Trump's VOICE: Open it to Gun Massacre Victims

    The VOICE program serves the needs of Americans harmed by "illegal aliens." It was set up as part of Trump's plan to Make America Great Again. It does not serve victims of mass casualty events perpetrated by citizens.

     VOICE program, Victims of Immigration Crime Enforcement:

    Mission Statement

    With honor and integrity, we will support victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens through access to information and resources.

    President Trump made a promise:

    The office, said Trump, will “serve American victims” of crimes committed by undocumented people. ”We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests,” he said.

    Democrats should add Amendments to Department of Homeland Security funding to provide equal or expanded support services to victims of mass casualty events perpetrated by legal US citizens.

    Many of the wounded in Las Vegas are forgotten and ignored by our government. They are silenced by politicians who cower before the special interest groups like the NRA and the firearms lobby.

    The victims have had to open GoFundMe accounts to pay enormous medical bills to save their lives.

    The dead need government assistance and help with funeral costs. Families need counseling. VOICE needs funding to provide more financial resources and needs an expanded mission.

    Giving preferential treatment to victims of criminal aliens discriminates against the victims of heinous crimes by legal US citizens.  No one should be discriminated against, or denied government services in their time of need, because they were victims of a legal American citizen.

    Initially, the expansion of the program could start with cases of mass shootings of 3 or more, and would be prioritized in the system as regards the extremity of the crime and the urgency of need.



    Nice elaboration on the above tonight by Dana Milbank @ Washington Post:

    Obama's fault for Vegas massacre, his ATF gave pass to the bump stock modifications.

    Likely because the letter of the law on automatics meant they couldn't ban it.

    But blaming Obama may get GOP votes to ban the things.

    But blaming Obama may get GOP votes to ban the things.

    I just got this feeling that Obama would say "okay, fine, then go with that" laugh

    I suspect one looks differently at these kinda insults once one has been the leader of the free world for the maximum term allowed. With extra added sangfroid if one is a good writer and can make one's own case well for the history books.

    that was quick, it's a done deal; 3:30pm headline @ N.R.A. Supports New Rules on ‘Bump Stock’ Devices

    That was quick  - a gun device we didn't know about 2 days ago has taken all the blame for another gun massacre, and the solution yet again misses the larger problem. Of course the black market for gun bumps wwill remain large, but more important there are guns that can still kill and wound 30 in a normal crowd situation and these weapons are everywhere and we won't limit that.

    I posted here on the Bumpfire stock modification with Bumpfire video in July, 2016.

    Dagblog is way ahead of national media on many issues.

    Yeah, but you're one of those weirdo uber-survivalest types with the latest black ops gear - I'm talking about the rest of us who somehow ignored your piece ;-)

    "Pee Pee Conspiracy" had more legs/full bladder than given credit for. Derided by aministration and much of press, held back through elections and 2 months after, with Buzzfeed facing massive criticism for publishing "against journalism standards" now appears to be 80% correct.

    Perhaps we should be demanding all the gun massacre victims get the same level of care and rehabilitation that Congressman Steve Scalise received?

    Yes. I'll email that and my expand VOICE proposal to Bernie and Feinstein.

    The Rep. Scalise Heroes Recognition and Care Act

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