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    Trump's COVID Plan, herd immunity, will kill millions.

    Lead Trump pandemic adviser, Dr Atlas, from the right wing libertarian Hoover Institute,  is pushing controversial ‘herd immunity’ as a COVID-19 national strategy, worrying public health officials. In video below, Trump admits, he wants to let COVID infect over 200 million Americans, 7 out of 10, 'saying his goal is 'herd immunity'. Epidemiologists predict that would result in over 3 million COVID deaths of Americans.

    The new advisor, Dr. Atlas, who does not have a background in infectious diseases or epidemiology, has expanded his influence inside the White House by advocating policies that appeal to Trump’s desire to move past the pandemic and get the economy going, distressing health officials on the White House coronavirus task force and throughout the administration who worry that their advice is being followed less and less.  .....Atlas has argued in public that an increased case count will move the nation more quickly to herd immunity and won’t lead to more deaths if the vulnerable are protected.

    But infectious-disease experts strongly dispute that, noting that more than 25,000 people younger than 65 have died of the virus in the United States. In addition, the United States has a large number of vulnerable people of all ages......  ... link.   

    September 17 totals -    U.S. Cases - 6,871,762,  Deaths -  200,796,  Fatality - 2.92%




    Heckuva job Trumpie sez 40%

    How about half a million? Trump said "we have done a job, the likes of which nobody has seen." (3/27, WH Brief)

    People say Trump could piss on the graves and wouldn't lose a single vote.

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