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    Ralph Nader's ASPO Keynote Lecture

    Lunch Keynote on Energy and Policy: Ralph Nader.

    Unfortunately ASPO hasn't given permission to embed their videos of the 2010 ASPO conference, but you should be able to click on the link above. I couldn't get full screen feature to work, and in fact lost the video when I tried to enlarge it, but watching Nader in the small screen should be adequate.

    While most of the presenters at the latest ASPO conference focused on Peak Oil as the big news, Nader gives a thoughtful evaluation of the place of energy depletion in the scheme of current political dynamics since the 1950s. Comparing nuclear power to solar or wind, he speaks of the difficulty in displacing technologies when we, or someone else, is heavily invested in its success. He talks quite frankly about the entrenched corporate government.



    A great speech by Nader. The way he started by talking about self censorship sharpened the ethical challenge he made later when he said: "We don't live in a serious society."

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