Trump supports choice of sexual identity

    while the military goes behind his back and insists on roles reinforced by gonads:


    Sticking with the choice of classic-cis-male narrative; gender is in the head:

    You cannot make this sh*t up.

    After being presented with the fact that a Pentagon official just told @ABC that Conan is FEMALE, a White House official tells us that the WH is still standing by its story that Conan is MALE (as Trump said). The official would not go on the record.

    — Terry Moran (@TerryMoran) November 26, 2019

    Trump commits another howler.
    Still, we know he thought it was a boy - he spoke nicely of it, praised it, didn't call it a bitch once. Certainly didn't label it a pig bleeding from wherever.

    You can be anything you want to be?

    Trump posted a picture of himself as Rocky. No one knows what to make of it

    By Poppy Noor @, Nov. 27

    [....] this morning, the president himself posted a photo where his head was photoshopped on to something utterly surprising: the super-buff, bare body of the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa.

    It was tweeted at 10.54am, with Trump offering exactly zero explanation – not even a caption. All we know is that the tweet was sent during a golf trip at one of Trump’s golf clubs in Florida, during his Thanksgiving holiday at Mar-a-Lago.

    Who knows how we should interpret it? Perhaps the 45th president suffered a blow to the head this morning. Or perhaps he wants us to know he’s a fighter. Maybe he’s upset about of all the low blows thrown his way during his tenure, with people saying mean things like “why does he grab women by the pussy?”

    Whatever he meant, it led to an outpouring of commentary from the Twitterati. Here’s the roundup.[....]

    Masha Gessen thinking like I did; @, Nov. 27

    Conan, the Gender-Fluid Hero Dog

    Like most people, Donald Trump thinks that all dogs—especially big dogs that look ferocious enough to threaten journalists—are male.

    Exactly, males act like oricks, females roll over. Entirely predictable. The importance of having a better nursery school.

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