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    In just a few hours  we shall be entertained, once again with the White House Correspondence Dinner.

    Once every year, the PRESS (as it is wont to be called) coagulates at some strange meeting place and makes fun of the POTUS.

    This is kind of like a combination of All Hallow's Eve and April Fool's Day.

    However, and it is a big however, the current POTUS is going to skip the festivities.

    I think that his absence has something to do with this event as it occurred in 2011.



    It was at this time and place that Trump became attached to this fine theme song:




    Anyhooo our Commander In Chief is going to someplace in rightwing hell to show up the folks who attend this annual presentation and he is supposedly prepared to vomit his rhetoric on fifty to seventy five people?

    Anyhow, I just thought it might be fun to live chat the real festivities.

    Again, I think we have three hours or some such time prior to this annual waste of time.




    Okay, so MSNBC is getting all prepared for this White House Correspondent's Dinner where no one from the White House will show up.

    Again, our dipshite POTUS is giving some great speech in Michigan; a state that Donald has helped in so many many ways over the last year or so.

    All these coal miners have moved there; however with this warning:


    omg, there is the attorney for Stormy on the screen for the photo op.

    There is Meathead, my favorite.

    I heard that Bill Cosby cannot attend due to health and ankle bracelet issues.

    Meanwhile CNN is telling us all about the hard work that WH correspondents do all year like sitting around and tweeting and attempting to not spill their coffee and hoping they can ask questions that Ms. Huckleberry will never answer and appearing later on prime time to demonstrate why they know nothing about nothing and...


    I was reading some stat mag that listed the following things that will occur between now and the end of this great festivity:

    48 people will die in car accidents; at least two of these deaths will be attributable to parallel parking issues.

    38 people will be killed during the Criminal Minds stream on WE.

    Three people will die whist attempting to each KFC products.

    Ten folks will get married; some to each other.

    138, 433 people will give up and go to bed; even though it is Saturday Night.

    And of course, we must look back at other dinners; such as the one in 2006:

    Of course this appearance destroyed Colbert's career.

    Just like when Seth Meyers lost his career and he was not even making fun of POTUS?



    Back to statistics...By the end of this dinner thingy:

    390 people in Indiana will move to Ohio.

         No particular reason really.  It is just that every week or so something approximating 400 people move away from Indiana and end up in Ohio       because their GPS systems do not work.

    14,000 people will forget to vote tonight.  Which is a good thing really, since there really is no voting tonight.

    A little over one thousand Moms will lose track of their kids while shopping in the mall and attempting to watch these festivities on their IpodS.

    more to come, I need a smoke...



    Dick, you nailed it - Hispanics are ending up in the US because their GPS doesn't work. We don't need a Wall, we need to give them better GPS. Problem solved. Make America Non-Roaming Again.

    Let us not forget the good things that result from this great annual waste of time.

    Porn streaming goes down 34% during these proceedings.

    There is an increase in homework amongst the youngsters as they attempt to hide from parents who cannot stop swearing at the tv.

    ooooooooops, the Idiot is now on all cable news stations ranting without due diligence.

    (back to porn streaming for awhile?)


    Demagoguery, the media, and why Trump isn't there.

    Trump: media is 'enemy of the people', 'very dishonest people'

    70 Venezuela media outlets closed in 2017, attacks on journalists rose as President Nicolás Maduro worked to ‘silence’ discontent:


    All righty then NCD.


    When I grow up, I wish to be 

    Governor Kasich is now being interviewed on (is this a red carpet or red floor or has there been some blood letting? I do not know, you should decide)

    John K thinks we should look to the future and he thinks he is young and he feels that the Press saves us and that we are all Americans and not merely repubs or dems or commies or members of ISIS?





    To hell with watching the thing, Dick - you're so much more entertaining!

    I used to stream West Wing in the olden days:

    And all the WH correspondents who appear on cable seem to make the same contentious statements:

    An anonymous source told me that some unnamed high WH personage noted that some other WH personage said disparaging things about POTUS whilst sitting on the 'throne'. Just a few days ago and so the unnamed source noted that POTUS was angry about the 'throne' statement and so he......




    Some bald guy escorting Kelly Ann (is that how you spell her damn name?) is telling us about the democrazation of media (or facts or news or.....) and how our POTUS has helped us overcome the truth.



    Some more vital statistics related to this grand gala event:

    57% of all Trump supporters would refuse to view this dinner; but they cannot find their remote! (Sad, really sad)

    30% of all liberals cannot stop streaming porn.

    25% of repubs will view this dinner in the hope that they will see POTUS? WHAT?

    67% of the three hundred folks in Michigan who are present for the real POTUS will think that they are at the dinner.

    40% of all old people will tune into the dinner festivities after viewing Lawrence Welk on PBS, not realizing that PBS is a communist conspiracy.

    78 % of all dems will view the festivities knowing that POTUS will never show up.

    56% of all Metoo women hope that someone will fuck up, so to speak



    (Oh and Joy just called me and informed me that I am in deeeeeeep trouble.

    Oh now they have all these reporters or pundits or nobodies dressed up in tuxes and gowns discussing the covering of a beat?


    CNN still has regularly dressed folks discussing nothingness.

    FOX is selling shoes?

    My God this is boring.

    Oh I just realized that I have misspelled Correspondents' Dinner 79 times.

    WHY NOT?

    We have a POTUS who can barely spell his own office at times.


    I think the event begins in 21 minutes.

    I will do what I can to underline the most important points....although there will be nothing important coming out at this mess.

    However I predict jokes concerning:

    Porno queens

    Playboy bunnies


    Russian agents

    Melania's hats? (I really have no idea how to spell this nothing's name)

    Trump's big butt and his big belly and his long ties and his golfing and his.....

    Who cares?

    How about his felonious activities over the last fifty years?


    All testimonies will be anonymous?



    TWIDIOT: NO WALL, NO they died for... nothing..?

    amen to that!

    Okay here we go.

    Some nice lady is congratulating all the journalists and giving all our prayers to GWBush

    We cherish the First Amendment as well as our pay checks and we hate international terrorism and we are nice folks who dress nicely at times like these and we love America and we hope for the best and we should not attack journalists unless they need to be attacked and.....


    Oh and we should remember journalists who were killed in action.

    (well that is more than okay by me)

    Oh and thank you to the big rich fucks who give us free booze and crab legs without the need for food stamps...?


    Thank god for the Trump Administration who are present here tonight?


    oh now I feel so much better.


    This opening is even more boring than I would have predicted.


    I hate this guy

    Now pundits are talking nothing whilst students get scholarships?

    I do not recall any of this.


    WELL we have more ads and such; we are awaiting the comedian?

    Selson Blue?

    Oh we used to have such pretty hair cuts?


    Okay, here she is.

    Michelle Wolf

    Oh and here is the porno reference?

    Slam on Congress; which is okay.

    A little Roy Moore?

    A little Russia, a little slam on Hillary.

    Good pussy joke

    how broke is he?

    he looked for foreign oil in?


    Trump is racist.

    White nationalism.


    She aint bad.

    But she is sooooooooo bad.






    Conservatives criticize the roast proving they are the real snowflakes

    ​Edit to add:

    The feigned MSM outrage serves only to normalize Trump.

    The outraged response by the MSM shows how dependent MSM is on Donald Trump.

    My problem was that TO ME she was not funny.

    Now Sarah Silverman would have been funnier...that is my opinion.

    Jeanine Garofalo would have been funnier. Of course, both these ladies hate TrumIp as much as I?

    Hell, Joy Bahar would have been funny, although I doubt you could pay her enough to play this game.

    On the male side of things:

    Patton Oswalt would have killed it.

    I think that these other comedians would have been funnier and more adept with their audience.

    I could name twenty more, I am sure.

    Instead, this lady just pissed off the right (which is easy) and made me mad that I found nothing funny.

    the end

    I'm with you. But then I'm pretty picky. I think SNL over the decades mostly sets a very high standard for political comedy and I am disappointed a lot by others in comparison. Except for Baldwin as Trump, I think he's very mediocre, there are a lot better Trump impersonations out there, like the guy on The President Show. Read an essay by someone recently that panned Baldwin as just being too angry in his approach and that's why it falls flat, I agree.

    But then I thought Colbert wasn't funny slamming Bushies way back at another one of these dinners and I recall lots of members at TPMCafe getting angry at me for saying that. The problem there to me is that people start thinking pure political warfare and not comedy, where you have to support anyone on your side whether their comedy is lousy or not. That's not the way it works, that's not the way it works for comedy to get people thinking and changing their minds, they have to be good entertainment first and foremost, to a big audience, not just to the partisan audience else people just change the channel, like you did here.

    Criticism of entertainers makes for better a tough audience, we got every right and it also happens to be smart politics if it's also political comedy.

    Back to the start: I agree with you, Wolf was just plain bad, painfully bad as in bombing (the classic "bombing" for a comedian we've all seen depicted in so many movies), not funny, not a single thing she said while I watched seemed funny. Just like you, I got bored, I changed the channel.

    Ok, you did it, you forced me to watch. Kind of held together for 7 minutes, then further downhill ( I didn't make it much further). A few of her jokes hold together on paper, but her voice makes a tough sell. 

    Still, I don't quite see the point of this - it's like Joe McCarthy mated with Benedict Arnold, and you decide the best response is an evening out joking about how butt ugly the offspring is, yuck yuck. 

    FWIW, on Sunday the WHCA tweeted a letter from their President Margaret Talev to members with a comment about "the entertainer", that they have heard from members expressing dismay on the entertainer's monologue and concerns about how it reflects on our mission. Oliver Knox, who will take over this summer as our president, and I, recognize these concerns and are committed to hearing your views on the format of the dinner going forward. Last night's program was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility, great reporting and scholarship winners, not to divide people. Unfortunately, the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit of that mission....

    Good luck on uniting as long as Trump is in office. Trump lashes out at the free press every day. They are showing that they have no backbone. They cannot speak truth to power.

    Interesting to see Scarborough calling out the hypocrisy on civility, raising the important chicken-or-the-egg question, or it's a whole "mom, he started it!" thing:

    Scarborough: People slamming Michelle Wolf 'didn't call me up' when Trump attacked my fiancée

    @ - 04/30/18 11:14 AM EDT

    We are not in normal times. The comedian spoke truth to power. The media pretends that Huckabee Sanders is a victim. 

    Ms. Huckleberry has always pissed me off.

    Almost as much as her rev gov daddy.

    Hypocrites to the nth degree.

    Truth to power is one thing.

    Demonstrating that truth to power in a comedic manner is another thing.

    You know, fuck em, the repubs would have walked out anyway.

    And Trump of course has never approached any standard of decency in his entire fucking life.

    I agree. The comedian did her job. She doesn’t need to apologize. The apologies need to come from Trump and Huckabee Sanders.

    Joe has never been the same since late 2016.

    I take my allies where I FIND THEM.

    "Joe & Mika: when MeToo works out" - one of the better lines of the show.


    Yeah, I agree, a lot of info down that rabbit hole.

    I think that even I could write some musical demonstrating the relations between Joe & Mika and the Trump beginning in 2015

    One more thing:

    I really really feel that Jon Stewart would have creamed this thing. I have no idea if he was in a mood to do so; he certainly could not give a damn about the money (like Behar), but he would have killed it as they say..

    Overall, I think the guy last year did a bit better*, but that means "nicer/smoother", and after a year of this crap, I'm happy when the sodomy hurts. And of course the Trump gang feels more enabled and in-tune beating up on a woman - their sweet spot, even better than minorities (now that Trump's found one he thinks he likes).

    *Wolf's performance makes much more sense as a whole, rather than the cherry-picked outrage points, but then again, that's why they cherry-pick. I also liked the line about McConnell getting his neck circumcised, while Priebus took his diss like a man (getting dissed by a woman).

    But you got me thinking: is it really MeToo when the husband threatens to punch out the guy insulting his feminist wife? How does the chivalry thing fit in here? Wimmins are supposed to end up empowered, not needing a chivalrous protector. I think about that a lot cause I've got guy friends of boomer age who admit being confused by it all. And it's so clear why they are: they are the classic shy guy perfect gentlemen who were always afraid to talk to a woman or even kiss a hand much less anything else. I don't know how to explain it to them except to say: geez you got nothing to worry about, you have no idea how a lot of guys act, you're not the part of what this is all about. (Not that Joe is one of the gentleman types....)

    I'm afraid yes, the husband or male defender stepping in is still an important part of the equation in many instances. Even with the Harvey Weinstein, the strong outspoken (and already successful) partner was a help to several. As long as power is largely defined in men's term - which certainly hasn't been overturned by any means - part will be goon protection. Nevertheless, if some basic standards get installed, women might not need to rely on male intervention so much.
    And I am curious about this Incel tag, which has quickly turned into a grave insult - sounds like it could include the gentlemen friends you mention, except by recent definition it's only hateful racist misogynist murderous male bastards who are in this group, which seems patently absurd, but it's the internet... And to read the comments, sexual desire is just a want,not a real need, so they should just stuff it rather than society trying to figure out how to improve on loneliness. (masturbation was helpfully offered as a cure-all substitute by folks thinking out of the box).

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