This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things in NYC, Part III

    Part II is here.

    Hack Dem mayors:



    Cuomo wants to 'blow up' the MTA after L train debacle

    By Lovett & Dan Rivoli @, Jan. 8, my underlining:

    Frustrated by what he sees as an entrenched bureaucracy that lacks imagination to find new ways to do things, Gov. Cuomo said Monday it’s time to rebuild the MTA from ground up.

    “Blow up the MTA. Blow it up,” Cuomo said during a meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board.

    Cuomo picks the MTA’s chariman and its CEO. But to Daily News editors, he griped that the agency — created in 1968 to consolidate transportation services in New York and its suburbs — was created in a way that no one can claim accountability.

    The governor’s remarks came days after he upended a major MTA capital project — the rebuilding of the L train’s Canarsie tunnel, which runs under the East River [....]

    He doesn't give credit where due! The Democratic party machine of NYC did this first and best and still does!

    A scorching paragraph about America's mysteriously high infrastructure costs.

    — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) February 18, 2019

    Edit to add Noah Smith's additional comment:

    If America doesn't get our construction costs under control we're going to look like a developing country.

    — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) February 19, 2019

    to which I would add that NYC, which never did get it's act together, but instead grew worse again with   returning Democratic leaders reinforcing the machine, already does look like a developing country.

    A billion here, a billion there,

    ThriveNYC was designed to address the noncritical mental health problems of everyday New Yorkers—but the city’s real crisis is people with serious mental illness.

    — The Beat (@TheBeatMI) March 3, 2019

    Allow me to to guess: plenty of new jobs for well-salaried "therapists" with bachelor's degrees, leading sessions imitating free twelve-step programs but not as good; lots of progress reports filed to enable many short visits....

    New York State gerrymandered Hudson Yards to public housing projects in Harlem via the Central Park census tract (!).

    — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) April 12, 2019

    Just another factoid for the third world comparisons:


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