The way to go?



    I don't watch much tv and can think of no characters that I 'love' who would vote for Trump but there are some characters that I think are very entertaining who would. Oh, boy. Answering this requires guilty pleasure reveals.


    A couple from Supernatural: Crossroads demon, later King of Hell Crowley and Head leviathan, Dick Roman. 


    Fusco from Person of Interest. Also, Control and Hersch.

    From NCIS's Leroy Jethro Gibbs's ex-wife Diane and friend Tobias.

    Okay, that's more than enough about my quarantine viewing habits.




    Well I need to admit that not only do I not recognize any of your characters, I don't recognize many on the Twitter thread either. surprise

    I still think it's a great idea. Our comics need to be treasured for their ability to make us laugh at the "outrage" about the other.

    Gives me hope, kids just saying no to tribal partisanship:

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