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    Why I Miss George W. Bush

    Now, those were not the greatest eight years this country has ever seen, I’ll admit that right off the bat. Yet, I can’t help but miss having George in the White House. Here’s why.

    I miss the silence. Seems like every other day Obama is giving a speech or a lecture or tap-dancing in front of the cameras to promote one issue or another. George W. Bush had no need for such antics. It was never “open mike” at the White House. He kept his appearances among the riff-raff to a minimum. The only times the general public was addressed by the President was during the annual State of the Union speech and whenever we attacked another country.

    I miss the honesty. George did not make any promises about getting us out of Afghanistan. He said from the go that we were in this for the long haul. Freedom came at a price, we knew, and each time George asked Congress for another $80 billion, we knew where that money was going – to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I also miss the patriotism.

    People cheered when Chicago lost its Obama-backed bid for hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. Sure it would have generated up to billions in local revenue, but it was too much fun to see something Obama was fighting for – such as, you know, America – get laughed at by the Brazilians.

    Had George still been in office, the whole thing would have been a non-issue. Since the Olympics would have been too far off in the future – much like the effects of the supposed global warming – to land on his administration, it would not have even been on the agenda.

    When the Norwegians announced that they were giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, we all shook our fists. What right do the Europeans have to give a prestigious award to our President? We quickly loaded both barrels and missed no opportunity to point out that the President of the United States had not done anything to earn such an award. We never had to worry about peace prizes or even invitations to Europe when Bush was in charge.

    People were simply more patriotic back then. People had some damn respect for their President, even when we did not always agree with him. Hell, we elected him to office twice. Now that was patriotism.

    Sure, vicious minds would circulate emails badmouthing Bush about things he had done, or things he had hopelessly mishandled; little things, like foreign policy or the economy. But at least he did those things. In the absence of any real accomplishments, the conservatives are left with no choice but to condemn the President on things he might do, or things we fear he will do because of his middle name.

    It’s hard to run a country like that.

    Lastly, about all this talk about health care. We have been hearing about this reform business ever since the guy took office, and I am sure I am not the only one who is downright sick of it. We never had to worry about health care when George Walker Bush was President. You got sick, you died. Your kids got sick, they died. It was just understood. Government officials from Australia would fly in for surgery while the rest of us bled to death in the E.R. Now that was a concept that didn’t take a year to wrap your head around.


    Thanks for posting. I miss the godliness. When George made a decision, you always knew that it was the right one because he prayed long and hard before he decided. If Obama prays at all, I doubt that his prayers are either long or hard. He may be a Marxist.

    Please, you have got to be kidding.  Every hear of the Ten Commandments?

    Genghis never kids.

    Well schooled in the ways of satire is this one. It wasn't until the 5th paragraph that I was certain he wasn't being sincere.

    Poe's Law

    i am a true believer in the bush polotics a do believe that bush did what was the right thing to do for the crisis that had arrisen the united states needed a resolution and bush handled it .  patriot, you darn right he was and he didn't back down to no one because we are the united states and we are proud to be strong we will overcome and that is what we needed a george bush to lead us not some television president i wish would get off the air because hes so full of hot air


    I tend to be kind of picky when it comes to grammar and punctuation. I also tend to be helpful, and not the least bit annoying, in correcting lapses when I see them. In this case, I give up.

    The Bush bashing was old 6 months ago. Florida 2000 was 9 years ago for crying out loud. Let it go. Hatred that deeply ingrained borders on a psychological problem. A disorder. You appear to be front loading your excuses for the coming Obama failure. Trying to make Obama look good by saying how bad Bush was will not work. I don't care how bad Bush was, lets see how good Obama can be. Your article appears to be nothing more than the whining of a petulant child. Let it go. Seriously. No, seriously.

    Yes, let go of the Bush bashing. When you have lost your job, don't blame Bush. When you lose your home and move into a shelter, don't blame Bush. When the rich get even more of the country's wealth, don't blame Bush. When your child/spouse dies in Iraq, don't blame Bush. When the world hates us, don't blame Bush. When the environment is trashed, don't blame Bush. When the Constitution is raped and the USA tortures, don't blame Bush. Nope, don't blame Bush. Blame Cheney.

    Oy.  No Australian politico would ever go to the US for medical treatment.  We adopted the kind of health care you guys are aguing over 20 years ago.  We have better outcomes at 1/3 the cost. Obama is trying, like Clinton before him, to just catch up with the rest of the developed world. Hey Bushies, he's making fun of you.  It's called irony.  Look it up. In the dic-tion-ary.


    I'm not certain, but I think it might be because we spell words correctly and don't abuse our caps lock.

    I think it's due to the glory of MEGA-SHARK!

    Damn Right. Sequel coming out apparently.


    MEGA-SHARK and Shaft -


    You guys and especially the author of this sad, sad column must be a bunch of trailer park hill-billy trash. C'mon this entire article has nothing to do with what Obama is fighting for and what he has accomplished. Rather you pick on him for being in the media. well, cry some more you silly losers your not helping this country one bit by sitting on your asses whining about nothing. And you people wonder why the Republican party is diminishing? LAME. Your boss must be as retarded as you for allowing this POS to be published. Get a F'n life losers!

    P.S. your president Bush did NOT have respect from the people its common sense these days. where have you been? Oh yea, rockin the trailer with your sister on a Friday going hunting for squirrel on Saturday with ur pa which is just an excuse to be ass raped by him. then on Sunday you would be at church thanking god for the wonderful family you have. the rest of the week would be followed up by beer and muddin.


    You know what would help? For you to turn off the FREAKIN' CAPS LOCK BUTTON!

    Sheesh, Roy, that's your second message in a row where it seems you don't understand the nuance of lower-case letters.

    You want nuance, so-called Nebton?

    I'll give you NUANCE.



    For some reason I thought Dagblog attracted a classier group of posters than TPM...jeez did I get that wrong! This feels just like TPM! In fact, don't I know this guy?

    Except here you can have fun w/ fonts....ooooh, mama likes!Laughing

    Bush had such good Swartzeneggeresque one liners as well. 

    ¨We´ll smoke em out of their holes¨

    ¨Freedoms on the march¨

    ¨Terrorists hate us for our freedom¨

    ¨We won´t cut and run¨

    ¨We´ll find Osama, dead or alive¨

    I too miss George Bush, at least when he was in office, federal employyes did not  become the fastest growing segment of earners earning more than $ 100,000 per year.

    Can you get me a job like that Barack? Nancy? Harry?

    I'm just a lowly small business owner who will have to cut medical to my 6 employees because I can't afford it soon. Even dropping my salary to $ 50,000 did not save my company enough money for the prposed health care grab.

    God help us Sarah Palin & the Tea Partiers.

    I miss him too.

    I miss the mismanagement of the Iraq war.

    I miss letting Osama slip through our hands at Tora Bora.

    I miss him reading "My little Goat" while America is being attacked (Nero fiddles while Rome burns).

    I miss a couple more katrinas.

    I miss what would have happen to the economy had he stayed in charge.

    I miss the gobble gook our President speaks instead of grammar.

    I miss our President being the laughing stock of the world despite our military might.

    I miss holding on tight to my gun barrel while declaring my nationality in any foreign country.


    I miss the stupidity.  It's not nearly as much fun to hear someone who can actually speak English and isn't a total embarrassment.

    I miss the education.  No one made me realize the values of this country more than Dubya by his administration's abuse and indifference to those values.

    I miss the sense of the need for change.  Nothing spells change like "Dubya". 

    I miss the laughs!  Dubya was such a clown and idiot.

    I miss the humility.  Dubya made the world realize, even its greatest nation has really bad times and leaders.

    I miss seeing the far right humbled.  Not even they were proud of Dubya.

    I miss the simpler times when we didn't have to think about the real applications and meanings of freedom, rights, fairness, environmental impacts, equity and the future.  Dubya didn't.  Democracy in the modern world is so difficult when we actually have to think about how complex it is.


    When Obama and his puppeteers/cronies are done having their way with our country; we will look back at the Bush administration, however flawed, with a much different perspective. I am getting tired of the Bush talk, its over. Lets see if Obama can deliver even a fraction of the lofty promises he made on his campaign trail. When he comes up short i dont want to hear a word from you left wing morons about the mess left the administration from his predeccessor. Obama knew what he was getting into, if he couldnt discern the challenges of holding that office then what does that say about him, and what does that say about the populus who elected him? I read a post about Bush making us the laughing stock of the world... as someone who travels internationally on a daily basis let me tell you who is laughing at us now. And I am not speaking of the moronic european countries we strive to please so often. Everyone who looks across our oceans shakes their head. Hows this for stats, barring the comings and goings on the mexican border, illegal and legal immigration is at a 16 year low..... Our leaders have us over a barrel. Wake up. The more we bicker amoungst ourselves the better as far as our leaders are concerned.

    Actually, the only country with a lower opinion of us is Israel. Of the 176 other countries listed, every other one has a higher opinion of us now than then.

    There you go letting facts get in the way again.

    This is what happens when you let idiots blog. Liberals are in pursuit of their "Utopia", and will destroy America try to obtain it.

    I agree.

    People, please take one step back and try daily to get a bigger picture. Yes, even the author of this little satire should do that. All of you should. Does it sound naive for me to say that we should all expect each other to take the high road with regard to our words and deeds? We should expect that of ourselves AND others. I came from a geographical location that some would call "hillbilly"..wow, PLEASE pompous people, don't mistake dialect with intellect enough to issue forth these thoughts all the time. I live in New England for now, not by choice..and I have even heard people here say OUT LOUD that people from the South don't read. Duh! Each person, great or small, will retain his own merits based upon what he does as that reconciles with what he says...regardless of where he lives..or if he goes to church on Sunday.. please ladies, substitute"she" for the masculine pronoun if you are offended.. I respect the person in the oval office....I did then, and I do now....Robin

    Obama did not inherit the Bush previous 8 years – most of those were good. He inherited the first 2 years of the Pelosi-Reid Democratic controlled congress, which by the way, Obama was part of (well, if you can count “not present” as part of…)


    ---wow!--let me say for one i am not a supporter of obama or the democrats--neither am i a supporter of the republicans---i am one of those "screwball" independents you have always heard about---let us take this line by line shall we?--"you miss the silence"--the bully pulpit is there for a reason---are you saying ronald reagan was silent?--he was the "great communicator"--"the teflon president"---he was an actor and knew how to handle fame and convey ideas--his virtues are extolled today--george bush was inarticulate to say the least--and his advisors after a time probably told him to say as little as possible---he was unable to inspire and reassure as so many had done in the office before him--and the country was at a disadvantage because he had none of these skills, at a very important time in our history--he could not rally the public---"you miss the honesty"---he was very dishonest like all politicians on the right and left. don't believe me? look at this: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f79_1256620894

    not good enough? try this: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3f9_1202245036

    --it's evidence, just in case you think i'm making this up----asking for $80 billion is pocket change---according to estmates by people like economist joseph stiglitz the price tag for iraq alone might top 2 trillion---we spend about 600 billion on the pentagon a year in comparison to russia, china, and germany that spend in the neighborhood of that $80 billion yearly--and for what? trying to smash ant hills with sledgehammers? or maybe to keep the defense contractors in business, like halliburton?--and by the way sir, i am not some hippie--i am a navy veteran------the olympics? don't be too hard on barak, if you want to blame someone for the debacle, try the USOC. they have been overly commercial and uncooperative with the IOC--they bungled this because it's a bunch of political appointees and know little about the sports they are supposed to advocate--in short, they are incompetent-----the nobel?--i can see points in all the arguments---it is undeniable this was a political dig against the republicans and bush--and it just may be that they were trying to help america get up off the mat---just saying that obama didn't deserve it is too simple an analysis------patriotism?--how patriotic was this whole country after those planes crashed into those buildings?---how much psychological damage do you think the bush administration did to the populace after he mishandled the "little things"---my god! the economy and foreign policy are not little!---the man was more than an ideological fool, he was an embarrassment---health care?----we as a country should be dealing with a new economic reality and slashing the federal budget--this should be job one--the multi-trillion dollar debt threatens our currency with collapse--nothing backs up our currency except the full faith and credit of the united states government--that boils down to your credit and mine and millions like us, hows it doin'?---we can figure out the problems and the spending after that----it is worrysome for me how many americans do not understand the political situaton--both parties have been using the constitution as a door mat for decades--and we want to talk about liberal and conservative--the people in power manipulate us with this because as long as we argue, we are distracted, and they are free to carry on with their malfeasance---what makes you think we are ever going to have small government as long as it costs millions of dollars to campaign? it is not in the corporations interest to have small government---eisenhower's farewell speech is worth looking up--he warned about the military/industrial complex---they are the ones in power now, and undermining our constitutional political clout---and who did i vote for?--his name is RON PAUL-

    I miss bush too because now since obama took office he did not change one thing about the bush policies....

    war is more spread out, bail outs continued, never closed gitmo, torture ect. 

    THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW Bush was spot on the issues.

    as hard as obama tries to differ from bush... HE CAN'T and WILL NOT.

    It's often said a deadlocked Congress is a safe Congress. The same is true for the President -- one who is at odds with Congress and the People (as W was) is limited in the amount of damage he can do. He is primarily limited to killing people overseas, setting up a society and country the way it ought to be over there with supreme authority. I am puzzled as to why Obama feels the need to continue? Remember when all the global threats on the news everyday seemed to fade away when Clinton took office? Why not with Obama?

    Your a moron! Why dont you go Fck yourself!


    Oh goodness, how I love unintended irony.

    You are smoking crack right? Not only is this article factually incorrect, the author must live on a diferent planet. There is no comparison between Bush and Obama. President Obama inherited just about every issue on his plate from Bush, who never finished anything that he started. It was Bush that created a 1 trillion deficit and passed it onto Obama. Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States.


    You must really be a fool  who cannot even count. If Bush left a $1 trillion deficit how come it is now $13 trillion in just one year of Obamanomics?

    The person you are calling names is not the same person you are quoting.

    (A) The deficit is not currently $13 trillion, but closer to $2.7 trillion.

    (B) In addition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that Obama is still having to pay for, he's also having to spend money to keep us from falling into a depression to rival the Great Depression. It looks like it's working. And, despite McCain touting that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" during the general election, they weren't, which no doubt contributed to McCain's loss in November.

    It's true, I'm not so good with the math. But I can spot irony when I see it, i.e., when someone writes, "your a moron." Good stuff.

    Sorry to butt in, O, but I think your comment went over his head. You may need to point out that "your" is possesive, like "your coat" or "your moron," and "you're" is the contraction for "you are."

    With George, we knew we had a man that loved America...and not an America hater like Obama and his "America is mean country" wife who sat for 23 years in Black Liberation Theology/Marxist church. Even now the unread, uneducated American does not know the evils of this ideology.

    Obama has stuffed the WH with Marxists and America haters. They are Ivy league ideologues, who have no clue what the common man needs or wants.

    So much for HOPE and Change...it was the Audacity of a Dope ! A Complete DOPE!

    Cy Daman



    Even now the unread, uneducated American does not know the evils of this ideology.

    I'm guessing you haven't read Karl Marx's Das Kapital. I've provided a link there for you so you can stop being one of the unread, uneducated Americans that you're bemoaning.

    Dear nameless sockpuppets,

    thank you for taking the time to comment on a post of mine, the first few paragraphs of which you clearly took numerous seconds to skim through. This enlightened discourse has reminded me why so many products come with puerile warning labels.

    It is undoubtedly a testament to my poor writing skill that so many of you failed to grasp both the motif and the point of my post.

    I remain, as always, galvanized by your courage to engage in conversation under the insipid blanket of anonymity, like so many others before you.

    Hey MJS: As of right now, your post got 4,031 reads, which may well be a dagblog record. My suspicion is most of the 4,000 who didn't comment here read it all the way through, grasped your intent, and went on their way with a smile on their faces.

    I'd like to see more of your stuff. You just have to leave out words that draw the googlebots, like "Bush," "Obama" and apparently "the." When we don't attract the nosy neighbors by playing the music too loud, the discussion around here is often almost civil.

    Seconded. More please.

    You people are so naive.

    The readers CAME, because they are followers of the great and powerful Mega-*****. You should never spell out the entire name of his greatness, as that just enrages his followers. Normally, they are extremely intelligent, but when enraged, tend to let their grammar slip.

    Spelling suffers as well.

    How's that "Change" working for you, America?

    Did I mention he's the first illegal president in history and ironic DemoKKKrat?


    Holy Crap! The President is illegal!!!!! Why didn't you TELL us!!???!!!

    Wait, I live in America?

    George Bush was like the retarded brother that your mother and father couldn’t take care of, so they sent him to the dumb factory where people with small brains are forced to live their days without any real improvement. Sure, you didn’t like the little buggar eating your legos, but every now and again, when the moon is right and the right song plays on the radio, you miss the little creep crumbling up to the table and mumbling something stupid as he tried to sound like an adult. Poor evil oil-sucker.

    Yes, President Bush, I miss you. I wasn't always happy with some of your decisions, yet no one is perfect. Still, you did/do love the USA, were/are proud of America, stood up for us & fought. You understand that freedom isn't free, there is a price, and often a difficult one. You understand values. Currently it is fact that Americans are encouraged to dumb down, rely on the government for every little thing in life, to take no honor or have any type of self respect in an honest day's hard work. Seems as if there are no longer consequences either, you get greedy/lazy and that's okay, someone (gov ... hahahaha, taxpayers more like it) will bail you out, because you know, you deserve everything that you see anyone else have. President Bush, you understood life isn't fair, yet the beauty of America is you have the choice to get off your duff and change your life ... for now ... and I believe deeply that you honored someone our country was founded upon ... FACT:America is a Christian nation. God is our Lord.

    Thank you for your time in office. May God bless you and Mrs. L. Bush.

    I read the article...it seemed immature to me..

    typical "but booshh" gibberish

    wasted a few minutes here today


    won't be back

    Thank God that there are some patriotic, conservative bloggers on this site!! I was starting to think it was all libral.


    I must say when obama was elected i thought give him a chance, now i wish we didnt, bush loves america, i cant say the same about obama

    Nothing stinks as much as two year old satire.   Two years ago, this might have had some ironic bite to it, now it's a dead and rotting satiric carcass.  Why bother re-posting this tripe? Surely the clever wits here can deliver fresher and more relevant tripe... err, satire.

    Yeah, I got suckered into reading it, too. wink

    I miss Bush for lots of reasons.

    1. Gas was not over 2.00 for six whole horrifying years.

    2. I never had to hear about Obama care for 5 years and I am sick of it.

    3. People didn't loose their insurance and find out the price more than doubled. Bush didn't try to force everyone on bush care.

    4. We didn't need a minimum wage increase because good jobs were abundant. A higher minimum wage is stupid it only  achieves  job loss and higher costs of living it just makes us less competitive with china.

    5. Instead of forcing people on welfare because employers were freaked out over what the cost of taxes and unaffordable forced government insurance we had to many jobs.

    6. Lower middle class people were becoming millionaires many of these people are on welfare today. It wasn't Bushs fault the democrats lied bout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at congressional hearings.

    7. Bush did not go to war alone the democratic majority voted us into war.

    8. I can't remember Bush ever telling anyone to shut up. RUDE!

    buy that equasion we are now in the obama wars.

    9. I can not blame bush for a bad economy the democratic majority caused and still are.

    10. All of this blame bush crap just looks like a cover up for the hell this nation has been through with the democrats who have done nothing for this nation for the last eight years. They have forced themselves on this nation even though we voted in the republicans to take care of the wallet. Because they have spent money like idiots!



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