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    The Biggest (NFL) Loser ... in 3-D!!!

    Found this kind of interesting. Apparently, the NFL will be experimenting by broadcasting tonight's NFL game between the 4-8 San Diego Chargers and the 3-9 Oakland Raiders live in 3-D in theaters in LA, New York and Boston. Nothing like watching a supreme battle of Who's the Suckiest AFC team as overpaid behemoths play crappy football right on your lap.

    I'd actually love to see how the technology performs, but only insiders are being invited for the screenings (if anyone reading this gets to see it, please post your thoughts!). My guess is that it will be disorienting and not nearly as cool as it sounds.

    Not that it matters much anyway - this will be nothing more than a niche opportunity for years to come since only about 2% of households have 3D-enabled televisions and broadcasters sure aren't going to pony up for the extra costs as they're still dealing with the expenses of converting to high def (though Fox is experimenting with a 3D broadcast of the college football championship game on Jan. 8).

    If the technology works, I think this is the type of thing fans would pay for. My bet is that within the next couple of years, the NFL will be partnering with theaters to broadcast their games in 3-D, and that a few years later down the road, the NFL will offer 3D as a premium offering in the home. It's all part of the rather disturbing trend of seeing free, over-the-air NFL games subsidized by advertisers become more and more of a rarity.



    I don't know what you're talking about, but I'd love nothing more than for Al Davis to be sitting right on my lap for 3 hours. 

    I'm not sure if this is a sad commentary on the downfall of American civilization or the coolest idea I've ever heard.

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