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Terrorists Under Every Bed

I am not endorsing the charge made in this article, but it is worth reading, that the men charged with making Molotov cocktails to use at the NATO demonstrations were framed. How would I know at this time? People stupid enough to act as we are told they did do, in fact, exist. What I will say is that I would not be surprised if it turned out that they were. Would anyone else here be surprised?

The Medal of Free-Dumb

In the early days of my 725-day army career, I spent some time at Ft. Hood, Texas. Luck of the draw, I guess. I had been sent there out of AIT along with about a billion other bald-headed idiots to be fodder in the new Americal Division that was being formed. We were about to surge, and we hadn't even heard the term, but look out, Charlie, here we come. Yeeee ha! Somehow, though, they filled it before they got to me. That was my luckiest number draw to that point, the lottery not yet being in place. And, since everybody has to be somewhere, someone decided to assign troop number U.S. 5 444 ---8 to a short timers unit.

Does The JOBS Act Really Suck?

Matt Taibbi has a recent blog giving his analysis of a  jobs bill signed into law by our President, Barack Obama. Taibbi believes it is a very bad law. He gives his view and quotes the opinion of others in position to have informed opinions.

The Trayvon Martin Case Writ Large

There is an interesting article from the New Yorker in the news section that was linked to by Artappraiser. For the purposes of this rant I will only refer to the introduction and not the document the article presents.

Most people in this country have taken a side in the controversy surrounding the arguably "legal" shooting of Trevon Martin. Everyone I have read here believes that his killing was an appalling injustice, and if the killers actions are protected by law then it is bad law which should be changed. Significantly, we are all speaking out, all venting our outrage, all feeling righteous in our conviction that this is the sort of wrong towards a specific human being which is brought about by the feelings of some, too many, against a class of human beings. The Americans who justify such action are heartless, twisted, racists. So, most everyone here can comfortably blame the other side in our national politics for their attitudes that created the situation which ended in tragic death of a human being who had as much right to walk the planet eating skittles as do any of us. We can blame the other political side because we see the error in their thinking, in their attitudes, and in their solutions. We know better, and we wouldn't allow those things if it was up to us, if it was in our ability to stop or prevent them. Yes, but we, we must speak up, we must demonstrate our outrage. There are lives in the balance. We must make our conscience a comfortable place to rest.

I Got the Spirits, So...

 Dag- gone- it, here is wishing a happy Christmas and a happy New Year to all the Dag-on people here and to everyone else around the world.

Ongoing Things That Piss Me Off

 Because there are always a few such things every day, I will likely add to this as time goes by. Anyone who cares to is encouraged add to this list or discuss what they see here. Any subject is fair. Expect, for instance, a rant about justifiable road-rage directed at tailgaters or other idiots allowed to use public streets.
 First, but not worst, is my conditioned response every time I see the following:

 "Government sources speaking on the condition of anonymity revealed today that....."

Request for Action

I want to invite everybody who reads this to give some response, one way or another, and as short as a "yes" or "no" if nothing more.



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