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    The Republican Primary In One Blow

    Free Heidi Cruz!




    Here is the reaction of some repubs at T-Rump's victory. http://www.mediamatters.org/research/2016/03/02/20-plus-conservative-pun...

    Carly Fiorina fell off the stage in front of him and Cruz did not come to her aid



    Hey, he was getting beat up pretty bad, had to take it out on someone...

    Even Dusty Rhodes didn't throw an elbow that hard.

    I want to hear from his prom date. Bet he ran over her foot with dad's Buick or something...

    It's not a Buick, it's a Futura. (sorry, couldnt resist)

    LOL, he had a Pinto, a yellow exploding Pinto.

    Aw, my new kitty is named Pinto

    He learned that move from her, every.single.night.at.bedtime.

    A tough way to learn your hubby's more into men. Look at him go in for that bear hug. National TV *and* social media. And by the way, you ain't going to be picking out wallpaper for the Lincoln Bedroom either. Overall a bad night. Bet she woke up crushed.

    This is so sad. If Cruz had shown this type of virile manliness the republican base loves earlier in the primary he could have beaten Trump.

    Lots of elbow shots.

    An argument for Texas-sized allotments of Personal Space.

    For want of a better place... Trump Tacos to beat Trump Meat. Who knew the Trump Wall would be crunchy and edible - maybe the Rio Grande will flow with Horchata. Ay caramba! Life is so great (again) in America.

    I would just like to say, that between this painful video and Wattree's horrific pictures, I am looking forward to a change in the views when I check out stuff here.  Call me a wuss.  (I'm not, actually -- I've seen horrific stuff) but these images are hard to look at.


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