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    Location of Mexico

    And my best friend the doctor won't even tell me what it is I got.



    I have problems with the South.

    I mean I do not appreciate the politics of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, or Texas for chrissakes.

    (Oh and fuck Sessions!)

    Why I omit Arizona or Utah or Montana or Wyoming is up in the air.... but these states are not relevant to this discussion.

    Of course I am not in tune with the politics of Wisconsin or Pennsylvania or Ohio....but that becomes  another subject for yet another discussion.

    But our most Southern State is surely Mexico.

    These Mexicans just do what they wish to do anytime they wish to do it.

    One might well get the idea that Mexico is its own country for chrissakes.

    I mean Mexico has its own drug dealers. Just like Chicago or NYC or a number of other American cities.

    The only manner in which our government can nip this southern crap in the bud is to invade Mexico.

    The hombres there do not even understand how to properly spell 'hombres'. I mean there is no 'h' in hombres for chrissakes.

    Oh and Mexico acts in concert with the international corporate conspiracies to depress our citizens.

    I mean have you ever had a taco at Taco Bell and not needed an Alka Seltzer?

    Oh and how many international corporations are bribed by the Mexicans in order to send their manufacturing centers down south?

    War should begin at home for chrissakes.

    And Mexico is the perfect place to demonstrate our might and our right and foresight?

    Until we can send a message to the world that we control our southern states, we shall have no authority at all in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    North America is our America.

    And the Southern portion of North America is our America.

    Send in the troops and demonstrate, once and for all that America is for Americans.



    What was the question again?

    Oh and get rid of Mexican drug dealers forever.

    We can deal with Russian drug dealers at a later time.

    But we must invade Mexico now!


    As a matter of fact, let us drop the A-Bomb on Aztec Land if we run into too much adversity.

    I mean we cannot toss the ultimate too close to the Texas border for chrissakes.

    Think about how many problems Mexico has caused us in the past.





    Richard they absolutely love Trump down there. His ratings are sky high. Hispanics voted for him huuooogely.

    And he has a plan to make Mexico great again. It's fantastic. They need it because it's a gory mess there.

    Mexicans invade Mexico. Not our guys. Get the beauty of it?

    Trump reveals the plan, or makes Paul Ryan do it.

    Trump sells Mexicans back their country.

    Bingo, money for the wall. Outrageous deal or what?

    I think about this NCD.

    The repubs and Congress and.....

    Nobody is going to permit the Orange Clown to invade Mexico.



    Are you sure he aint got some golf course down there...or at least some vineyard. hahahahaha

    I am having some deep issues with all of this new 'reality'?

    But you have the right idea.

    I mean Trump would certainly like to sell anything at a profit?



    Hey Dick, I thought you were *in* Mexico already. Wouldn't let you across the border? As a border guard once told me, "it's the land of milagros - lame men walk, blind men see..." A little bit of green goes a long way in the desert. Art of the Puta Madre indeed - sheer brujeria.

    Forget about invading - Donald fucks with them, he'll be lucky to escape with his shriveled cojones. Mexicans have been there hundreds of years longer. What's a wall but a folded out pyramid. Trump's out of his league, lost in the desert on a horse with no name. They've even coopted Dylan. And taken over the Totinos, whatever those are - something to do with Playa de las Mujeres, I'd hazard... Enjoy y buena suerte.




    Peracles, I missed this. Few bother to read me anymore since I joined Scientology.

    Fuckin ethnocentrists!

    The first song was from Kris?



    Woke me up. Had me laughing with the fifth grade Spanish I learnt. hahahah

    This is the funniest comment I have read in a long time.

    Thank you.

    I would give you some award but I am a day late and a peso short.


    Mucho trabajo, poco dinero, ¡que triste, que lastima, ay yay ya! But not as short as Trump, puta gringo pendejo (pequeño como pepino)...


    This is all about cojones; right?


    After 4 years of Latin, pecunia means 'little'?



    High, tight and out of sight.

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