.

    But how they say it is another issue.

    Again, Mussolini and Spanky aint so far apart.

    In my humble opinion.


    Fuck taco carlson and spanky.


    But here is a tribute to Taco Carlson from me or an homage?:














    Just so's you don't question your instincts: lack of response here is not because some of us didn't find taco thing as funny as you did, it's that some of us already got into it on another thread.

    I thought I searched thoroughly?

    But that thread went on for a week?

    My bad.

    no, not bad, enjoyment knowing someone else saw the same absurdities.smiley

    No, actually, your take isn't the same as the other thread at all.  You took it to another level - FOOD!  Something that is near and dear to my heart; obviously everyone needs and wants it, but to dissect it as you have here is unique and wonderful.  Then, just to confuse us, you twist to muting videos of absurd people ... honestly, I wish we'd thought of that on the other thread.  The only thing left is to watch muted cooking videos - though that might be just a bit too scary for Dag.

    Honestly, Dick, your point about food is a good one.  Plenty of "foodies" have argued the point: what's unique?  When does a new take on a cultural dish go too far?  Can a chef play with ingredients without appropriating the original dish?  If a dish has a name, does that mean it has to follow strict guidelines?  Case in point: Jamie Oliver and his jerk rice.  I don't know about that one.  I've been to the Caribbean and have had jerk seasoning in various ways (big fan of spicy heat), so I get the complaints.  But if it's good, what's the big deal?  Apparently the use of the word - and style - of "jerk".  And that it doesn't apply to rice.  And jalapenos aren't ever used.  Okay, there's that.

    Anyway, Dick, thanks for taking the whole appropriation thing in a whole new direction, in your usual inimitable style.

    Thanks Missy!

    You pick me right up!

    AA is correct. I missed it. But like I said the link was ten days old and so I missed the comments cause I was with my son and the pixies. And AA is never that mean to me.

    But I am attempting to write more.

    I get down sometimes....


    Richard, I think you may have misinterpreted. I was only trying to point out why you might not be getting any comments, so that you wouldn't blame yourself, wonder why people weren't commenting, start thinking it wasn't a good post. Just because some of us had already "spent" our jokes on the topic doesn't mean we didn't enjoy your spin on it. It was the contrary: it's verfication that someone else found the meme intriguing.  Always look forward to what you have to say, wish you would do more. Wasn't at all saying that one has to check if someone else has already written on topic! Was just pointing out that lack of comments might be for a different reason than the write thinks!

    AA, you are one of my bestest friends here.

    I would not survive here without you.


    THE END.


    She's lying to you, Dick. You're being shunned. Just I know how to do it to your face. With subtlety. I know, I know, thank you, thank you.


    I do not care what anyone else says about you Peracles...

    I still think you are the bestest kind of guy?


    All the best people, Dick, all the bestest people. Hard to drain the swamp when you're up to your ass in.... assholegators.

    ah special detail blast from the past: Wolfman Jack presents! was already an old timer at the time! 

    Surprisingly not - only 35. And he'd just done American Graffiti where his voice on the radio is overlaid all through it - a rather special device at the time that made the movie hold together much better.


    Thank ye back. This tune which I probably found goofy at the time it was released, sounds great to me now, especially the lyrics. We old codgers have to support one another as our cohorts keep leaving the planet! No bingo for us! Dagblog opining instead!

    P.S. Keep writing! Seems to help you with the blues?! Fake laughing easily becomes: real laughing.

    You didn't miss anything, Dick.  You were otherwise engaged in more important things - pixies!  Truth be told, nothing else is more important than that ... and those of us who don't have pixies envy you.  And AA being mean to you?  Pshaw, as the saying goes.

    Oh, and I know you go down sometimes.  We all do, Dick.  That means we're never alone.


    Oh, John Denver just showed up... when are you *leaving*?

    As they say, No Country for (too many) Old Men


    Course it's not just old men - them fat bottomed girls share a lot of blame too...

    Denver and Mama Cass brought tears!

    But the Fallon set up really got to me.

    Geeeeez, Neil shows up and Neil is GOD. hahhaha

    And that set up really got to me.

    Thank you.

    Oh, please.



    Please, my ass...

    A tribute to your ass ...



    No one's a bigger ass than Jack Black - that's settled science. Meet the master.

    His fat bottom makes the rock'in world go round ... ;-)

    I looked around and find that Kyle can handle awesome dudeness all by hisself, he's big in Germany not to mention he is also the Kung Fu Panda. Everybody underestimates the white bald guys with some extra meat on their bones. They can actually be quite hot.

    Oh, yeaaahhhh ...

    Kyle Gass Band (ZMF 2017) jm33936.jpg

    hah hah hah, in zeroing in on that photo, I know you got what I waz sayin', that I wasn't really joking, at least not that much. There's that certain something.wink

    I gotcha

    You like the younger guys. Unbelievable.

    I am attracted to masculinity. Which of course differs depending upon the eye of the beholder. But it is generally agreed that cis wimmin put less emphasis on classic aesthetic body shapes as part of the package that defines it. A hint: one appealing type of masculinity is a guy who feels so confident of his masculinity that he doesn't have to always show it, but can make fun of himself, be self-deprecating and not care that much about physical appearance

    What one finds attractive is interesting. As I was watching the democratic and republican conventions I noted that I found the democratic women attractive and the republican women much less so. I spent some time thinking about it and come to the conclusion that the republican women were all so dolled up. Perms or strict hairstyles, very traditional type clothing or dresses. The democratic women had looser hair styles and clothing. I guess I just like the "hippie chick" vibe. Even if they're old hippie chicks. I was amused by that. I even like the way democrats look better than republicans

    your comment reminds me of a story that made a big impression on me when I was like a pre-teen hungrily reading teen magazines and advice books from the library and the like trying to figure it all out, how to be attractive to boys, how to be charming, etc. I think it was by the minor actress Polly Bergen (I see from wikipedia that she wrote three books on beauty, fashion and charm so I'm probably remembering right all these years) And she was explaining how she was raised to be a perfect 1950's lady, had all the charm school training and have all the right hats and shoes, hairstyles, manners, wear all the right undergarments and white gloves at the right times, perfect etiquette and look perfect and then she basically said I found out that's all bullshit invented by women to torture themselves and most men don't like that at all, and I gave it all up because men want you touchable and soft, they want to be able to touch your hair and feel your waist and not a girdle, and your hand and not a glove, when they dance with you

    I'd hazard it's more complex, that some like Sex & the City, sone like Tank Girl, some like the Sissy Spacek/Sally Field folksy type, etc. And then there's *sometime* you want something else, but not all the time.and then there's the pack - some Queen cover with 100 naked girls on bicycle. 1 might be sexy - but 100? Same with girls all wearing the same thing - not even bland cookie-cutter professional DC, but fashionable Kylie Jenner or whatever - after a few dizen, the type grows old, would rather see fashion model eve who shaves her head or McMenamie with her intense unfriendly stare, or Twiggy, or something else.

    p.s. It's the diff between uptight/strictured and laid back/relaxed. Of course later as a grownup i found that what she said wasn't true for everyone, that there are lots of "republican" men out there who might very much want an uptight perfect lady for a wife (and a relaxed woman for a mistress?) And then there's the real kinky guys who would enjoy super uptight....

    Well we just need those robots, don't we, a different type in each closet...

    I imagine even republican women hang out in jeans and a T-shirt now and then. But both dems and republicans at their convention know they might be on tv and when they dress up cause they're going out the republicans just look so uptight to me. Not a look that would move me to strike up a conversation to see if we liked each other.

    So you wanna be a cougar to his panda in some confidence racket, is that it? The Gass Menagerie?

    P.S. Gay guys call the physical type  "bears"

    So now you're working Sully's side of the street, er, bear back mountin'. Does this include Catholicism and Hajek?

    Wow, he's like old. Rocking 58, babeee. Remember when Peter Gabriel turned all white, but Kyle's like white years ahead.

    Who wants to claim this bastard anyway?


    And to save you the trouble, once upon a time the most certain thing in life next to a call for "more cowbell" was "Freebird!!!". What's happened to us?
    [btw, note the Tonight's the Night t-shirt. 3 months later it all ended with a TV thru the back of the head :-( ]


    You know Flower takes me back to Lynard often. hahhah

    God how I love this!

    You post Freebird. The very next day Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King dies. Coincidence? I think not. Exactly where were you when Ed King died? 

    was wondering who was gonna ask...

    It's an obvious question. While there's no evidence of a direct connection the circumstantial evidence is very strong. (see my  post above) PP's refusal to answer the questions in a timely manner is telling. I suspect that silence is a precursor to him eventually taking the 5th.

    I already drank a 5th. And because you whined like a slop-fed sow, I'm gonna take the 6th and 7th as well, whatever they are - prolly the right to wave the stars and bars - twice for good measure (and cuz we dont read so good). South's gonna doodle again, y'all - be prepared.

    Sure, attack the messenger while avoiding any discussion of the relevant facts of the case. Coupled with an implied call to white supremacy for protection How very Trumpian of you. The truth will come out in the end. Look at what happened to Manafort and Cohen. Better make a deal fast before your co-conspirators get there first. Who started this thread? Richard, word to the wise.

    Oh we're the tag-team reacharound gropey motherfucker co-conspirators - kinda like Glee meets The Sopranos , we'll be pleading together - "a cell for 15, please - and 2 bottles of your best ripple". And what's wrong w the White Supremes? Heard it thru the great vine...

    Oh good freaking grief, Peracles.  Glee?  On this thread?  Well, maybe.  cheeky



    I specifically *didn't* post this. You can't imagine the amount of butthurt/brainhurt I've had with this song in my head for 2 days. What started as lighthearted humor has, turned into a colostometical horror, proctolly killing me. Tho still not sure how it hasn't descended to Spinal Tap's "talk about mud flaps, my baby's got 'em" - dagbloggers showing restraint, assthetic control? a dubiass conjecture, butt possible.i'll get back to you on that.

    (fighting ... resisting the urge ... don't google "baby got back" ... noooo!)

    Back to cultural appropriation - get your head around this.

    Amazing! Peracles found an example allowing him to get away with moider on elevating the topic to a more sophisticated level, more like blowing it away, without a peep from pro-tribalist contingent here. Die Antwoord is clearly 1 big inbred fuckfest indeed. I watched a couple of other videos that followed on You Tube, including talkies explaining how "we're like African American" and their favorite purchases from the flea market or whatever which were as if it was "Quentin Tarantino's gone wild"  They are so Po-Po-Mo and Po-Po-Po-racial-political correctness that Lady Gaga becomes little different than Lawrence Welk and it would take a whole issue of ArtForum to deconstruct. Ironic that you posted it the day before Trumpster went even further backward in history. related to their homeland. In many ways, they are soooo far ahead of us in Africa culturally. They get it, they get all that has happened since Obama.

    To rip off Hunter Thompson, "when they go low, we go gonzo", aka "the only thing that worried me was the ether..."

    you pegged it, we do sometimes get too carried away here with the gonzo-impaired

    FWIW, just ran across more gonzo South Africa, lesbian version. She really is big with the international cognoscenti, maybe more so than Die Antwoord. Interesting that there's something going on with the minstrely black/white contrast and emoting thing down there both high and pop culcha (is same in Fatty Boom Boom) That said, with her stuff, it is also clearly derivative (appropriation) of Cindy Sherman self-portraits, which the author of the link misses.

    Don't know if you encountered the Mudmen thing in the 90's, more west coast/rockies maybe, cover yourself in mud stark naked, wander around the urban landscape at 3, 4am exploring this alien minefield... blackface/whiteface? mudding? ufonics? Coloring up for the hunt, the tribal contests...? under that moon, that glow, freed from my attire, stripped to earth and clay - which star did I come from, which rock in the unfolding universe bore me? not this one, I think to myself - so far from home... stranger in a strange land. must forage, for life, for food. for escape.

    well sure!!! because that's Chris Offli's elephant dung Madonna painting, for one, it really was influenced by ancient African spirituality, fertility, earth, living on the savannah or whatever...and hah, that conveniently brings us to Guiliani! Not to mention billionaire hedge fund donors to Trump who donate African themed spiritual art by a black Brit artist that Guiliani thinks offensive to MOMA! Can we fit tacos in here somewhere?

    this is all just pilfering from the ancient Australian walkabout thing (or maybe the wandering Jew? wink or 40 days in and nights the desert...) which all leads us to Burning Man coming up. Someone should give Richard an assignment to write on ancient archetypes & myths in Burning Man imagery...he's good at the Joseph Campbell type stuff. I digress MAJORLY.

    P.S. As evidence of my last two sentences, I'd like to offer this news story I ran across the other day and how I reacted to it: It's just like the Ugly American character of post WWII fiction and reality running all around Europe on grand tour making big asses of themselves thinking they are king of the world. And the European wait persons politely eating their shit, taking their money and making sure they got safely back to the boat. Trump really has inspired a temporary flashback to the 1950's, Make America Pitiful Fools Again. It's just in this new version, they add arrest.

    Which all goes to show ya: Tacos are American food indeed!

    Since we're sharing music this is what I'm listening to. Just rewatched Breaking Bad and this was the final song. I looked up the full version cause I was so rocking out to it.


    A more obscure Badfinger piece you might like from those rock opera days...



    And then there's this one, which few realize was their original.
    I guess if Pete Ham hadn't 've hung himself, he'd be more recognized :-(

    Decent BBC retrospective at

    Interesting. I know the famous Harry Nilsson version but didn't know it was a cover of a Badfinger original. Nilsson really made it his own, so much more emotion. He really wails it which is probably why most people identify it with him instead of Badfinger.

    Hi Ocean.

    I woke up an hours ago?

    I had no idea that Badfinger performed this either.


    Yeah, for such a rough looking guy/heroin addict, Nilsson really had the girl's voice. You can hear Badfinger straining to hit those highs, while Harry just stands there open arms taking a shower.

    Simply Irresistable?

    Ocean, I remember seeing this on MTV a hundred years ago. And I was thinking:

    There are a lot of females out there who aint gonna like this so much. hahahahah

    And damn, over the last three? decades how many advertisements have used this 'tune' in one way or another?

    Just a thought.



    Must be tough to lose your daughter and have to tough it out with humor and compassion in front of the cameras - guess we're all Parkland now...


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