Tweet that deserves a post of its own


    I just got the inkling that Nancy Pelosi is basically saying something along the above lines here. And trying to stress that Mitch McConnell and the Senate are the real enemy. That as dangerous as he could be, the Constitution does protect us from Trump going too far:


    P.S. Could be wrong, just throwing it out there,.just came to me looking at that tweet and the ACLU tweet at the same time.

    Some thoughts trying to clarify:

    That list of bills, some of those things are things that she has seen Trump pretend he would be open to for short periods of time, where he has flip flopped, those are also things that important swing voters like suburban women like. Trump is crazy like the wind, he is influenced by gut reaction to what he thinks fans like.  It's not an ideological or policy danger with him, it's just the straight out craziness. And he doesn't affect that much, but yes, he still could because he is so crazy. The Senate is the real power that keeps a crazy man as a place holder in the presidential office, a guy who exceptionally dangerous whims can be stymied by courts, congressional committees and organizations like the ACLU. They block getting rid of him, but more importantly, while he is there distracting with divisive culture wars shit and craziness, they use the distraction to block bills that actually be popular with a pretty big majority countrywide and include some Trump voters.

    I'm very impressed with AOC's answer here, very savvy:

    Yeah, calm tenacity. Continues to impress.

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