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    One Billion Rising: Ending Violence toward Women and Girls

    This Valentine's Day blog post is dedicated to ending the abuse of women and girls.  You'll need to go to my blog to get the full effect.  It's the least I could do:

    Did you notice when you got here that my walls are now pink? You should know that normally I'm not a "Pink" person, but in this case I will wallow in pink if it means this message is getting out:  Unbelievable numbers of women and girls are being viciously abused minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and we must be the catalyst that brings these horrors to an end.  No one else will do it.  It's up to us.

    Continued here.


    Happy Vday, Ramona.

    The blog looks great.

    It's well past time for us to stop abusing each other in general and to find some more... well... it's inartful vor me to say it this way but... a more humane way to be human.

    Sounds pretty artful to me.  Thank you.


    Your topic and pink walls remind me of the Gulabi Gang vigilantes in India I first read about a couple of years ago.  A real kick ass bunch of women.  Just googled them for an update and found that they now have a Facebook page and a Current TV documentary as well.  Go girls!

    Have no idea why they chose Pepto-Bismol pink as their signature color.  You would think vigilantes would not want you to see them coming. laugh

    Pepto Pink

    Because the violence makes them sick to their stomachs?

    Love those pink ladies!  Gangs for justice, huh?  It just might work. . .

    I'm liking that shade of pink better and better.

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