This is my high-level take on the Tuesday Night Massacre, boiled down to the "big beats," as we screenwriters like to say...
    • GOP uses Trump to knock off most qualified candidate ever (Hillary).
    • Trump sputters, so GOP uses Comey to run Clinton through and simultaneously set up Trump for impeachment.
    • GOP uses this boorish "yokel" to get back into power, but they're embarrassed by his crude mouth and behavior..so they use Comey to dig up impeachable offenses.
    • Wiley yokel that he is, Trump senses the double cross, so he whacks Comey to stop investigation into his impeachable offenses.
    • To distract from his true motivation, Trump sells his own upsettedness at Comey for having used underhanded means to get Trump elected.
    • "Dick Comey is a great guy, loved having him at CIA. Total confidence in him. But even great guys have bad days, and Dick had a bad year. Very bad, folks, it was very, very bad. Big league bad. He had to go. I myself am embarrassed that he was the won who got me elected. They told me it was going to be Hillary. Now I'm forced to make the sacrifice because I've turned out to be very good for the country. Very, very good and for my family, too."
    • Trump followers buy the sleight-of-hand (having had lots of practice at it) and are now themselves upset that Comey used underhanded means to get Trump elected, though not really. At least it gives them a good reason to yell, "Damn Democrats are never satisfied!"
    • So who's left? A very paranoid Trump. Whose else can he fire? How many lackeys will it take to fill those empty posts? Is it 2020 yet? Can I go back home now?
    • A pissed off, teeth gnashing GOP, who coulda used President Pence, a REAL Republican, to whack Comey and clear the way for a REAL Republican agenda, unencumbered by pesky promises to save the safety net.
    • Oh and an investigation, smoking like a mine fire, that could conflagrate at any moment into Watergate Part Deux: "The Homecoming."
    • "Oh where, oh where is that conniving bitch and Kenyan Konman when we REALLY need them?"


    This is a joke I assume. It's each man for himself with Republicans. They have no other purpose, conspiracy or scheme but self preservation, personal enrichment and saving their own ass. Sometimes sticking it out together works, but if the Hair Furor's regime goes up in smoke some Party members head for Argentina, some the Austrian Alps and some just burn their uniforms and claim they were innocent victims.

    The collapse and the rush to escape accountability may be imminent but who knows.

    Yeah Peter I keep thinking of the Friday Night Massacre.



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