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    Weasel Words of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III


    The Weasel...



    The words...

    Full text: Jeff Sessions opening statement testimony transcript
    By POLITICO Staff | 06/13/2017 03:08 PM EDT


    Sessions did not testify that he had not had any conversations with any Russians or any foreign officials relating to any interference in the internal affairs of the country's Official State business, only no type of interference with any campaign or election.



    This one point may seem insignificant... But's it's not...




    Yes, they always offer up the decoy duck for everyone to shoot at, while the real flock's off flying somewhere else. Seems you'd have an antidote for this by now.

    Again, all I can think of is Alberto Gonzales

    DUCKY I missed this. hahahahaha

    Penetration, penetration....

    There is song in there somewhere?


    Oh yeah, its all about anticipation of penetration?


    Dick... Just for the record...

    Found in Google News today.




    Beauregard is slipperier than a bowl of overcooked okra.

    I preferred viewing the hearing with the sound off:
    Every now and then, Session"s eyes glow like coals the devil just blew upon.
    The butter knife of his smile as he invites others to approve of him.
    The look of hopeless fear that flashes in between practiced extrusions of words.

    I do not recall having cooked okra...but

    I  hereby

    rendere unto Moat the Dayly Line/poem of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site given to all of Moat from all of me. hahahah

    Agree totally!  If you don't pull that damn okra off the cooker at the exact minute it is done, you may as well go out in your garden and eat slugs.  Sessions is so used to getting a pass for looking either pitiful, or cutely pleasant (neither of which he is), he has no reason to drop the persona.  

    Interesting how every actual denial is very specific (I never colluded to help the hacking). -- That old goat probably doesn't know how to open a new window on his computer -- It's about promising Russia to ease the SANCTIONS!  By his wording he thinks he is being "honest."  Joe Manchin gave him a list of people, verbally, one by one.  His refusals to answer were non-specific and based on a phantom "policy" with which he is unfamiliar.  

      His answers:

    I don't recall


    I didn't see that

    I don't recall

    Not to my knowledge, etc

    He reminds me of when I was 19 years old and was telling my parents I was going on a trip to the Bahamas in a plane when I was actually going on a sailboat with two novices (as was I).  Difference:  I wasn't under oath, and I wasn't the Attorney General of the US.  One other difference:  I easily could have drowned.


    Oh Cville...




    Wish you hadn't said that about the slugs. The way to eat okra is breaded and deep fried. It's like seafood. Purty durn good. 

    More on the Weasel...

    Appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee under oath this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked whether he had “any contacts with any representative, including any American lobbyist or agent of any Russian company” during the 2016 campaign. Sessions, one of Trump’s earliest supporters, answered: “I don’t believe so.”

    On Thursday, an American lobbyist for several major Russian interests, including a state-run energy company and a private equity firm with the state-run Alfa bank, told the Guardian that Sessions in fact hosted him at two dinners during the presidential campaign. The dinners occurred around the time time that the American public learned of Russian efforts to influence the presidential election.

    Richard Burt, a former U.S. ambassador to Germany who now lobbies on behalf a pipeline company owned by the Russian energy giant Gazprom, said he attended events with Sessions at least twice last year, and his ties to the Trump campaign were reported as early as last October. Burt made hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2016 alone lobbying Congress to exempt a proposed natural gas pipeline from U.S. sanctions, which would allow more Russian gas to flow to European markets—a key geopolitical goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Burt also serves on the board of the Center for the National Interest, a Russia-friendly D.C. think tank that hosted Trump’s foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel last April. Politico reported that Burt helped shape the address Trump delivered at that event, which Sessions attended as the chairman of the Trump campaign’s national security committee.

    Report: Sessions Dined With Lobbyist For Russian Corps, Omitted It In Testimony
    TPMDC | By Alice Ollstein June 15, 2017 3:19 pm





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