What would Tony Soprano do?

    Legal types get all het up by run-of-the-mill art-of-the-deal:

    Holy cow! He appears to be engaging in another quid pro quo right before our eyes. I don't know what to say but HOLY COW! NY must drop its lawsuits against him if New Yorkers want Global Entry status? HOLY COW!!! HOLY COW!!! https://t.co/4NPUgc9LNt

    — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) February 13, 2020


    i see Shaub is still yelling after a long string of tweets, wondering if anyone hears him.

    He was director of Office of Government Ethics 2013-2017.

    Shaub pinned this to the top of his page:

    Yeah, I'm scared too....we're all scared.

    This is not just Trump, it is about his maintained support. 

    Bi-partisan Bernie tweeted video 5 hrs. ago assuring that everything crucial is just fine:

    Today the Senate voted, 55-45, to stop a war with Iran.

    The Constitution made sure Congress could vote to block a president from taking our country into needless conflicts.

    We cannot allow Trump to send working-class kids to fight and die in another endless war. pic.twitter.com/ffLmiiLheN

    — Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) February 13, 2020

    (Here's the NYTimes on same,  5:46 pm:  In Bipartisan Bid to Restrain Trump, Senate Passes Iran War Powers ResolutionSome Republicans crossed party lines to join Democrats in voting to curtail President Trump’s ability to wage war with Iran, weeks after a drone strike killed a top Iranian general.)

    Hillary was already heckling The Donald on Tuesday:

    The NY Atty. Gen. to Trump:

    P.S. It's a great answer! Especially the nice little jab thrown at Trump lapdog Barr as well: BTW, I file the lawsuits, not the Governor.

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