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Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light

Last night I got to thinking about days long past when I had plunged into the “pirate” life and moved aboard a sailboat which was my home in the Caribbean for seven years. My previous sailing had been on a twenty-four foot boat on a lake in Texas and a lot of vicarious trips with the likes of Joshua Slocum and Bernard Moitessier.


The many reports I have seen where pundits share their shock and awe that Trump allowed a Russian into the Oval Office have brought me a laugh from the past.  

Toxic Dump Site

There are two books called The Wikileaks Files. One is by Jullian Assange. This is about the other one. It has contributions by Dan Beeton, Phyllis Bennis, Michael Busch, Peter Certo, Conn Hallinan, Sarah Harrison, Richard Heydarian, Dahr Jamail, Jake Johnston, Alexander Main, Robert Naiman, Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Linda Pearson, Gareth Porter, Tim Shorrock, Russ Wellen, and Stephen Zunes. Here are reviews at Amazon.



It is believed that Russia meddled with our election. We are outraged at the very audacity [forget the hypocrisy of our outrage] of the evil upstart Putin. We have been promised by both our President and our Vice-President that the U.S. will retaliate [make an attack or assault in return for a similar attack] because Russia must learn that it cannot get away with such an outrage.

 What I have not heard any suggestion of is diplomacy.

Open thread

  • Anything from anybody any time, any length, any subject, any format, and no rules beyond those set by the site managers but at the same time encouraging the interactive tone they strive for. I will probably often use this space as a link dump as there are many articles on the net which I find both interesting and informative but shouldn't push links off the "In the News" section.  Also, I often am inclined to post some short comment that fits nowhere in particular and which I don't want to invest in a separate blog post to express, so I will just put it here but it will remain an open

A Mini Travel Blog

Mini Travel Blog


Recommended Reading for Earnest Voters

I hope you, Dag reader,  watched the most recent Republican debate centered on foreign policy. If so, I hope that on that one issue alone every candidate on stage convinced you that they are each and all disqualified but also that it is a critically dangerous possibility that one of these people becomes the leader of our country and the commander in chief of our armed forces. No one can turn the big ship of state around quickly but the CIC is in a position to, on their own, speed that big mutha right onto the rocks in short order.

Norman Pollack and re Reed Plow Similar Ground

I have nothing to add to these two pieces and little to say about them other than that I find them both "interesting" and, in the case of the second one, amusing. Maybe some here at Dag will too and maybe take them as food for thought as I also do. Fred does not mind stepping on toes or kicking shins and while I think he sometimes goes beyond the place where I would lay the line, I make it a point to read him regularly. 

 If, as may happen, I am otherwise engaged for a while, I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. 

Open Thread

Open thread. Any subject, any length, any point of view. My first tidbit offering is a short interview that impressed me with the subjects sensible position on a very important topic but also her ability to present that view so well.  



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