Trump Wants Execution During a Reelection Rally

    The Trump administration has decided to restart federal executions. White House sources indicate this action by Attorney General Barr was taken after unconfirmed reports that President Trump had inquired as to why there had been no executions of federal inmates during his tenure in the Oval Office, while he heard George W. Bush had three, including Timothy McVeigh.

    Trump's interest may be related to an idea promoted by some people on the right, that an execution held during one of Trump's reelection rallies would add suspense for the crowd, and give an exhibition of the strong resolve of Republicans to fight crime and Keep America Great. Republicans support executions at twice the level of Democrats, and timing one to happen during a Trump rally would be another controversial "wedge" issue Trump feels would excite his base.

    It would be along the lines a reset of the 'norms' of presidential authority, which Trump declared yesterday are without limits:

    “Then I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president..."

    CNN on AG Barr, and executions:

    The federal government is set to bring back capital punishment after 16 years with the executions of five inmates.

    Attorney General William Barr on Thursday ordered the Bureau of Prisons to adopt an updated execution protocol, clearing the way for five death row inmates to be put to death. The executions are scheduled to begin in December 2019, though legal challenges could potentially delay them.

    There has not been an execution on federal charges since 2003. A 1972 US Supreme Court decision, Furman vs. Georgia, struck down all existing federal death sentences and all of those in the 50 states.

    In Gregg vs. Georgia, 1976, the Supreme Court set new requirements for capital punishment, and let stand the death sentence on Troy Leon Gregg. Gregg was never executed, as he escaped from prison. 

    The White House source said Republican politicians were generally wary of the President's plan. None, however, would go on record opposing it. Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said coordinating an execution and using it for partisan gain would be an outrage, and he hoped the rumors were unfounded..

    Mitch McConnell said he supports capital punishment. Acting White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, was said to have no opinion, and was tacitly in support of anything the President decided to do.

    Attorney General Barr is said to have prepared a legal opinion that would claim presidential executive privilege in the timing, broadcast and circumstances of a federal execution.

    Court challenges from the ACLU on privacy grounds are recognized as very likely, and if the President persists with his plan, an injunction against, and a very long delay, for any "politically coordinated" executions would be certain.

    (note to readers, this is a Dag satire piece)


    Executing some criminal at one of his rallies seems complicated. The logistics alone make it nearly impossible as you've pointed out in your post. Better for Trump to just go out into the crowd and shoot someone. Anyone would do but perhaps some protestor would do nicely.

    "I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And Shoot Somebody And I Wouldn't Lose Any Voters"

    Yeah, that would be dramatic and revolting, a "win" for Trump with The Base.  Why shoot someone "on 5th Avenue", without the "waited 2 days in line on the street to get tickets" mob there to cheer you on?

    The first execution I assumed would be "coordinated" and "held during" his rally, but not actually at the rally.

    Trump would narrate its progress and finale with his usual self aggrandizing blather, combined with attacks on "criminal coddling America hating" Democrats. Trump:

    This guy probably voted for Democrats, because he figured they would feel sorry for him, and let him get away with murder, (Trump then switches into a whiny voice) 'but the DNA test doesn't match' ....the liberals would say, right? I right?..Yes!... Of course! .Well I say this.. I don't care about DNA so-called evidence! you? No! Louder! That's it! Too bad for him, the Democrats and the bad guys. You elected me to take care of guys like him and to do things the right way...!

    Would we have to wait to Jan 2021 to indict?

    Trump will likely pardon all the liars, grifters  and lawbreaking apparatchiks before he leaves office.

    If that is 2024 and not 2020, the Trump swamp creatures may want to be in a cushy federal detention facility, if only to avoid the wrath of a nation in severe recession, and unable to recover due to being looted into bankruptcy by the GOP.

    Oh, don't worry - the nation will save its wrath for Democrats, like in 2009.
    Deflection works super well on our voting class.

    True, and amazingly, Tea Party 2021, the New Improved Really Patriotic Conservatives, will consist entirely of nonpartisans,  who never voted ever at all, not ever,  ok, maybe for Reagan, but certainly did not vote for Donald Trump. 

    Trump's execution binge sets records, to reach 9 executions by December. Before this year, the federal government had not executed anyone since 2003, and just four people since the 1960, Bureau of Prisons records show.

    Trump campaigns as being "pro-life". There were no executions of federal prisoners under Obama, so it would seem one execution under Trump would have sufficed for Trump to claim a "win" over his arch nemesis. Instead, Trump's executions total will now exceed Obama's, plus the total of the 10 presidents since World War Two.

    The eighth Federal execution is scheduled in December for Lisa Montgomery, the first federal execution of a woman since the early 1950s. The ninth execution will be Brandon Bernard, who was convicted of killing two youth ministers on a military reservation in Texas in 1999. He is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on December 10. 

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